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Video Game: Wii Music
Wii Music is a music game on the Wii, and probably the most bizarre. Unlike other music games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band, the game has no scoring system. Instead, Wii Music focuses on remixing songs in ways the players find appealing. The game does not penalize the players for playing notes of a song outside their traditional melodies, so recorded songs may range from beautiful compositions to awful cacophony, based on what the player does.

Because of the lack of a definite objective, Wii Music is seen by some as not a game, but more of a tool or toy.

Contains examples of:

  • Bizarre Instrument: You can play a wide range of instruments, including rapping, cheerleading and meow-ing.
  • Mini-Game The game offers three music-themed Mini Games.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack A good deal of the game's music selection are excerpts from classical and traditional music.

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