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Lust Object
"I don't want to be your sex object,
Show some feeling and respect
I don't want to be your sex object,
You turn me on, then you forget"
Kraftwerk, "Sex Object"

Kind of the kinky older sister to the Love Interest. A lust object is a character who is actively lusted over by another. While a character thinks about holding their Love Interest's hand, and shows a Luminescent Blush in their presence, he or she will regard a lust object with dreams of improbably risque situations, and more often than not, The Nosebleed.

It's possible for a Love Interest to also be a lust object, especially when the protagonist is male and the lust object, an attractive female. However, this is usually not the case, as a lust object is rarely regarded as anything other than that — an object to lust over. The gender inversion of this is a female lusting after an attractive male.

Note: A character who simply thinks "sexy" thoughts about their Love Interest is not regarding them as a Lust Object.

For a character to be a lust object, they must be thought of as 'objects' to fulfill the sexual or proto-sexual desires of the luster, outside of (or in addition to) any romantic feelings. A good indicator is whether or not the Object speaks during the waking wet-dream. If they don't, or if they only use 'stock' sex-scene phrases, they're probably a lust object. If they hold a conversation, or even just speak in coherent sentences, they are probably closer to a Love Interest.

They are often the object of a Stalker with a Crush. A guy who is Mr. Fanservice or a girl who is Ms. Fanservice is almost always this, on both sides of the Fourth Wall.

A Hello, Nurse! is a character who is a lust object to everyone, usually Played for Laughs. Eating the Eye Candy is one way for a character to dwell on their lust object, while Male Gaze/Female Gaze is a way for the author/artist to emphasize that the Object is being fetishized.



Anime & Manga

Comic Books
  • Sin City has Nancy the stripper. She's the favored "performer" in Kadie's Bar but her main luster is the Sociopathic Hero Marv. It's likely that he is in love with her but isn't fully aware of it.

  • Stifler's Mom from American Pie, since while the other boys tend to find relationships, she and Finch only ever seem to have sex once and then that's it.
  • Citizen Elliot in Exit to Eden is this for Mistress Lisa. She's drawn him because she has a thing for his butt which is we learn is her favorite male body part (which she fondles) just before his spanking:
    Lisa: You know how some men like women's legs, some like big breasts, some like long hair? Know what I like? I like butts. Men's beautiful behinds. You know what I like to do to gorgeous butts? I like to squeeze them, pinch them and caress them.

  • In Cloud of Sparrows, every section told from Zephaniah's point of view keeps mentioning how much he wants to shag Emily.
  • In the Dresden Files universe, the White Court of vampires have Raith House. All vampires of said house derive nourishment from sexual energy. Therefore, they are often lust objects for anyone, male or female, within close range, particularly when they are hungry. One of them, Thomas, is described as having looks which put any male model to shame.

Live-Action TV
  • Peter Serafinowicz's character on Black Books was this for Fran. It's made clear that he's a self-important arsehole who Fran can't stand, but it doesn't stop her spending half the episode literally masturbating to the sound of his voice.
  • On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike seems to view Buffy this way. He calls it "love", but she doubts it. Of course, by the end of the series it's definitely love; reasonable minds can disagree about what point that began.
  • Bob Sorenson became this for Kris in the "Toni's Boys" episode of Charlies Angels when he took his shirt off.
  • In series 5 of Doctor Who, the Doctor is this for Amy Pond (she even says as much herself when he tries to rebuff her advances by pointing out that their age difference makes them incompatible), in sharp contrast to the emotion-based crushes Rose and Martha had on him. She gets over it halfway through the season, after her actual love for her fiance Rory is tested.
  • Penny in The Big Bang Theory is this for Leonard, who spends the entire first season making Puppy-Dog Eyes at her because he was too shy to get beyond a casual conversation. She eventually grew out of that role not just because they have a Relationship Upgrade but that the series implemented a mild version of Wanting Is Better Than Having, Leonard had to get past the raw physical attraction and fall in love with her and all her quirks.
  • Christine Simpson begins to see former Detroit Red Wings defenceman Jiri Fischer as one in this interview when she starts to mentally undress him.

Video Games

Visual Novel
  • This happens to Miles Edgeworth at least three times in Ace Attorney Investigations. He has no idea why.
  • This is at least a partial cause of Gilgamesh's obsession with Saber in Fate/stay night. He sees her as a treasure to add to his collection, and makes his desire to have his way with her very clear.

  • Most characters in Menage A 3, a sex comedy with a healthy dose of Fanservice, take this role for someone else at some point, but it's pretty much DiDi's full-time plot function. (Her own lust objects at different times are Matt and, in a slightly subtler form, Gary.) Eventually, Zii has to explain the trope to her:
    Zii: It's just a mild... craving. Or hunger. Animal hunger. Where I just wanna tear all your clothes off and lick every inch of your skin. Y'know, nothing to worry about.

Web Original
  • The Nostalgia Critic has become this to Spoony. Of course Spoony has the hots for everyone, but Critic is the one whose spooning was set up and mentioned again afterwards, and Spoony really enjoys humiliating him.

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