Villainous Crush
The downside to being the Ms. Fanservice is, occasionally, you get the wrong attention from the wrong sources.

"Just fear me. Love me. Do as I say, and I shall be your slave."
Jareth the Goblin King to Sarah, Labyrinth

This trope applies whenever a villainous character has romantic and/or sexual feelings for a heroic one.

If this crush takes a turn for the perverse, this can lead to tropes like I Have You Now, My Pretty, Forceful Kiss, Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me, And Now You Must Marry Me, Scarpia Ultimatum, and Go-Go Enslavement, although none of those require a Villainous Crush. Additionally, the villain may become a Stalker with a Crush. If the crush itself is a motivating factor in their Start of Darkness, then it's Love Makes You Evil.

This trope isn't always negative, though. This trope can conversely be a very humanising trait for an Anti-Villain. The heroic character may become a Morality Pet, and can be fairly certain that their villainous admirer will never harm them or allow harm to come to them, barring certain exceptions. They may even step in to protect them from other villains who have fewer compunctions. Taken all the way, it may become Love Redeems.

If the feelings are mutual or an actual relationship develops, then it's Dating Catwoman instead. When this is purely subtextual, see Foe Romance Subtext. The specific variant when the Evil Empress captures the hero to seduce him is Villainesses Want Heroes. Not to be confused with Foe Yay, which are purely audience reactions.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Esdeath of Akame ga Kill! sees the main protagonist Tatsumi as her perfect ideal man and is blindly in love with him. The problem is she is a sadistic Social Darwinist who massacres and tortures people with glee and Tatsumi is a member of a group trying to topple the country she is a leader of.
  • Berserk by God, nobody goes though this series without being assaulted, warning: this is Dark Fantasy.
    • Griffith the main antagonist has strong feeling for both Casca and Guts to point he where he puts their lives above all rest of his men and makes their safety top propriety. Griffith even throws away all rational thinking and plans to keep Guts especially safe. So when Guts desires to leave Griffith's shadow he cannot take it, dueling Guts and losing, sending Griffith down a spiraling path. Griffith immediately after Gut's exit goes and sleeps with the princess of Midland, desperate to fill the void in his life and thinking of nothing but Guts during sex. Unsurprisingly Griffith is captured and tortured until he is lame for a year, during his imprisonment his "love" for Guts and Casca becomes Yandere-level violent, and is furious upon seeing Guts and Casca's newly formed romance. This is why when he sacrifices the Band to ascend to the God Hand during the Eclipse and the first thing he does with this new power is rape Casca in front of a trapped Guts, all the while staring Guts dead in the eyes the whole time. After the Eclipse Griffith claims he no longer feels anything and is confused when he still has emotions for them.
    • Slan of the God Hand is also obsessed with Guts, and as a sadomasochist goddess, she delights in seeing Guts's pain. Despite being a entire dimension away she creates a pocket-dimension to ensnare Guts, with the full intention of making him her personal boy-toy. Slan is annoyed when the Skull Knight interrupts her shoving Gut's head between her legs, but is unconcerned when Guts fights back against her i.e blowing a hole though her and stabbing her, Slan just takes pleasure out of the pain and thanks him with a kiss. Slan hopes he will join her side at the God Hand, tempting him to give into the darkness.
    • Bug girl Apostle Rosine desires her friend Jill and believes she can save her from the world of Adults, though that means turns her into terrifying insect creature like her. Rosine is jealous of Jill's affection towards Guts (more as a father figure than crush) and sees him as threat snatches Jill away, though slightly attracted to Guts herself and remarks upon it before trying to kill him.
    • The Beast of Darkness within Gut's mind desires to ravage Casca and eat her, this is a more metaphysical example as the Beast only lusts for Casca due to Gut's own attraction to her and frustration that he cannot love her like he did before the Eclipse. So it's more the darkness in Guts urging him to use Casca and throw her away as she keeps him to the light side.
  • Black Butler
    • Aleister Chamber engages in black magic and sells girls as sex slaves. When Ciel was Disguised in Drag Aleister demonstrated attraction towards him. And when Ciel was dressed as usual Aleister still hit on him.
    • In addition to Aleister, another person who rates high on Ciel's No Yay scale is Baron Kelvin, a fat old ugly psycho who fell for Ciel when he was just a child.
  • Creed from Black Cat owns this trope. His crazy rampaging crush on Train is so obvious that everyone notices it... except Train.
  • Alphard of Canaan seems to have a tendency to invade her foe's personal space every chance she gets. Some may view the situation as a twisted form of seduction.
  • This is what Neil Regan actually feels for Candy White Andree in Candy Candy. Near the end of the series we're briefly fooled into thinking this will lead to Love Redeems... but he tries to pull a Scarpia Ultimatum instead.
    • Also, Neil's sister Elisa has a brief one on Candy's second love interest Terry during the Boarding School arc. He couldn't care less and humiliates her for being mean to Candy.
