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Villainous Glutton: Live-Action TV
  • Dale the Whale from Monk is so fat he can hardly move. This provides an effective contrast to Monk: Dale is fit of mind but not body, Monk is the opposite.
  • Shockeye in "The Two Doctors" spends almost all his time eating, preparing new meals, and thinking about food, although it seems that members of his species can be gluttons without gaining weight.
  • There was a one-off demon villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was so fat he could hardly move. He didn't need to — he had telekinesis.
  • Grunchlk from Farscape, who always seems to be eating something while on camera — even if it's two of his own fingers.
  • Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard was very fat, very hungry (in one show he devours a tableful of chicken wings) and always leering lecherously at Daisy as his white three piece suit strained to cover his bulk. (Not in The Movie, however.) (Sorrell Booke, who portrayed the character, was only slightly overweight. He wore padding under his suit to make himself look obese.)
  • Nerus, a Goa'uld from Stargate SG-1, is a relatively sympathetic villain, for his species. Which means he's a devious but Affably Evil bastard. When he turns out to have become a double-agent for the Ori and remains completely unhelpful to Stargate Command, General Landry figures out how to get his cooperation: no food.
  • In Pushing Daisies, Leo Burns exacts bitter vengeance upon the cook whose food immobilized him with obesity.
    • Also the twin funeral parlor directors, who were stealing from their clients.
  • Pudgy Pig of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fame would eat the world's food supply in 48 hours.
    • Hydro Hog, the Alien Rangers' Arch-Enemy on their home planet, was a variation. He was obese, but rather than being a Big Eater, he was more of a "Big Drinker", in that he was able to consume entire bodies of water (the size of lakes). Which is why he was such a deadly enemy to them, being of an aquatic species who depended more on water than even most beings.
  • In Supernatural the Leviathans' appetite for human flesh is so great that their entire Evil Plan consists of weeding out the competition and turning humans into docile livestock because they think our population is too low. Yes, six billion humans apparently isn't enough for them.

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