Creator: Shigeru Miyamoto

What if everything that you see is more than what you see? The person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a door to another world? What if something appears that shouldn't? You either dismiss it or accept that there is more to the world than you think. Perhaps it is really a doorway, and if you choose to go inside, you'll find many unexpected things.

Any new media or industry that grows rapidly is going to be criticized. That's just because the older, more established media have been around, and a lot of adults can be very conservative. They may not have an open mind to new things that weren't around when they were growing up, and are replacing the things they grew up with... over the years I've seen this standard image of a child playing a video game in which the child is alone in a darkened room, with his face very close to the TV, with the light of the TV reflecting off his face, holding the controller and just staring at the TV. I'd really like to be able to change that image of video games into something that's a little more positive.

Shigeru Miyamoto (born November 16, 1952) is a video game developer for the Nintendo company. He is credited with the creation of a few of gaming's franchises, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox. His chief video game character, Mario ("Jumpman" when Donkey Kong was first released), is the mascot of the company.

His creation of the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong was one of the first times video games would have a story that preceded development of the game itself. Since then, he's been so busy with so many fingers in so many pies over the years that competitors and their fans admit that he has given more to the video game industry than just about everyone else, possibly combined. Today he is head of Nintendo's EAD, which is in charge of almost all of its first-party titles and he's had a hand in the development in the Wii and 3DS.

He also mentored Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros., and Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon. Incidentally, he's the one who suggested the dual-versions of Pokémon games, as a way to facilitate trading Pokémon among players.

Once, he was issued a gag order forbidding him from revealing anything he does in his off-time, as he frequently bases his games on his hobbies and Nintendo wants no information leaked about possible future franchises.

He's also been awarded a knighthood by the French Ministry of Culture. They must really like Mario.

Franchises and standalone games created, co-created, and/or produced by Miyamoto:

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