  • Deltora Quest
    • Dain's attitude and previous interactions towards Jasmine becomes suspect after he reveals his true colors, and overly enjoys rubbing it in her face afterwards. Much to Jasmine's disgust and anger, who legitimately had some feelings for him, but throws away the necklace he gave her after his betrayal. In the books this is implied with Dain watching Jasmine, which Lief dislikes and becomes jealous.
    • Thaegan (in the anime) has something for Lief calling him cute and his efforts to protect his friend adorably pathetic. This affection causes her other monster children to become jealous of Lief, who on his part claims he thought Thaegan was beautiful but all the more hideous for her nature.
  • Dragon Ball: Early on in the series, poor Bulma is sought after by everyone from Oolong to Pilaf and most of the Red Ribbon Army (with two soldiers even trying to rape her) with the exception of General Blue, who is the only man of the Red Ribbon Army not interested in her and that's due to him being homosexual.
    • In the second movie of the original Dragon Ball (Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle), she is kidnapped by Lucifer (no, seriously) and is gonna be drunk dry for the Demon's Feast.
    • In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma luckily manages to avoid most villains, but in Dragon Ball GT, Tuffle parasite Baby turns her into an Evil Matriarch, but since Baby has taken control of Vegeta's (Bulma's husband) body, it's likely that this is actually just Vegeta's mind influencing Baby's actions, like how Baby doesn't hurt Bulma and only fights Goku.
    • Crane Hermit had less than pure thoughts about Bulma and Launch, and subtlety perverted on them while mocking them. This even extends to his youth when he had kidnapped a beautiful village girl named Fanfan after she had rejected him and nearly killed her until he was stopped by a young Master Roshi and a time traveling Goku.
  • Dragonball Z
    • Snake Princess in filler, becomes attracted to Goku and is not disheartened when she looks inside his mind and sees he is a Family Man, saying pure-hearts are far more tasty. As she intends to eat him whole, forcing Goku to fly out of her stomach before he is digested.
    • Semi-Perfect Cell is way too zealous in absorbing Android 18 though somewhat justified he needs to absorb 18 to reach his perfect form, but it's very creepy how much he fawns over 18. This largely the reason why Krillin does't hit her kill switch when he had chance, as he couldn't stand the idea of her being immobilized and helpless to Cell.
    • Zangya in Movie 9 is flirtatious with Krillin (before kicking his ass). This has been expanded to games where she calls Krillin "cute", and 18 calls her "skank".
    • Jerk Jock Sharpner in filler has a crush on Videl and becomes antagonistic towards Gohan, when she chooses the "egg head" over him.
    • Barry Kahn also becomes attracted to Videl (despite her being married to Gohan) and also jealous of Gohan's fame as his stuntman in the Great Saiyanman movie. So much so she tries to black mail Gohan with a photo of another woman kissing him, Gohan tries to explain to Videl and Barry is smug, but Videl is calm and doesn't believe it. Gohan is overjoyed and Barry storms off furiously and then is infected by a alien parasite Watagash.
  • During the Final Battle in Fushigi Yuugi, Nakago admits to having one of these on Tamahome.
  • In GoLion, Prince Sincline is obsessed with Princess Fala from the first time he sees her. This carries over to Voltron, where they are Prince Lotor and Princess Allura.
  • InuYasha:
    • The ENTIRE story wouldn't even exist if the thief Onigumo didn't fall in love with Kikyou, then made a Deal with the Devil that transformed him into none other than Naraku so he could have her...
    • Jakotsu towards InuYasha himself, and Mukotsu towards Kagome.
  • Jewelpet (2009): the Big Bad Dian develops a crush on the heroine Rinko after posing as a prince to seduce her. It's messed up in more than one way because Dian is a tiny cat who's Really 700 Years Old and Rinko is a teenage girl.
  • Lupin III: As the series' resident Ms. Fanservice and Femme Fatale, Fujiko's used to people wanting her; including villains.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Haman Khan seems to have one of these on Judau Ashta, while Glemmy Toto has one on Roux Louka. In each case, the "relationship" is deeply messed up, and the heroic individual ends up being responsible in some way for their admirer's death.
  • Naruto
    • Sasuke Uchiha's feelings towards Naruto go from platonic rivalry to obsessive antagonizing and strained affection. Naruto is the first person to make Sasuke smile after the massacre of his village at the hands of his brother Itachi, and is the only person Sasuke is shown kissing in the series. Much of this attraction is implied though Sasuke's efforts to be stronger than Naruto, and anger at Sakura when she doesn't appreciate Naruto's efforts to save her after the Gaara battle. Also to gain the power to kill Itachi, Sasuke must kill a friend or loved one as Kakashi and Obito proved with Rin, but still Sasuke couldn't kill Naruto even after beating him at the falls. Even during his time on the dark side as a terrorist, bent on trying to destroy Konoha and ready to kill his friends at the drop of a hat. The second Naruto shows up to battle, Sasuke is willing to listen, despite mocking his other teammates' efforts to reason with him. Itachi, who turns out to be good, specifically states that only Naruto can save his younger brother, and as such Sasuke tries to kill Naruto again after his definitive Heel–Face Turn at the ends of the series, as Naruto is his only obstacle in obtaining world domination.
