Creator / Blake Shepard

Blake Shepard is an American voice actor who is based in Texas and does voice work in Sentai Filmworks. He is often typecast as one of the teenage male heroes in a story since his voice has a youthful quality to it, and he is probably best known as Otonashi of Angel Beats!, though he has several other prominent roles. He also happens to be frequently cast alongside Brittney Karbowski, Chris Patton, Monica Rial, David Matranga, Emily Neves, and Luci Christian among others.

Ever since Chris Patton's decision to pull away from anime dubbing (though he hasn't completely left), Blake has been considered by fans to be one of his successors due to their vocal ranges being similar.

His Japanese counterpart is Nobuhiko Okamoto and his Los Angeles counterparts are Johnny Yong Bosch note , Todd Haberkorn, Sean Chiplock, Orion Acaba, and Erik Kimerer. He's also the Houston counterpart to Micah Solusod and Austin Tindle, whose Japanese counterpart is also Nobuhiko Okamoto.

Now has a Twitter account.

Notable roles by Shepard: