Anime / Lupin III: Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis!

The very first in the Lupin III Yearly Specials, a series of Made For TV Movies produced by TMS Entertainment and NTV. Bye-Bye Liberty Crisisnote  first aired in Japan on April 1st, 1989. It was also dubbed into English and released in the United Kingdom by Manga Entertainment in 1996 under the title Goodbye Lady Liberty.

Lupin has decided to give up his life of crime when he finds out that New Scotland Yard's new supercomputer can predict his every move. Still, Jigen comes with a proposition for one last job, which involves stealing a large diamond called the Super Egg from the Statue of Liberty. However, when they are later joined by the young computer whiz-kid Michael and the lovely lady Isabelle, who hides a lot more than she lets on, and an evil organization called the Three Masons is hot on their trail, they start learning of a terrible secret that might cause The End of the World as We Know It.

This special was for many years one of the only bits of the Lupin III franchise that saw release in the UK, but not the US. Thankfully, Discotek Media (ever the champions of Lupin) announced that they would give the special a DVD release in the US, including its rare English dub, under the title Bye Bye Lady Liberty. Incidentally, this is the only Lupin special outside of Funimation's block to have an English dub.

Complete spoilers below don't read further if you don't want to know how this caper turns out!

This TV Movie provides examples of: