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Greg Ayres is an American voice actor best-known for voicing anime characters. Ayres started out as a fanboy of anime who was mentioned to ADV film directors.

With his constantly color-changing hair, this VA has attended more than one hundred and twenty anime conventions as a guest, and countless others as a fan. However, in February 2009, Greg suffered a mild heart attack while attending IkkiCon in Austin, Texas, which some have attributed to his near non-stop schedule. Greg Ayres is recognized not only for his dub work in popular anime, but also for his multi-talented and charismatic personality at anime conventions. Occasionally his surname is listed as Ayers instead of Ayres, however this spelling is incorrect as his legal name is "Gregory Ayres".

At most conventions he typically holds a panel on why fansubs hurt the anime industry. He is also known for being a DJ at dances and raves that conventions host.

Greg has enjoyed playing Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion and has said that he is one of his favorite characters.

Chris Ayres, his brother, is also a voice actor/director.

Due to distinctive high-pitch voice (which is unusual for a man in his 40s), he is often cast as young boys, often either Butt Monkeys, cute little boys, or Kid Heroes. In fact, his voice is high-pitched enough to voice young boys that can be as young as 8-years-old.

Notable roles from Greg Ayres:

Tropes associated with Greg Ayres:

  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: This is somewhat Zig Zagged. He's been cast as characters with nearly every personality under the sun, but as mentioned, because of his unusual high-pitch voice for a man, he is often casted into young boys or baby-faced men. More recently, he's been getting frequently cast as bratty, egotistical, and at times Butt-Monkey best friends' of main protagonists.