      • Years later in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, when Sasuke returns to Konoha, instead of visiting his family (Sakura and their daughter Sarada), he goes straight (no pun intended) to Naruto in the Hokage's office.
    • The villain of The Last: Naruto the Movie, Toneri Otsutsuki, wants Hinata to the point where he plans to take her away before the world is destroyed and forces her into marriage, using Hinata's younger sister Hanabi as leverage. He is also violently jealous of Hinata's Love Interest Naruto, destroying the red scarf Hinata was going to give him out of spite and then brainwashing Hinata so that she'd betray Naruto and choose him instead. Long story short, his plan fails worse than Sasuke's.
  • In Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Dewey often teases Ririka about her looks and apparently has a crush on her. It becomes more obvious once he takes a Heel–Face Turn.
  • One Piece: Poor Nami is unfortunate enough to become to obsession of multiple villains across the series, who either sees her skills as a tool of destruction as navigator or even worse as a Lust Object. Most of these villains are brutally defeated by Sanji if they're henchman or Luffy is they're the main villain and sometimes Nami herself. Here's the main examples, not counting random ginger-seeking pirate goons.
    • Arlong: It's not exactly a crush, but when he discovers Nami is a excellent cartographer, Arlong kidnaps her and has her draw maps to Take Over the World. Nami is the only human Arlong doesn't loathe, saying she's invaluable and even breaking his promise to free the village when she gets enough money to escape from him. The disturbing part is, Arlong caused of all Nami's misery, enslaving her town and shooting her adoptive mother Bell-Mère infront of Nami. Nami hates Arlong deeply, so the fact Arlong cares for her is even more disturbing, he even forgives Nami trying to kill him. Luffy especially became furious when Arlong said Luffy couldn't use Nami's skills like he could.
    • The Bear King from the 2nd movie becomes attracted to Nami when she was wearing a wedding dress (as all her other clothes were taken) and the Bear King decides he wants marry her. Nami smartly claims she hates hairy men, at which he says he'll shave, but Nami says she hates weak men even more throwing him for a loop. The Bear King also becomes a bit of aYandere when Sanji (whose captured alongside Nami) gloats to the king that Nami lets him rub lotion into her back, causing him to beat a tied up Sanji around the room.
    • Enel spares Nami's life in Skypeia and was even gonna take her to '[[The Promised Land'"Fairy Vearth"'']] before she refused him. Though this a good thing since Fairy Vearth is actually the Moon and Nami would've died.
  • Outlaw Star: Ron had only ordered Harry to kidnap Melfina, since she's the navigation system of the XGP. Instead, he fell in love with her — by which we mean, went full-blown stalker/yandere; especially when she rejected him. Harry spends the remainder of the series shifting from trying to coax her with heartfelt pleas, to trying to murder Gene for being too close to her.
  • Everybody's got a crush on Elie in Rave Master — even the psycho Lucia, who stole her first kiss, leaving her in tears.
  • In Sailor Moon, Usagi and Mamoru are practically magnets for this.
    • Usagi attracts the attention of Prince Diamond and Ail/Seijuuro. And because Ail was part of an anime-only filler arc written for S2, both crushes happened in the same season.
    • Queen Beryl, An/Natsumi, Dark Lady (manga only), Fish Eye (anime only), and Nehelenia (anime only) all develope crushes on Mamoru.
  • Ferid of Seraph of the End is a equal opportunity vampire with a tendency to prey on humans that take his liking. In particular, he has a peculiar fixation carrying serious Foe Yay undertones of this nature on Yuu and Mika. Ferid once patted Mika on the butt, caressed his face, bit him and sucked his blood after saying his looks were to his liking, and a dream of Yuu's shows Ferid revealing Mika's shoulder, holding him close, and biting him suggestively.
    • In chapter 13 Ferid seems to be hitting on Yuu, calling him a precious princess, and saying he is adorable while blushing when seeing Yuu's Cry Cute expression. He mentions in this chapter and a drama cd about wanting to suck Yuu's blood.
