Robot Dog

Dr. Light: Behold! my greatest invention! Rush, the robotic dog!
Mega Man: What? A robotic dog? What's so great about that? Does it transform or something?

Robots are cool. Dogs are cool. Put them together and you get a Robot Dog!

Makes for an excellent Robot Buddy, because dogs are, of course, man's best friend.


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  • Balican from Chargeman Ken is Ken's sidekick robot dog.
  • Peach from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • One briefly appears in the third arc of Humanity Has Declined. Quite vicious.
  • Mazinger Angels: In this Mazinger Z spin-off, Hikaru's dog -Daisuke- is a robotical dog that externally seems a normal one.
  • Friender from any incarnation of Neo Human Casshern (save the live action movie), who was a We Can Rebuild Him case. Originally Tetsuya's pet dog, Lucky, its data were used to revive it as Friender after it was killed. In order to support Casshern, it can transform into a jet, submarine, tank, or motorcycle, and is even able to breathe flames. Friender is a brave robotic dog capable of standing up to the Android Army alone.
    • Friender is also the inspiration for Rush.
  • In the late 1970s anime Yatterman, the two heroes ride on a giant dog-shaped mecha.


    Card Games 

    Comic Books 
  • Robbie the Robot Dog from The DCU.
  • Spot, Krypto's robotic friend, from an issue of Superboy.
  • Pooch, Manhunter's pet, from Tangent Comics.
  • Blackhawk built a robot dog in his self-titled comic series.
  • Valeria Richards built a robot dog in Mighty Avengers.
  • Half-Face, from the Marvel Universe, invented several devices including a robot dog.
  • In East of West, The Ranger has a robotic dog that doubles as a sniper rifle. It barks after firing.

  • Rags the Robot Dog in Woody Allen's Sleeper:
    Rags: Woof, woof, woof. Hello, I'm Rags.
  • The remake of The Stepford Wives contains a robot dog which looks like a toy dog made of gold rubber. Due to the movie's inability to decide whether the wives were robot replacements or just had mind control chips, it could either be an actual robot or an actual dog put into a toy-like body that can barely walk. A minor plot point suggests the latter.
  • CHOMPS, basically an ADT terminal that looks like a mutt. It's as stupid as it sounds.

  • The Isaac Asimov story "Robutt" is about a boy and his robot dog.
  • The "rat things" of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash combine actual dogs with robotic parts to create extremely deadly guards.
  • In Yevgeni Veltistov's Ressi - An Elusive Friend, the titular character is a robotic dog built by a child android named Elektronik as a companion. The dog is highly intelligent and, while incapable of human speech, could remotely transmit data directly to Elektronik. Ressi (which is an acronym) can run and swim extremely fast. In fact, it becomes a plot point after Ressi is captured and reprogrammed by a Corrupt Corporate Executive, as there is almost nothing manmade at sea capable of swimming at Ressi's top nautical speed, which equals to that of a swordfish (about 50 mph). Ressi is finally re-captured by the only boat capable of reaching that speed underwater.
  • The Hound in Fahrenheit 451. Interestingly, it may not have actually looked much like a dog since it was built as an octopod, but Bradbury was a little vague on the details.
  • The Rings of Saturn has one of these protecting the mansion of an important senator. It can be switched from ferocious guard dog mode to a lovable, face-licking pooch mode.
  • Lincoln Child's "Utopia" features a robot dog called Wingnut.

    Live Action TV 
  • Robbie built one of these in an an episode of LazyTown. The dog attacks when the word 'trouble' is uttered. There's even a song about him.
  • Doctor Who and later The Sarah Jane Adventures have K-9.
    • Averted in a Series 6 episode when The Eleventh Doctor advises Craig to avoid stepping on Yappy, the Robot Dog, then remarks that it wasn't as much fun as he remembers.
    • Though he may have only been comparing Yappy to K9, deciding Yappy inferior.
  • Muffit/Muffy II the robot Daggit in the 1970s Battlestar Galactica.
  • Murphy in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • R.I.C. 2.0 (Robotic Interactive Canine) from Power Rangers S.P.D., he can transform into a BFG for the rangers, or a Powered Armor for the Red Ranger. Or a scooter to ride on when the bumbling assistant scientist pretended to be a Ranger. He really becomes a Do-Anything Robot, with a lot of random things added to him just because they could when said assistant and the tech-savvy Ranger, Bridge, upgraded him in their spare time. (Before that, RIC 1.0 was a run-down screw-up of a robot dog, making the sound of any animal but a dog and basically being comic relief. Some fans liked him better that way.)
    • Another SPD commander has a version of RIC that looks like a bulldog.
  • A few Zords have been giant robot wolves, including the Blue Ninjazord from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Wolf Wildzord, the Wolf Galactabeast who turned from a giant wolf into a giant robot wolf, the Wolf Animal Spirit (a giant robotic-looking wolf... made out of pure ki.) Yeah, Power Rangers a big on giant robot wolves.
  • My Name Is Earl: when the gang move into the local big box store because they think Y2K destroyed all civilization, Randy took up residence in the toy department and made friends with a toy robot dog.
  • The eponymous hero of Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack is one.
  • Played for Laughs in an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles where Cameron goes to a convention on Artificial Intelligence and gets barked at by an AIBO robot, as dogs can detect Terminators.


    Newspaper Comics 
  • There was a Frank and Ernest comic in which a robotic dog was referred to as a "dogmatic".
  • In a throwaway gag in an early Dilbert strip, Dilbert built one. Dogbert was scared he was being replaced, but it turned out that Dilbert had made the robot dog to be Dogbert's servant.

  • This spoof toy ad (in Spanish) by the now defunct Mexican music station, Radioactivo 98.5: Fuchi el Robo-perro (Fuchi the Robo-dog). For added black humor: "Gain some extra money by signing Fuchi to dog fighting! Just don't tell anybody that he's a robot, Hehe!"
    Dog Ringer: Come on Coffee! To the right! Go for the neck!
    *Shhhhrrrrippp...* *Crunch*
    Dog Ringer: Cofffffeeeee!!!!!!!!

    Tabletop RPG 

  • Energy Hounds from BIONICLE.
  • The Alphas from Mechatars

    Video Games 
  • Dog from Half-Life 2. Not too dog-shaped, but it has a dog-like behavior and name. Then again, Alyx said he used to be "yay-high", implying that Dog was more dog-like until Alyx began "adding on to him".
  • The Mecha-Chomps from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga were robotic Chain Chomps with the body of a standard robot dog.
  • Nintendogs + Cats has a Robopup that is unlocked with 11,000 owner points or 34 days of play. The voucher to get it is "crafted" from the secondhand shop using an extensive number of material items.
  • K9 in Fallout 2 is a cyborg, but close enough to qualify.
  • Rush, Mega Man's robot dog. There's also the giant, fire-breathing robot dogs in Wood Man's stage.
  • The K9000 enemy from MOTHER 3.
  • The FENRIS Mechs from Mass Effect 2.
    • The Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 includes a non-hostile version that inhabits the cargo-bay. It's explained she belongs to one of the scientists in charge of retrofitting the Normandy and accidentally was left behind when the ship had to bug-out during the Reaper invasion. Her owner later sends Shepard an email asking them to take care of "Sophie" and make sure she gets her walks.
  • In Professor Layton and the Curious Village, you can build your very own robot dog. In addition to unlocking new puzzles, he can be used to tell you when there are hidden things in the area.
  • In Secret of Evermore, your dog would change according to the region he was in. Naturally, the "future" world made him a robot (and a toaster).
  • A robotic bulldog is a type of enemy in Secret Agent, described as "not a man's best friend". Curiously, these are always found near tiny little dog houses.
  • In Secret Agent Barbie, one of Barbieís gadgets is a tiny and rather cute robot dog.
  • MEL from the late 1990s Blaster Series games.
  • The IF Prototype LQ-84i, or Dog-Shaped Robot Buddy "Bladewolf" from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. First fought as a sub-boss in Mission R-01, Raiden later takes him in for repairs and slight reprogramming, and the Bladewolf joins him on a few scouting missions later in the game.
    • The LQ-84i is an experimental version of the LQ-84 Fenrir, which while being less intelligent, has no problems with attempting to kill Raiden without hesitation.
  • The Panzerhund, a terror weapon used by Deathshead's army in Wolfenstein: The New Order, was deemed Ugly Cute enough to serve as the game's official Mascot Mook.
  • Assault Android Cactus has the FIDOs (informally known as "toaster dogs"), robots who act as cute, skipping puppies while they either launch ballistic missiles you have to escape or Tractor Beam you to keep you from evading the other Killer Robots.
  • In the StreetPass Mii Plaza game Battleground Z/StreetPass Zombies, survivors whose hobby is pet care will provide you with a robot dog as a weapon, whose appearance is based on the Aibo. Its main attack is to run around and damage zombies on contact, and its special move causes it to discharge a large amount of electricity.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Sony's AIBO series of robots were literal robot dogs, or at least as close as was possible within the limits of artificial intelligence.
  • Hasbro's Furreal Friends included Biscuit, a robot dog for kids.
  • Poo-Chi, a robot dog for kids (followed by Meow-Chi, Chirpie-Chi [bird] and Dino-Chi), which came in various colors. Among the variants were a poodle, a bulldog and three dalmatians (actually Domino, Little Dipper and Oddball, to promote 102 Dalmatians. The toys were made from 2000 to 2002. One of the complaints about them was that they wouldn't shut up!