Webcomic: Cucumber Quest

Almond: Awesome! I've always wanted to fight a real monster.
Cucumber: I haven't!

Tomorrow's the first day of school at Puffington's Academy for the Magically Gifted and/or Incredibly Wealthy, and Cucumber's all packed up to move in. Before he can tuck into his last dinner at home, a letter arrives: Cucumber's father, Lord Cabbage, has been kidnapped and imprisoned by the henchmen of the evil Queen Cordelia, who plans to Take Over the World! Despite being meek and studious and having a little sister who probably would do a better job, saving the world is strictly the duty of Cucumber. Cucumber sneaks into the Caketown Castle dungeons to speak with his father, who tells him Cordelia's plan: to amass the Disaster Stones and awaken the Nightmare Knight! Cabbage tells Cucumber to meet with the Dream Oracle, who will grant him the legendary Dream Sword, an invaluable weapon against the Nightmare Knight.

And so begins Cucumber's quest.

Cucumber Quest is a webcomic by Gigi D.G. of Hiimdaisy fame, and so far reads like a snarky love-letter to classic SNES-era video games, presented with a Paper Mario-style sense of humor. It can be read here.

Has a slowly filling character sheet. Put character-specific tropes there.

Now has its very own fan dub, complete with soundtrack (Rar file).

In addition, there is a music album based on the comic in the works (made by the same person behind the Ruby Quest album). It can be found here

Also has a fan game in the style of Ace Attorney.

Furthermore, there is also a translation to Spanish in the works.

Cucumber Quest demonstrates examples of: