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Creator: David Matranga

David Matranga is an American voice actor who works for (formerly) ADV Films and Seraphim Digital Studios and recently did some roles at FUNimation. He is probably most famous for voicing Tomoya Okazaki in CLANNAD and Orphen in Sorcerer Stabber Orphen. Not to be confused for Dave Matranga, who is a baseball player. He's not a photographer. That's David N. Matranga. Before you say anything, he is not related to musician Jonah Matranga. David is just David.

David isn't that new to voice acting. He just isn't as well-known. That's unfortunate, considering that he's talented. However, he also does film and theatre work.

Often cast alongside with Luci Christian, particularly if the ADR director's name happens to be Steven Foster.

Somewhat of a successor to Chris Patton since David is often cast as the same type of characters that Chris also frequently lands roles for; basically young snarky men and teenagers with a troubled past.

Look out! There's a Facebook page behind you! Does anyone know that Sword of Light spell?

Huh? Up ahead... it's his MySpace page!

And his Twitter page is this way!

Don't worry. He can take it.

Notable voice roles from David Matranga:

Tropes about his roles and David himself:

Let's show him how to feel the rainbow!

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