Creator: Disney XD

Disney XD (or Disney eXtreme Disney) is Disney's new American cable channel that launched on February 13, 2009. Replaced Toon Disney to the dismay of some fans, with only four shows not from Jetix to be carried over from the network. Its target demographics are young and preteen boys since Disney Channel seems to mostly appeal to girls. Currently known for its outlandishly Totally Radical setup, where every promo involves sports or something "XTREME!!!", along with everything getting a Checkmark of Awesomeness for some reason. Disney XD is now the home network to all Disney-produced animated series currently in production, with cartoon broadcasts on the mothership treated as "Disney XD on Disney Channel".

In 2012, the block begain airing the Marvel Universe block, which as the name impies, consists of material based off Marvel Comics properties.

Shows that air (or aired) on this network: