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Creator: Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata (born December 6, 1959), current global president of Nintendo and former president of HAL Laboratory. He started at HAL as a regular programmer, and was notable for helping create Balloon Fight, Kirby and for singlehandedly reprogramming EarthBound from scratch midway through development, rescuing the entire project when all seemed lost. During his tenure as head of HAL Laboratory, he was also responsible for porting the battle codes for the original Pokémon games in order for them to be used in Pokémon Stadium as well as compressing both Pokémon Gold and Silver to allow enough room to include the Kanto region. After attaining a high ranking position at Nintendo, he became its global president after Hiroshi Yamauchi went into retirement. Both the Wii and Nintendo DS were promoted under his leadership with absolute full backing. He has since served as the executive producer of all Nintendo software, including outsourced projects.

His identity as Nintendo's global president is cemented through Iwata Asks, where he interviews key designers for upcoming games released on the Nintendo platform and as the host of every Nintendo Direct, which announces new games and information.

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