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One of the world's largest producers of film, television, and video game entertainment, most famous for Looney Tunes. Pronounced "Warner Brothers". Known as "Warner Bros.-Seven Arts" between 1967 and 1970, and now legally known as "Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc." It is part of the massive Time Warner media enterprise which also has interests in cable networks like CNN and HBO as well as 50 percent of the terrestrial television network The CW. Time Warner was even larger than that in the past, with operations in magazines, cable systems and music (see below) as well as ownership of America Online, although that would be another entire page.

The company was founded in 1918 by Warner siblings, Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack. Among the company's early innovations was to popularize true synchronized sound films like The Jazz Singer which began the sound era of Hollywood.

Its Vanity Plate is the WB shield.

There used to be a Fanfare as its logo theme, but unlike 20th Century Fox, it never caught on, and was used irregularly to begin with. Its current theme is the instrumental version of "As Time Goes By" from the movie Casablanca, one of the company's greatest films.

Not to be confused with the Warner Brothers (OR the Warner Sister). Nor should it be confused with Michigan J. Frog's network, which later transformed into today's The CW.

The once-separate New Line Cinema has, since 2008, been a subdivision of WB, which explains why its notable films are listed here. (It was inherited from Turner Broadcasting System upon Time Warner's purchase of that company in 1996, and operated as autonomously from WB as it could up to that point.)

If anyone is going to ask, Warner Music Group is entirely separate and has not been connected to Time Warner since 2004; it has, since July of 2011, been in the hands of Access Industries. Warner Bros. Records has its own article. Also no longer affiliated with WB as of 2009 is Time Warner Cable, the giant cable company.

This company is the owner of DC Comics.

Finally, the Rotten Tomatoes film recommendation website is controlled by WB. Pretty surprising considering that a film studio controls what drives people to theatres to watch their output...
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