    • In chapter 46 Ferid drives up in his car and holds out his hand to Mika and Yuu, with a flirtatious look and teasingly saying "I heard you two were being attacked by a dangerous vampire so I came to your rescue. Come take a ride with me. I'll save you." He plays mind games with Yuu and Mika throughout the chapter, and when Yuu turns into a demon to attack Ferid for showing them Akane's head Ferid tells Mika he's "worried for the poor guy (Yuu)" because he's says Yuu could turn into a full demon. He states he has an antidote to cure Yuu and tells Shinoa "Let us go rescue dear Yuu." Mika is adamant to keep Ferid from getting near Yuu and says "I won't let you have your way with him!" Ferid smiles and says he just wants to help Yuu. Mika says he's not going to let Ferid touch him. Crowley engages Mika in a fight while Ferid states cheerfully "Now precious Yuu is all mine." Ferid approaches Yuu and blushes while looking at him in a almost gentle manner before saying "Wow! Haven't you grown into the cute one!! Your demon is on the verge of rampage yet you still have such clear and beautiful eyes. No wonder you are the extra special guinea pig." He then lifts Yuu's face by his chin, rubs his mouth with his fingers, and gets close saying "Perhaps before I heal you I'll take a little sip of your blood." Yuu asks if there's something in it for him if he allows Ferid to suck his blood. Ferid says he got the curse suppressant from Guren and it's the same one he takes. Yuu demands Ferid tells him everything he knows and Ferid smiles, covers Yuu's mouth with his hand, says "Oh, you are cute" and bites him while gripping his shoulder and hand. He then "cures" Yuu of his advancing demon curse while holding him close and leaning his head on Yuu's shoulder.
  • In episode 4 of Sherlock Hound, Professor Moriarty kidnaps Mrs. Hudson to get to Holmes, but she's so kind that he soon develops a serious crush on her himself. When the plan eventually fails, he releases her and promises never to involve her in one of his schemes again.
  • Tokyo Ghoul
    • Tsukiyama has something for Kaneki that toes the line between romantic and murderous intentions. He wants to eat Kaneki, seeing as how he's a cannibal gourmet ghoul and Kaneki is a rare one eyed ghoul. Eventually, it develops into full-blown romantic feelings with Tsukiyama undergoing a genuine Heel–Face Turn. When he believes Kaneki to be dead, he falls into an Angst Coma and spends nearly three years as The Ophelia before being snapped back to his senses by the news that Kaneki is alive.
    • Rize hunts men she finds attractive and when she first saw Kaneki she released heart marks and blushed at his good looks. She later took him on a date, got close to whisper seductively in his ear "I'm interested in you" before taking a bite from his shoulder.
    • Romo wants to kill Sasaki because she wants him to become the tragic and beautiful Kaneki she adores once again.
    • Kaneki collects another villainous admirer when Eto declares her affection for him....and licks his eye.
    • There's also Depraved Homosexual Nico's attraction to Kaneki and flirting with Yomo and Nishiki.
    • Torso develops feelings for Mutsuki in the sequel stemming from the latter being biologically female and having scars which is Torso's fetish fuel. This is to the point of abducting him and dressing him in a white dress. He puts a wedding ring on his finger and cuts off his arms and legs to keep him from leaving while saying they are going to get married. He also is implied to have raped him.
      • Ishida Sui (the creator of Tokyo Ghoul) also briefly wrote another comic called The Penisman (about a muscular hero with a penis for a head) who attracted a sexual crush from a Sissy Villain named Carnivoreman.
    • Matsuri Washuu is anything but heroic and is antagonist towards Marude, plotting to kill him for discovering the Washuu family secret that they are ghouls and his hand in his fathers death. When he learns of his fathers death he dissolves into crying hysterically and using effeminate speech typically associated with gay men. He has interesting inclinations towards the much more heroic Urie which culminates when he strips naked in his office and declares how he loves Urie. Later scenes show him stripping naked to climb naked into Urie's bed while he's sleeping.
    • Mutsuki becomes a little less heroic and exhibits violence through his Sanity Slippage. He fights Uta who takes on Sasaki's face in the hopes of Mutsuki letting him go but Mutsuki immediately stabs Sasaki/Uta in the neck and face repeatedly while declaring his love for Sasaki and demanding that he never leave him again. He ends up stripping from the waist up and straddles Uta/Sasaki in what is implied to be a sex scene or at least a moment of twisted intimacy before Mutsuki clings close to Uta/Sasaki after stabbing him.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Straight with Kishu towards Ichigo (to the point of him displaying a severe case of yandere, despite dying for her in the end). Implied with Pai towards Lettuce and Taruto towards Purin (though the later case is from both sides and more innocent, since they're both children and Purin expresses how she sees Taruto as a friend).
  • Vampire Hunter D. Vampire lord Count Magnus Lee desires the human girl Doris Lang, but she only has eyes for the title hero.
  • Rido from Vampire Knight was obsessed with his sister Juri and then subsequently with her daughter, Yuuki.
  • Marube from Yuureitou has a sinister attraction to multiple characters, including the protagonists Tetsuo and Taichi. The former is actually his long-lost son, and he knows this.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 
  • Steele for Jenna in Balto, but she's into the titular main character.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke: Paris Franz has a massive interest in Batgirl.
  • Gaston to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, developing from a simple Jerkass Prince Charming Wannabe to a Yandere out to Murder the Hypotenuse and throw her father in the asylum if she won't submit to him.
