Web Animation / TGQTSBFH

The Great Quest to Save Bowser from Himself! I mean, uh, *cough* The "GREAT" Quest to Save Bowser from Himself!
~Episode 3's intro

TGQTSBFH, or The Great Quest to save Bowser from Himself, is a comedy animated series made by the YouTuber, HBMmaster8472. It features randomness frequently, and reportedly has a "molecular audience". It can be found here. It takes place in the universe of the Super Mario Bros. series, and, naturally, stars Mario and Luigi. There's also some original characters, such as the Crazy Yoshi Family and Dr. Storkington, who is very loosely based on a character with a similar sounding name from Yoshi's Island.

TGQTSBFH provides examples of...