Webcomic / Cheshire Crossing

Cheshire Crossing is a Crossover fantasy webcomic by Andy Weir in which Alice Liddell, Wendy Darling and Dorothy Gale are brought to an Extranormal Institute-style Boarding School run by Ernest Rutherford, so they can be taught to master their latent superpowers by Mary Poppins. Action and adventure ensue.

The comic also features the Wicked Witch of the West, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, the Knave of Hearts and the Mad Hatter and Lemuel Gulliver.

Four issues were released, forming a pretty self-contained story arc, before the series came to an unannounced halt. The author has since said he doesn't intend to continue it, and has given up on drawing comics unless he decides to hire a professional artist.

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See also Casey and Andy, Weir's previous, completed webcomic, and The Martian, Weir's debut novel, published to great success in 2014.

This comic provides examples of: