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Creator: Discotek Media

Discotek Media is an entertainment corporation in the business of licensing, translating, and releasing Japanese anime and live-action movies, adult anime, independent movies, and television series to home-video release to the North American market. Despite being formed in 2005, they didn't become active in the anime business until around 2008 (their early output consisted mostly of samurai movies with a couple of old Toei anime movies thrown into the mix).

Since then, they have become quite well known for licensing a lot of vintage anime from the 1970s to the 1990s, along with re-releasing titles whose licenses have lapsed, and also occasionally licensing more recent series (seeing them with anything produced since 2000 is a rarity). They are also known for being the current champions for the Lupin III franchise in North America.

Their policy is to never dub any anime themselves, though they'll gladly use preexisting dubs if they exist; Fans don't seem to care too much since their other policy is to release their titles completely uncutnote  and to use the highest-quality materials they can get their hands on. Basically, any announcement they make causes any anime fandom to rejoice.

Series licensed by this company include:

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