Anime: Chargeman Ken

Our hero. Note DAT ASCOT

A notoriously bad 1974 Cult Classic anime, known as チャージマン研!, (“Chājiman Ken!”) in Japan.

Our hero is Ken Izumi. Well, how heroic his actions are is debatable. He dons his special uniform and drives his Cool Car called the Sky Rod to fight against evil alien invaders. Ken is joined by his sister Caron and his robot dog Balican (who looks more like some sort of robo-duck).

The production was something of a reunion for those who worked on Astro Ganger. Individual episodes only ran about 5½ minutes apiece, which led to horrendous pacing issues. It was cancelled after 65 episodes. This fascinatingly dreadful series would have been completely forgotten had it not been for the 2007 DVD release being added to Nico Nico Douga. Memetic Mutation ensued.

Not to be confused with the robot master from Mega Man 5 with a really cool theme song.

Tropes related to the series: