Verbal Tic: Web Comics

  • In Adventurers Chookie inserts "chook" to random places when he speaks. It is a trait shared by his species.
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND. The Pain's half Verbal Tic, half-Catch Phrase..."I'M COVERED IN BEES!"
  • In Looking for Group, the Bloodrage tribe's leader constantly says "Heh" either at the beginning or end of his sentences. Sometimes in mid-sentence.
  • Elliot (and by extension, Ellen) of El Goonish Shive uses "Za?" in places where most people would say "Huh?"
  • In Com'c, Garry the dragonfly says "shithead" about once per sentence or so.
  • In Brawl in the Family, Captain Falcon is compelled to cry "Falcon [verb]!" before performing any action: "Falcon pray!" "Falcon sneak!" "Falcon bluff!" "Falcon Sleep!"
    • We also have Waluigi's constant WAA-ing.
  • In Wilys Defense has Dr. Doppler, yes?
  • When she was first introduced, Grim Eyes from Digger frequently rolled her r's. She does it much less frequently post Heel-Face Turn. Some fans have theorized the rolling was due to a growl. Honored Murai always refers to everyone as Honored Such-And-Such, which looks a bit odd when she mentions several names in a row... especially given her companions', uh, informal approach. Presumably it's cultural.
  • All the protagonists of Homestuck have a specific typing quirk when chatting online (which is carried over to real world conversations as well), usually tied to their personality; John uses no capital letters, Rose writes in an overtly correct manner, Dave eschews both capital letters and punctuation, Jade multiplies her punctuation and uses lots of smileys.
    • The trolls use more complex ones: Karkat types in all caps; Sollux (obsessed with doubles and bifurcation) types 2's instead of s's and "ii"'s instead of i's; the shy Tavros tYPES IN REVERSE CAPS LOCK and uses commas rather than periods; Feferi replaces h's with brackets )( (referencing her Zodiac sign, Pisces, and the shape of her horns) and precedes capital E's with a hyphen to make them look like her weapon of choice; and so on.
    • Curiously, their typing quirks also represent the way they speak - for example, Kanaya (who begins each word with a capital letter and uses no punctuation) is stated to enunciate each word carefully when speaking, just like she types; Sollux has a lisp; and so on.
    • Furthermore, the quirks make their way into sound effects - for instance, when Tavros uses his communing superpower to Mind Control animals, the sound effect is "cOMMUNE,"
    • More traditional tics: Aradiasprite's "ribbit", Gamzee's "honk", and Feferi's "glub". Even though they're actually typing.
    • Vriska's quirk typing some letters and punctuation eight times for emphasis and replacing Bs and "ate" sounds with 8 seems to be contagious, since John has picked up on the former, and hereditary, since Marquise Mindfang did the latter.
      • It also infects John's sound effects, with the Fluoride Octet-enabled late-stage Warhammer of Zillyhoo making a "8ONK" sound.
    • Jade later picks up another verbal tic in the form of going "woof" when excited or making other involuntary noises like laughter, after she attains Dog Tier.
  • The Killotron robots in Skin Horse no longer want to Kill All Humans, but they still use the word "destroy" in place of random verbs. It's considered a bit intimidating in-universe.
  • Unichat has the AI @hena, who compulsively spams the letter "G" in IMs due to a glitch.
  • In Polandball, Singapore talks with an exaggerated accent that makes him say "lah" at the end of every sentence.
  • Spaghatta Nadle, the protagonist of the Dada Comic Within a Blog of Hyperbole and a Half, raplaces mast vawal sands wath 'a'.
  • The Transformers Kre O version of Vortex ends all his sentences in -ex.