Series: Witchblade

Not someone to take lightly.

A 2000 live-action television series based on the comic book Witchblade. The series contains a similar premise - New York Detective Sara Pezzini is bonded to an Empathic Weapon called the Witchblade, which makes her of interest to Chessmaster Kenneth Irons, who seeks to control the Witchblade though he cannot wield it, and his Dragon, Nottingham. However, the series tells more like a re-imagining of the concept rather than a retelling.

To the disappointment of some fans (and the delight of others), the Stripperiffic nature of the Witchblade was done away with, replacing it with a more traditional knight's armor.

The Witchblade itself is a supernatural weapon that can only be weilded by a woman. The reason given for this varies from character to character - Irons says it's because women are "more elemental" while Nottingham claims it is because women can better stand pain. It ends up on the wrist of Sara during a shootout at a museum where it was displayed, ultimately saving her life. From that point forward, it begins to show her visions of the past and, later, her dead partner, Danny.

But there are many people after the Witchblade and its wielder, and their intentions and motives are rarely good. Sara must learn to master the Witchblade's powers without falling under the control of Irons or being killed by those who desire to take the Witchblade themselves.

The series is something of a cult classic among viewers, and was only recently released onto DVD. General opinion has that the show was a reasonable translation of the comics and quite good in that regard. In fact, the show would have likely continued for several more seasons if there weren't problems with the lead actress.

This series contains examples of: