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Villainous Glutton

"In case you were still wondering, yes, he's THAT fat! He's ORCA! He's horrific!"
Sharona Fleming, Monk: "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale"

There are the villains who provoke moral outrage. Others are funny or even somewhat likeable. Some arouse carnal desires. A rare few inspire twisted admiration. And then, there's pure disgust. That's what this guy — and it's very commonly a guy — is for. He consumes. He devours. He gives nothing back. Meet: the Villainous Glutton.

The Villainous Glutton tends to run visually opposite to the Lean and Mean character. He will usually be a very bulky Fat Bastard, although not necessarily obese; his eating habits symbolize his Greed and lust for power, rarities, food, or whatever else he may be after. In some cases, some sort of powers may be the source of that bulk, too; alternately, the character may be muscular, but the drawing style will still usually result in a clearly "fat" look.

While the Villainous Glutton is often played as an Evil Counterpart to the Big Eater, his consumption can be purely symbolic.

Typically Large And In Charge.

If the Villainous Glutton also eats in a way that's just plain disgusting, he's got Jabba Table Manners and is likely a Fat Slob; if his meal consists of endangered species or something similar, it may be an Exotic Entree. See also Adipose Rex (specifically for obese monarchs), Fat, Sweaty Southerner in a White Suit and Seven Deadly Sins. Contrast Fat Bastard (a character who really is fat and is a Jerkass, but may or may not be an actual villain) and Gonk (an anime trope usually played for a combination of Squick and Comic Relief).

Historically, this was a favorite charge of historians trying to tarnish the name of a political enemy. The Romans were particularly fond of the tactic; Emperor Caligula and Elagabalus got it particularly hard, although it probably had some basis in fact.

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  • The Evillious Chronicles series by Vocaloid producer Akuno-P aka mothy features one in the Gluttony song,Evil Food Eater Conchita sung by Meiko. Banika Conchita desires for only the most gruesome in the world. Why is she a Villainous Glutton? It's because when her chef asks for leave, she eats him instead, and soon following him are the maid and servant. When there's nothing left she finally eats herself. Expanded on further in the tie-in novel, which reduces the villainy of her eating the chef but slowly details her descent into a monster willing to wage wars with undead soldiers instead.


  • The Moabite King Eglon in The Bible is described as being very fat—so fat, in fact, that the Hebrew hero Ehud who killed him could not extract his sword.
  • Beelzebub, the Patron Demon of Gluttony.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Eating is the biggest vice of beholders; according to the 3rd edition Sourcebook Codex Anathema, they actually don't have a sense of taste, but take pleasure from enjoying the physical texture of foods, especially crunchy live prey like humans. Because they can watch themselves eat with their long eyestalks, they also enjoy vibrantly colored food. And they eat a lot of it—up to 200 pounds in a single sitting.
    • In the 3rd Edition, there were Famine Spirits, incredibly powerful undead beings who could eat more in a day than fifty men could eat in a week. They were so-named because the appetite of one of them could literally cause a famine in a populated area if it was left unchecked.
    • Also, there are nalfeshnee, demons that are just below balors in terms of social rank in the Abyss and actual power, who are often depicted like this, especially in the 4th Edition, where they are given a background. They were descended from the Waddling Legions, soldiers spawned by a powerful Primordial who was slain during the war between the Primordials and the gods. His minions devoured his corpse (they saw this as a respectful gesture for some reason) and as a result, absorbed his power, becoming the powerful nalfeshnee. The same source states that their gluttony is legendary, as is their tendency to treat other beings as food. They tend to group other beings in three categories, "Fit to eat" (which is most other creatures, including other demons), "Fit to use" (which is any being weaker than they are that is inedible to them for some reason), and "Fit to serve" (a small group reserved for beings that are obviously more powerful than they are, at which point they quickly turn from egotistical blowhards into groveling cowards.)
  • In the Dark Sun setting, there were undead monsters called faels, who only existed to eat, and demanded food from anyone who encountered them, violently lashing out at anyone who denied them food or interrupted their feasting.
  • In Scarred Lands, one of the Titans was Gaurak the Glutton, who may have devoured all life in the world (only for his fellow Titans to repopulate it so he could do it again) if the gods had not defeated him by yanking out his hundred teeth and burying him underground. Many of his worshippers are also Villainous Gluttons; they become creatures called fatlings, disgustingly obese and bloated mockeries of the humans they once were.
  • In Nomine has Haagenti, the Demon Prince of Gluttony, whose whole reason for existing is to consume everything in his path and convince humans to do the same.
    Be careful, or you might lose an arm. Mmmmm. Arm. - The beginning of Haagenti's character description
  • Vampire: The Requiem features a bloodline of the Ventrue known as the Macellarius. The bloodline flaw is that anyone inducted in gains a large amount of weight fairly quickly, impairing physical function. The upside? They can consume food again. And they do a very good job of consuming human flesh to add a little variety to all the blood...
  • The tyrannical emperor who appears on many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is proven to be one on this card.

    Web Comics 
  • The Vorshes in Jack are Gluttony personified. They are vicious demonic cannibals but in a subversion are extremely emaciated, and cannot gain any enjoyment from their food.
  • The Order of the Stick has the Empress of Blood, an incredibly obese red dragon who seems to do very little other than eating. Her warlord explains that she does so because she's confused correlation with causation and thinks that larger dragons can cast more powerful spells because they're larger. In fact, they can cast those spells because they're older, which is also the reason they're larger.
  • Sglutton in The Beast Legion is an obese & ruthless Shadow Nexus slave Master.
  • Royce from Heart Core enjoys himself the finest meals on a daily basis along with daily birthday cakes. His signature sin is Gluttony afterall. It is a miracle that he has managed to stay in shape during his hundreds of years of gorging himself with one-man buffés.

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