Creator / Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures is the film and television production arm of the Japanese media conglomerate Sony. They count Columbia Pictures, Tristar Pictures, Sony Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as their leading subsidiaries. They also own and operate the Sony Pictures Studios, previously the old Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot, for films, TV shows, and audio post-production services.

In addition to the flagship Columbia label and the TriStar label (now mainly used for DTV movies, acquisitions and genre films), they operate the following nameplates:
  • Destination Films (anime and "low-profile" films; also the name of a very short-lived independent film distributor at the turn of the millennium)
  • Sony Pictures Classics (the art-house label)
  • Triumph Films (started as a joint venture between Columbia and France's Gaumont in the 80s, before being reused as the low-budget/DTV label; was shut down in 2008)
  • Affirm Films (Christian films)
  • Screen Gems (horror and other genre films; the name was previously used by Columbia itself in different capacities, first as the name for the in-house animation studio; then until the 1970s as their television arm)