Video Game / Nintendogs
Can you tell it was made by Nintendo?

Nintendogs was the early Killer App of the Nintendo DS, especially popular with children and young women. You get to look after up to three puppies which you can feed, walk, play with and bathe. You can teach it to do tricks in response to your real voice, using the DS microphone, and enter it into contests to win virtual prizes.

Unlike Tamagotchi and similar virtual pets, a Nintendog will not die, get sick, or even age beyond puppyhood. Even if the game is neglected for an extended period of time, the worst that happens is that the dog may temporarily "run away".

Nintendogs + Cats was later released for the 3DS. As you may have guessed, it adds kittens as virtual pets you can keep.

This game provides examples of:

  • Anti-Poop Socking : When you return from a walk after playing for half an hour, the game will suggest you take a break. If you play for an hour, a warning will come up urging you to save.
  • Art Evolution: The dogs in Nintendogs + Cats are a lot fuzzier, on top of the boost in realism due to the more higher quality graphics.
  • Author Appeal
  • Augmented Reality: Nintendogs + Cats has an AR mode. It's really fun when you have your puppies/kitties standing on the palm of your hand.
  • Bootstrapped Theme: The official name of the series' theme song is "Bath Time". Evidently, the song was originally composed for when you're washing your dogs.
  • Casual Video Game
  • Cats Are Superior: Inverted. Dogs can earn their keep in Nintendogs + Cats by winning competitions and picking up gifts while walking. Cats mostly hang around the house all day, but if you leave them alone for long enough (30-45 minutes), they will go outside and bring back gifts. Even so, dogs can earn you money faster than cats.
  • Cats Hate Water: Downplayed, they only meow in displeasure a lot when they have to be showered, which obviously happens quite rarely as they groom themselves a lot and brushing them is sufficient.
  • Cuckoolander Commentator: Archie Hubbs, co-commentator for the contest events in the first game.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: It's notably hard to win the hardest levels of the frisbee competitions, due to the fact that you have to have a perfect lucky stylus-slide for a toss, and sometimes you just get unlucky and your dog drops it. The other dogs almost never fail as the levels get harder, and they can "accidentally" walk through your dog, pushing it aside and causing it to not catch the Frisbee.
  • Confused Question Mark: Failing to speak clearly into the microphone when trying to teach your pets new things (such as their names, or a trick) will result in these.
  • Creator Cameo: You can sometimes meet Shiggy and his Shetland Sheepdog, Pik, during walks in the first game.
  • Cute Kitten: As stated above, the 3DS sequel has them.
  • Deathbringer the Adorable: If you want to, of course.
  • Dummied Out: The Baltisse and Pappion breeds in the original version.
  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: Your puppies return from being bathed/brushed to beautiful with sparkles for a few seconds. Sparkles also show up occasionally when you pet them. In-fact, the sparkles and clovers in Nintendogs + Cats indicate that you're gaining owner point, the value in order of green, light blue, violet and golden sparkles
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Nintendogs, a Nintendo game about dogs. Nintendogs + Cats, a sequel to said game with kittens.
  • Extreme Omnivore: You can feed your puppy treats meant for the cats (and vice versa), but they obviously won't enjoy it as much as a cat would (same goes for the cats eating dog treats).
  • Gender Equals Breed: Calico kittens are mostly female, with very few males. As mentioned in the Real Life section of the trope page, this is (usually) Truth in Television. Though in real life, Calicos aren't actually a breed.
  • Gourmet Pet Food: The café in the 3DS games offers desserts specially made for dogs that look indistinguishable from human food. The games avert this trope for the most part, however.
  • Guilt-Based Gaming: Any pets that you choose to donate will become visibly sad for the last few moments it's on the screen.
  • Gotta Catch Them All:
    • Including the rare Jack Russell terrier.
    • In the sequel the Jack Russell has lost its rarity to the Robopup.
  • Idea Bulb: And then your dog can eat them.
  • An Interior Designer Is You
  • Item Crafting: In the 3DS games, you can find items such as leather keyrings and plastic bottles that can be used as "ingredients" at the second-hand shop for creating items. Borders on Just Add Water when you can get stuff like functional keyboards and RC helicopters by doing this.
  • Luck-Based Mission:
    • In Nintendogs + Cats while walking your dog, there are occasionally rows of safety cones you can optionally zig-zag through to get a present. If a bag of trash, puddle, fire hydrant or mailbox is randomly generated at the end of a row of safety cones, forget about that present at the end, because your dog will forget all about the cones and happily dash towards the taboo, and you can't re-do it because you can't walk backwards.
    • Your dog will occasionally decide that it would be a perfect time for a bathroom break when going through the cones, it'll often move one of the cones, denying you the present as well.
    • Even if you succeed in weaving through the cones and making a present appear, there's still a chance your dog will just walk right past it for no reason at all.
    • The disc competition has shades of this. It's entirely possible that your dog does amazing...only for another dog to do even better. Or you can do completely awful, but the other dogs did even worse than you.
  • Market-Based Title: Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever and New Friends is labelled Shiba Inu and New Friends in Japan, due to the relative popularity of the breed in that country. The Shiba Inu didn't become popular outside of Japan until nearly a decade later, thanks to the internet.
  • Mushroom Samba: Feed your kitten the Chicken Jerky, which is sprinkled with catnip according to the description, and your kitty will spaz out for a few seconds.
  • Money for Nothing: Later on, you're better off sending your top-quality pets in minor competitions to maximize your score bonus. The money potentially lost isn't nearly as important as the points you get for coming in first place.
  • Nice Hat: You can make your pets wear these, ranging from ordinary caps to top hats and even the hat of a certain famous plumber.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Your pet will forever stay a puppy. Despite rumors, they can't breed. They also never die.
  • Ratchet Scrolling: You can't walk backwards when walking your dog in Nintendogs + Cats. Passed someone else walking their dog? A place you were wanting to visit all day? A present? Too bad, you can't go backwards, not even an inch. This is probably implemented to make dog walks have a finite length, but it can still be annoying when you walk an INCH too far and miss something.
  • Robot Dog: In the 3DS games, the Robopup voucher becomes available at Mr. Recycle (the secondhand shop) after earning 11,000 owner points or 34 days of play and requires x7 wood, rubber, plastic, and leather, x5 metal and x3 stardust to "craft" it. They come in all sorts of unique colors. Like the rest of the dogs available, they still need to be given food and water, cleaned, trained, given exercise and relieve themselves.
  • Rule of Three: You must say the name of a trick clearly 3 times for your dog to learn it. This also applies when naming the pets themselves.
  • Save Scumming: Occasionally while walking, you can come across a piggy bank or three types of vases. These items give you random amounts of money when thrown, and if you save your game before throwing them, you can simply restart and try again until you get the amount of money you want.
  • Serious Business
  • Shaking the Rump: Nintendogs will shake their ass at you when they want to play.
  • Shout-Out: Several to Super Mario Bros.. You can get a Mario or Luigi hat for your puppy. In addition, you can unlock radio-controlled Mario Karts that you can drive around. There's also a ? Block.
  • Spiritual Successor: Could be considered this to the Petz series of games.
  • Vendor Trash: Your dogs can find things on walks which you can later sell. Along with ordinary useful stuff like accessories, they can find things like empty juice boxes, sticks, and broken disposable cameras. At the other end of the scale, there's fallen meteors and expensive vases which fetch quite a lot of money. This is changed in the 3DS sequel in which you find junk items that can be used to make better items but you can still find the occasional accessory and toy here and there.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: You can be the sweetest owner ever. Or...
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • You can torture the little dogs.
    • Play the Naptime record, once they're all asleep, play the Surprise record to startle them awake. Heck the Surprise record is sure to get a chuckle out of you the first time, or other methods of startling your puppy such as letting a balloon pop.
    • Arguably invoked with regards to competitions once you have enough money. There's no reason to play for more money, so it's best to just do easier competitions to get points. Meaning your mere presence is a surefire sign that no other puppies can win, resulting in only crushing defeat for anyone up against you.
  • Wizard Needs Food Badly: Justified being that they're puppies, most likely less then six months old.