  • Pictured above: Frollo to Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Villain Song "Hellfire" is about his conflict over him lusting after her when she's a gypsy and he's a "righteous" man of the church.
  • Megamind:
    • The title character towards Roxanne since before the events of the film, as confirmed by the filmmakers' commentary. Neither of them realize until he starts dating her as his alter-ego Bernard and everybody had assumed she and Metroman were an item (turns out they were Just Friends).
    • Hal/Titan, who only wanted to be a superhero to get Roxanne's attention. When she rejects him, he turns into a villain.
  • Maynott for Lucille in A Monster in Paris. It's obvious he's eager to have her as a Trophy Wife.
  • Eris shows an attraction to Sinbad in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, namely by calling him cute more than once and constantly getting into his personal space.
  • In Strange Magic, Roland wants fairy princess Marianne, as it would make him king. She nearly fell for it until he cheated on her on their wedding day. Now, he's still pursuing her despite her aversion to him.
    • To a lesser extent, the Bog King is painted as evil and takes pride in his villainous title, and is obviously impressed by Marianne from their first meeting. Unlike with Roland, however, Marianne realizes Bog's feelings are genuine, and ends up returning them.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 12 Years a Slave, slave owner Edwin Epps has one on his slave Patsey. Word of God says he's deeply in love with her, but he has an odd and very abusive way of showing it.
  • Barbarella: The evil Black Queen is determined to get in Barbarella's skirt/shorts, though when she keeps rejecting her (sometimes quite violently), she'll settle for her angelic ally Pygar.
  • Joker for Vicki Vale in Batman.
    • While we're at it, the Riddler seems to have a bit of one on Chase Meridian in Batman Forever - when he's not crushing on Bruce Wayne, that is.
  • The titular character in Film/Blackway is the violent crimelord antagonist of the film, and seems to harbor an obsession for the heroine, Lillian. He meets her at the restaurant she works at and tries to get a date with her, but she rejects him. He waits for her to get off work and then tries to rape her in the empty parking lot, but she gets away. Following this incident, he begins following her and even decapitates her cat to get her attention. Lillian tries to go to the sheriff of their small Northwest logging community to help her get Blackway to leave her alone, but he implies that Blackway has immunity because of his corrupt influence.
  • In Cabin by the Lake, Villain Protagonist Stanley seems to develop some sort of odd fixation on his victim Mallory for standing up to him and escaping him once before. There's a Window Love scene with a two-way mirror which she punches when she realizes what he's doing, and when he tries to drown her once again near the end he also starts to lean in for a kiss as she's terrified out of her mind.
  • Ming the Merciless seemed pretty hung up on Dale Arden in Flash Gordon.
  • Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens is heavily implied to have one on Rey as he inexplicably captures her to acquire the information he needs instead of BB-8. He carries her bridal style, watches her sleep, and shows more compassion for her than anyone else. Even Snoke picks up on it in the novelization.
  • In the film version of Gone Girl, it's open to interpretation, but the relationship between Nick and Amy could be considered this, as could the relationship between Amy and Desi.
  • A comedic version in The Great Muppet Caper when jewel thief Nicky Holiday falls head-over-heels in love with Miss Piggy.
  • J.D. in Heathers. After Veronica breaks up with him after he starts murdering other teenagers for fun, J.D. is still very much in love with her.
  • Aldrich Killian for Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3.
  • Jareth to Sarah in Labyrinth. Foreshadowed in Sarah's story to Toby at the beginning: "But the Goblin King had fallen in love with the girl..." He sends her into a dreamlike state featuring a Dance of Romance between them, and at the end, he (albeit slightly ambiguously) offers her the chance to stay with him and be loved by him if she gives up her quest.
  • Legend (1985): Darkness, the devilish baddie, has one on Princess Lily, explicitly because of her pure soul.
  • King Theoden's Evil Chancellor Grima has a big one on the king's beautiful, proud niece, Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings (it's suggested in the books as well, but the film plays it up).
  • Tod to Marge in Mom and Dad Save the World.
  • There's a low budget horror movie called The Mooring where the Axe-Crazy Big Bad hunts a group of technology addicted tweens (their trip was a rehabilitation program). He occasionally shows some Pet the Dog moments to some of the girls but still murders all of them via different means, except The Final Girl whom he had earlier shown an, uh... interest in. When he finds her sobbing uncontrollably (due to having witnessed the death of her friends, being terrified out of her mind etc.) he just cradles her and tries to assure her "he isn't going to hurt her". It is easily the most unsettling scene in the whole movie if only because it shows how terrifyingly insane he is.
  • Ned to Julie in The Next Karate Kid. He punishes her if she rejects his advances.
  • Subverted in The Princess Bride. It appears that Prince Humperdinck is in love with Buttercup, but it turns out that he just wants to marry her so he can arrange for her to be killed and then use her death to justify a war with the scapegoats.
  • Rippner, a psychopathic assassin, to Lisa, the daughter of his hostage, in Red Eye.
  • Schindler's List. Nazi Camp Kommandant Amon Goeth has one on Helen Hirsch, his Jewish maid. This leaves him conflicted because he believes her to be inferior to him.
  • Dark Helmet for Princess Vespa in Spaceballs, from what you can tell in the scene where he plays with his action figures.
  • Blue for Baby Doll in Sucker Punch.
  • Cal has one on Rose in Titanic (1997).
  • Mr. Barnaby (the Crooked Little Man) for Contrary Mary (or Mary Contrary, in the Disney version) in Victor Herbert's Babes in Toyland and the analogous Little Bo-Peep in March Of The Wooden Soldiers, the Laurel and Hardy version.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Grant Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a pretty obsessive one on Skye, especially in season 2. Though he finally seems to snap out of it after she shoots him in the back.
  • Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer has this trope down to a tee. When he first (canonically) falls for Buffy, he's still in total opposition to her and the Scoobies' goals, and yet is blatantly head over heels for her. Buffy's mom asks if she might have lead him on unintentionally, to which Buffy replies that she beats him up a lot. Which for Spike is pretty much the same thing.
  • Doctor Who: Fans had long speculated about the Unresolved Sexual Tension between the Doctor and his arch-enemy, the Master. Over the years, the writers decided more and more often to have a bit of fun with it, eventually developing the storyline into a narrative full of Foe Yay. It took a couple of decades, but the Master (now a woman) eventually pushed the Doctor up against the nearest wall and got in a nice long proper snog.
  • Unfortunately for Kurt on Glee, David Karofsky, his main homophobic bully, has one on him, and he only finds out when he's given a Forceful Kiss.
    • Yet again to Kurt's misfortune, Season 3 introduces Sebastian Smythe, who is adamant on taking Blaine, Kurt's boyfriend, for himself.
  • Hannibal: Hannibal has one for Will who ultimately ends up returning it in a case of If It's You, It's Okay.
  • On Heroes, even though he'd already taken her power, Sylar appears to have a creepy thing for Claire.
  • Kilgrave from Jessica Jones has believed himself to be in love with Jessica ever since she broke free of his power the first time. He's under the delusion that it's partly mutual, completely oblivious to the fact that all his happy memories of their "relationship" took place when Jessica was mind-controlled and desperate to escape.
  • On Luther the eponymous detective has to deal with the uncomfortable fact that his closest friend and confidante, and most reliable source of help is Nietzsche Wannabe Manipulative Bastard and thorough psychopath Alice Morgan. That alone would be bad enough, but as many of Alice's lines suggest, she may well have a thing for Luther.
  • There were indications in Season Two that how Lord Zedd felt about Kimberly in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was not just Foe Yay subtext, especially with the episode he tried to make her his queen.
    • A filler episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm suggests comic relief villain Choobo had one on Tori, the only female ranger on that team.
  • Mr. Robot: Tyrell, a Depraved Bisexual villain, is obviously interested in Elliot and tells another character that he loves Elliot.
  • Murdoch Mysteries: It's implied that the young psychopath James Gillies is attracted to Detective William Murdoch after the former kisses the latter on the mouth for a full three seconds in "Midnight Train to Kingston." It has been hinted throughout the series that Gillies is gay, and it seems natural that he would be drawn to a handsome, intelligent man like Murdoch. Robert Perry, who was presumably James' boyfriend in an earlier episode, is somewhat similar to the detective in that he was also dark-haired, comely, mild-mannered and smart.
  • Smallville
    • Meteor freaks on Lana. Oh so many times. Even lampshaded once.
    Random student: Lana Lang. How original.
    • Davis Bloome on Chloe in Season 8 although it is later revealed to be part of Brainiac's programming.
    • Sometimes Tess Mercer seems to have one on Clark. It is a lot more explicit in some deleted scenes.
    Tess: You have to stop thinking me as just your boss.
    • And then there was the whole Lex / Lana mess in Seasons 5 & 6.
      • Not to mention his noticable obsession with Kara.
    • Lionel's unrequited crush on Martha which ran for most of the show.
  • Appears to be the case with Michael in Stargate Atlantis. Since Teyla was the only person to treat him nicely during his introductory episode, Michael becomes attached to her and, even after she has betrayed him repeatedly (in his own words), he still hopes he can convince her to come away with him.
  • Meg from Supernatural has one for Castiel, which is also an Interspecies Romance.
  • The Vampire Diaries
    • Klaus Mikaelson has one on Caroline Forbes.
    • Damon for Elena.
    • Katherine for Stefan and also Matt, although she never does more than talk about how hot he is.
  • Ares has it bad for Xena: Warrior Princess, to the point where his motivation throughout the show is to win her love.

