Fridge / Cheshire Crossing

Fridge Brilliance
  • I literally just had one hit me out of the blue while browsing this site. My thoughts turned to Cheshire Crossing, and I suddenly realized — Oh! The "I can't wait to teach her about isosceles triangles" bit between Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tik-Tok is a joke on the mistake between isosceles and right in the movie! I'd just skimmed right over it without a second glance before (granted, I was reading the series mainly for Alice).
  • Just hit me why Rutherford has Lemuel Gulliver as an assistant (although having realised it, it seems like I was just being slow on the uptake); obviously he's the world's foremost expert on travelling between multiple fantasy worlds.
  • The Wicked Witch mentions the rarity of planar adepts. Now Oz is quite small and Neverland even smaller, so it's normal that she can't fathom how vast the Earth is.
  • Gulliver's suggestion to dilute Miss Poppins makes a great deal of sense, though not for the reasons he thinks: The extra degrees of motion provided by the dilution gives her cells a much greater range of mobility.