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Webcomic: Casey and Andy
Casey and Andy is a completed webcomic by Andy Weir, about a pair of Mad Scientists and their wacky hijinx as they deal with their girlfriends, try to Take Over the World, and kill each other, (Repeatedly), play RPGs, annoy next door neighbour Jenn, test-drive their inventions and do battle with Andy's nemesis, Grover Cleveland. Bob was there, too.

The characters of Casey and Andy are based on Weir and his best friend Casey. The other characters are named after Andy Weir's friends, including his cat, Cujo.

It can be found right here. It was on Series Hiatus for 19 months between comics 644 and 645, before Andy finally went back to conclude the final story arc and the strip.

See also Cheshire Crossing, an uncompleted second webcomic by Weir, and The Martian, his debut novel, published to great success in 2014.

Includes examples of:

Bob was there, too.
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alternative title(s): Casey And Andy
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