  • In Norse Mythology, more than one of the jotuns (frost giants) tried to woo Freya (goddess of love and wife of Thor), either by trickery or blackmail. Thyrm was a giant king who stole Thor's hammer, hoping to blackmail Asgard into giving him Freya. (They pretended to agree with this, and Thor went dressed as Freya; Thrym and his court, being nearsighted, stupid, or both, was fooled by the disguise, and was crushed - literally - when Thor got it back). Also, there was giant who disguised himself as a laborer, and offered to build a wall around Asgard in exchange for Freya. (They only agreed to this if he could do so in three seasons, without help; when it looked like he might succeed - he was a giant in disguise, using an enchanted stallion to haul materials - Loki took the form of a mare and seduced the stallion. The guilder got angry, his disguise slipped, and as struck down by Thor.)

    Professional Wrestling 
  • In Ring of Honor, Jimmy Jacobs has it bad for good guy Adam Cole. He's open-mouthed kissed Cole on at least one occasion, and taking this to an unusually meta level, has propositioned Cole for sex on Twitter.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Shadowrun adventure Harlequin's Back. In the backstory, a Horror fell in love with Queen Thayla and refused to leave her, even though his presence was destroying her land. She eventually decided to leave with him to save her people from destruction.

  • Judge Turpin of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street developed two of these. The first was on Sweeney's wife, Lucy Barker, which ultimately led him to kick off the plot by having Sweeney transported for life, followed by luring her to a masked ball and raping her. The second was on Sweeney and Lucy's daughter Johanna, who he adopted out of remorse for what he did to Lucy but came to desire as more than a daughter as she grew older.
    • Mrs. Lovett has one for Sweeney Todd himself, though they're both more Villain Protagonist than heroes.
  • Jud for Laurey in Oklahoma!, though how much one considers Jud to be a villain is up for debate.
  • Count Gregor for Sophia in Fools.
  • Abigail Williams has one on John Proctor in The Crucible.
  • J.D. and Veronica of Heathers are actually dating for the majority of the show, and are nearly in Unholy Matrimony territory (Veronica being manipulated into participating in J.D.'s murders rather than doing it of her own free will is what stops it from being a straight example of the trope). After Veronica finally gets tired of his shit and dumps him, J.D. still remains very much in love with her, which makes it this trope.

  • Final Fantasy IV: Kain is jealous of his best friend Cecil for winning the heart of Rosa, the apple of his eye. Does he Murder the Hypotenuse? Thankfully, no. Kain is ultimately accepting of his status as the Unlucky Childhood Friend and hides his feelings for Rosa out of respect for the trio's deep friendship. Unfortunately, Dark Kain does not value his better half's reservations, even going as far as to pull an I Have You Now, My Pretty moment when he captures Rosa in The After Years.
  • Final Fantasy VII: When Cloud's group have an encounter with the Turks outside of Gongaga on the second continent, they bump into them gossiping like schoolgirls about who likes who. Turns out Rude has a crush on Tifa (which can be exploited to the player's advantage - he holds back against her in boss battles), and Tseng likes Aerith. Elena, who's implied to like Tseng nevermind her denials when asked, is clearly and hilariously fed up.
  • Final Fantasy X: Seymour Guado has one on Yuna, resulting in a Forceful Kiss. Made squickier by the fact that Yuna shares a voice actress with Seymour's mother.
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: It's clearer in the Japanese version, but the Final Boss and overall Bigger Bad, Bhunivelze, has some very suggestive dialogue towards Lightning. When you take into account his possession of Hope, the implication is that he was influenced by Hope's own feelings to be obsessed with her.
  • In Final Fight Revenge, Mad Gears member Poison develops a crush on Cody, and visits him in jail (despite the fact it's her fault he's there because she framed him). Note that this was before the official confirmation that Poison was a post-op transsexual, but it was still rather bizarre (She acts very feminine in this particular game).
  • Fire Emblem Jugdral: Apparently (in the Mitsuki Oosawa manga adaptation at least), King Travant had some feelings for Sigurd's younger sister Ethlyn. Too bad she was already Happily Married to Duke Quan. And even worse: Travant later killed them both in the war and took their daughter Altenna into his household so she would use Quan's signature weapon, the Gae Bolg, for him.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon 2: Project Origin has one of the most utterly horrific examples of this trope you'll ever see. Over the course of the second game, Alma winds up falling madly in love with Sergeant Beckett, which is bad because Alma is an Ax-Crazy ghost girl who appears as a stark naked zombie-like corpse, spends most of her free time Mind Raping and liquefying people, and is far too psychologically damaged to fully understand her feelings. You know all those times you have to fend her off in hand-to-hand throughout the game? She's not trying to hurt Beckett, she's trying to rape him. It gets worse in the ending, where he's strapped down to a chair and Alma walks over with this smug "I've finally got you right where I want you" body language and slowly leans in for a kiss...
  • Halo 5: Guardians: Cortana shows shades of this towards Chief which is hardly surprising considering how devoted she was to him before she Came Back Wrong. Putting a lot of emphasis on wanting him there to see her become ruler of the galaxy. Being visibly broken up over him saying her plans are evil. Then trying to imprison and take him with her rather then killing him for resisting her like she plans to do with everyone else.
