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Eric Stuart is a voice actor from New York. He was born October 18, 1967. He has done anime roles mainly under 4Kids, most notably Brock, James, and Kaiba. His most favorite anime roles are that of James and Gourry. Many people consider him to be the rival of DAN GREEN.

Stuart is also an accomplished singer. He formed his first band at age 14, learned to play the guitar in eighth grade, and was writing and recording songs by the tenth grade. Before graduating high school, he had recorded over 40 original songs!

Here's his band's MySpace.

He's officially retired from voice acting to work on new material for his band. However, he reprised his role as Gourry in Slayers Revolution-R in 2010, and started making more frequent guest appearances at anime conventions in 2011. He also will reprise his role as Seto Kaiba for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Before he retired from voice-acting, his Californian counterpart was Johnny Yong Bosch note . His Canadian counterparts were Brad Swaile, Kirby Morrow and Andrew Francis. His Dallas counterparts were Todd Haberkorn, Micah Solusod, and Austin Tindle. His Houston counterparts were David Matranga and Blake Shepard . His Texan counterparts was Chris Patton note .

Despite doing a lot of voice work for 4Kids, he doesn't seem to be particularly fond of the company if this video is any indication. This is because he was getting paid more for commercial voiceover work than dubbing episodes for 4Kids (he was paid about $75 for dubbing a single episode of Pokémon), and when they decided to use voice clips for commercials, he wasn't getting paid for that anymore.

Notable roles from Eric Stuart:

Albums Eric Stuart released:

Solo albums
  • Eric Stuart (1998)

Eric Stuart Band albums
  • Curiosity (1996)
  • Picture Perfect World (1997)
  • Blue, Dressed in Black (2000)
  • Bombshellshocked (2003)
  • In The County of Kings (2007)
  • Empty Frame of Reference (2009)