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Terrible Trio

A Power Trio made up of a domineering character and two henchmen or Co-Dragons. The two henchmen usually look physically different (one short and fat, the other tall and skinny/buff) in addition to having different skills, often Brains and Brawn or an unreasonable facsimile; the position of boss may be gained simply by assertiveness. Their boss is usually convinced they're master criminals, even though the two subordinate characters usually fit the bill for Stupid Crooks. Terrible Trios are never real Big Bads, and the whole group tends to be played for comedy in the long run. They may have no dark motivations other than fortune or fame, and it's easy to sympathize with them through their repeated defeats. They usually have a certain degree of Karmic Protection.

Sometimes, there's a higher-up that the team's boss is accountable to. That higher-up is usually closer to True Evil, and considers the team, boss and all, to be ineffective at best. In a more serious story (or if Cerebus Syndrome is about to kick in,) expect the goldfish poop to get flushed in most occasions.

In many recent anime, the boss is usually more attractive and the opposite gender of the lackeys. The Terrible Trio are often gangsters, who are strangely less competent than the psycho villain.

See also Evil Duo, Quirky Miniboss Squad, Freudian Trio, Comic Trio, Goldfish Poop Gang, Those Two Bad Guys, íThree Amigos!, and, when two or more Big Bads work together, Big Bad Duumvirate.

Example subpages

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    Fan Works 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami sports Mercury and her "henchmen" youma, Tiger and Jadeite as the three most powerful players in Mercury's empire. Jadeite himself is the boss of a subset, With Umbra and Mareki often filling a role similar to henchmen. These groups, however, are not only quite successful in battle, but heroic in nature — making this an inversion.
  • Titan's three henchponies Mysterious, Dementia, and Rep-Stallion from My Little Unicorn.


    Professional Wrestling 

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 
  • The villains of Arby 'n' the Chief's 7th season: Eugene Black, Tyler King, and Colin Hunt.
  • Worm has the trio of bullies that harass Taylor at school, Emma, Sophia, and the more childish Madison.
    • Later chapters have Bambina's crew of child supervillains, including August Prince and Starlet, all of whom are astonishingly sociopathic.

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