  • Cia of Hyrule Warriors is driven by her obsession with Link and jealousy towards Zelda for being the one that he'll always save. Most notably, her personal Temple of Souls is essentially a Stalker Shrine covered with portraits and sculptures of various incarnations of Link, with her personal room being completely covered with portraits of him.
  • Ghosts are typically the most common antagonist in Pac-Man but that doesn't stop Pinky from having a crush on Pac.
  • In Immortal Souls, the crazy vampire the Black Witch is very much into the hero John, openly flirting with him every time they meet. It's implied the attraction is why she turned him into a vampire, and Isis Corporation also "recruited" John mainly so they could use her attraction to their advantage. John is pretty squicked out by the whole deal (mostly understandably pissed off she turned him), but does take (non-sexual) advantage of the matter sometimes.
  • Darth Sion of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords developed an interest in the female Exile immediately after seeing her; his crush was so intense, it was threatening his connection to the Dark Side, and therefore his life.
  • Combined with Les Yay in Shantae. Big Bad Risky keeps oscillating between threatening our heroine and trying to flirt with her.
  • Skies of Arcadia: Legends invokes it in the form of Black Comedy, by having Admiral Vigoro attempt to rape Aika in her prison cell, when he first lays eyes on her. Despite being foiled by Vyse and Gilder, he remains persistent and convices himself that he can win her over by defeating Vysenote . You'll have to fight him over her in three separate boss battles (including one ship battle), though he finally relents after being defeated for the third time.
    Vigoro: "You win, Vyse. The strongest man has the right to be with the finest woman."
  • Eliza of Skull Girls is very keen on the Parasite Samson. Her pre-battle opening dialogue is marked by disdain for his current host Filia and asking him to join her or else. In her story path, she ultimately seals up Filia and Samson with blood to keep Samson alive until she can find another host for him. The feeling is not reciprocated.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Bowser has been shown to have one on Princess Peach in several games, starting with the first Paper Mario. In that game, he frequently hits on her and even writes in his diary (which Peach ends up reading at one point) that he hopes that she'll like him. This trait is inconsistent, though, especially since in games where Peach has a playable role, such as Super Princess Peach and Super Mario 3D World, he has no qualms with attempting to kill her when she aims to foil his plans.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lezard is fascinated by Lenneth and would do anything to get her for himself. The fans don't mind though.


    Web Originals 

    Western Animation 
  • The Ice King in Adventure Time would be a very extreme case of this. Early on in the show, he was known for kidnapping numerous princesses and try to force them to marry him, with Princess Bubblegum being his main victim.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Ty Lee's one-sided crush on Sokka was an amicable example, since he was flattered by it in "The Drill" episode. Though he later tells her that he was already seeing Suki, in "The Crossroads of Destiny".
  • Princess Attea towards Ben in his Inkursian form Bullfrag in Ben 10: Omniverse. To Ben's chagrin, the feeling is mutual as Bullfrag.
  • Martian Queen towards Duck Dodgers. Seriously, the woman veers between wanting to destroy him and wanting to marry him.
  • Gravity Falls
  • Looney Tunes. A 1935 Merrie Melodies short, The Little Dutch Plate subverts it. The villainous Vinegar Bottle (all the characters are household items) who has been pursuing the Girl on the Little Dutch Plate gets in a fight with the hero (a little Dutch boy saltshaker), who literally knocks his block off (Vinegar's head is just a bottlestopper, after all). Looking for his head, he accidentally puts on a girlish one from a perfume bottle. The Girl sees his new Pretty Boy looks and immediately defends him from the Boy, walking off with him while cooing "You handsome man!"
  • One time on The Simpsons Marge got a job at the nuclear plant and Mr. Burns developed a thing for her.
  • The G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episode "The Gamemaster" not only hints that Zartan has something like this towards Scarlett, but that she reciprocates it!
  • In the "Super Powers Team" incarnation of Superfriends, Darkseid had a crush on Wonder Woman and constantly tried to make her his bride.
  • In one episode of Teen Titans, Red X flirted with Starfire after pinning her to the wall with one of his gadgets, calling her "cutie" and remarking that the "only crime" between them was that they hadn't gone on a date. (Her only response was to blast him with her starbolts through her eyes.)
  • Pyro once tried making a pass at Rogue in X-Men she replied by throwing him through the wall as a non-subtle "No".
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Agent Bishop is very affectionate towards Karai when he has her captured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (despite his threat to Shredder to chop her into "a supersized pile of Highland julienne fries" if his demands aren't met), spending half the episode kicking the asses of Hun and the Turtles, and the other half admiring Karai and going on about how lovely she is.
    • While we're talking about the Turtles, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), the Shredder seemed to have a thing for April.
  • Played for Laughs on WordGirl, with Tobey McCallister's crush on the titular character. She almost always rebuffs him, but there are some cases of legitimate Ship Tease between them.