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Anime / Hand Maid May


Hand Maid May is an eleven episode comedy anime series released in Japan in 2000, centering on the adventures of 19-year-old engineering student and hopeless nerd Kazuya Saotome and a hand-sized robotic cyberdoll named May that Kazuya accidentally orders from the Cyberdyne Corporation website while trying to fix the damage caused by a computer virus. May is programmed to serve Kazuya's needs and desires, but must be plugged into Kazuya's computer at night to recharge her batteries because her standard charger was damaged when he first received her.

Further complications develop due to May, the first being his inability to pay for her. This causes Kazuya's rival Nanbara to try to take May away with the aid of several Cyberdyne cyberdolls (all of whom wind up falling for Kazuya).

This anime contains examples of: