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Verbal Tic
"Holy *tik* shrew! Lookit! She's my size — with *tik* wings! I told you I sensed *tik* insect thoughts! Princess, I think I'm *tik* in love!"
Bug from Micronauts, on Wasp

An exceptionally (Narf!) odd Catch Phrase used to the point it seems more like a bodily emission than speaking. This is often a single nonsense word added at the end of sentences, well past the expected formal variations in speech, eh? It can, ah say, it can also be a word, sound, or phrase that shows up in various places in a character's dialogue. In Japanese, character tics that occur at the end of sentences are referred to as "kyara-gobi" (キャラ語尾, chara(cter) word/sentence ending).

Contrast with Strange Syntax Speaker, where the character is using language rules unknown to others. See also Character Tics, for similar idiosyncrasies applied to physical behavior. A musical variant is Lyrical Tic. Third-Person Person is a specific tic where the speaker refers to themselves in third-person.

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    Multiple Media 
  • In Noob, Fantöm's tendency to say "I see" is somewhat infrequent after early installments, but gets treated as this by other characters. The tic seems to have popped up due to Fantöm being The Quiet One so he can have something to signal to people with whom he's having a conversation that he's listening to them.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Empty, from Dick Tracy, prefaced almost everything he said with "As a matter 'a fact".

  • Neddie Seagoon (Harry Secombe) from The Goon Show frequently fills the time the audience laughs at someone else's joke at him by simply going whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat... until the laughter fades.
    • Please... don't do that with your head on.
  • On Hello Cheeky, a parody of David Frost started every sentence with "Hello", a reference to David Frost's alleged Catch Phrase "Hello, good evening and welcome".

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