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Take Brad Swaile...and DESCRIBE HIM!!!

Basically he's the Canadian equivalent to Mamoru Miyano, seeing as how this guy usually ends up dubbing Miyano's roles. Brad Swaile was at first pigeonholed into playing either young male leads or Idiot Heroes... note 

...And then came Death Note.

In Death Note he finally broke out of his pigeonhole by playing Magnificent Bastard Light Yagami. Many fans consider his performance to be the best of his entire career. Swaile instantly became memetically popular, joining fellow VA Scott McNeil. He introduced us to the wonders of taking potato chips... and EATING THEM, and terrified everyone with his epic maniacal laughter in the final episode.

On second thought, even though he is the Canadian equivalent of Mamoru Miyano and Daisuke Namikawa, his history of career seems to be mirroring Jun Fukuyama a lot. Also is the Canadian equivalent to California's Johnny Yong Bosch, Todd Haberkorn, Dave Wittenberg, Orion Acaba and Erik Kimerer, and Texas's Micah Solusod, Chris Patton, David Matranga and Blake Shepard.

You can also hear him in nearly EVERY Gundam series, usually as a Gundam pilot. He pretty much just uses the same voice as he did for Quatre each time as well, making him that much easier to find.

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Exactly as planned... Not even my father planned this...