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Raising Sim
Raising Sims consist of applying schedules for a game to process, which in turn affects characters in the game, who then develop 'on their own' without constant user interference. In this case the character can be a city or population, where it's often referred to as a "God Game". Populous is remembered fondly by this term.

Other times the target being raised is a single character such as a pet or monster. The player determines what actions are relevant for building what stats, with multiple potential end products, often to be pitted against players.

Occasionally it's a human being being raised to adulthood to be a good adult — or for other sketchy purposes — and the endings are concerned with multiple variations of futures.

A subgenre of Simulation Game. Compare to Mons, where raising sim and RPG Elements are combined, usually with the raising sim element taking a back seat.


Games where you hold a live of person in your hands! Figuratively.
  • Chobits Chii Dake no Hito. Based on the anime you can take time to raise Chii, see gameplay here.
  • THE iDOLM@STER, a Japan exclusive arcade and Xbox game, is a massively multiplayer online raising sim that has players guide the career of their chosen Idol Singer, with competitive auditions against other players of the game.
  • Ikari Shinji Raising Project, Raising Ayanami (child version) — Gainax milking Neon Genesis Evangelion for everything they can.
  • Princess Maker (child version)
  • Cute Knight and Cute Knight Kingdom are clear Spiritual Successors to Princess Maker, although the focal character is slightly older and the player is no longer explicitly acting as a parent, but more as the girl herself.
  • Same for Spirited Heart
  • Kongregate has My Pet Protector 1 and 2 (raising a young man) and Project Princess (putting the player in the parental role)
  • Games where the player is in the role of a woman raising at least one young man:
    • Angel Profile (Japanese)
    • Dear My Sun!! (Japanese)
    • Prince Maker - Braveness
  • Real Lives
  • The Sims
  • The Sims 2
  • The Sims 3
  • Sotsugyou (Graduation)
  • Tiny Tower
  • Wonder Project J (robot/child version)
  • Star Dream is about raising idols - the second game gets positively meta with this, as the main character (who is working towards super-stardom himself) can meet the protagonist of the original series and become her manager.
  • A Mind Forever Voyaging (an Interactive Fiction game) does not feature this as gameplay, but as a plot element. The player controls an artificial intelligence who has been raised as a simulated human being.
  • Long Live the Queen, which takes place in a Deadly Decadent Court that will kill your character if you screw up (which will happen often).
  • Alter Ego - It takes your character from infancy to old-age, has a focus on making smart decisions and getting the most out of life.


Games where the individual people are de-emphasized, and you instead raise communities of people, generally by changing the environment they live in.


Games where you raise non-human creatures. Often Mons.

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