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Video Game: Insaniquarium
Insaniquarium Deluxe is a computer game, created by Flying Bear Entertainment, originally published by PopCap Games, later taken up by a number of other publishers and based on Insaniquarium, which is similar, albeit simpler. The basic idea: The player runs an aquarium and collects money from cash-pooping fish while preventing said fish from dying by aliens who randomly invade your tank. There are a number of "pets"; invincible creatures with a variety of functions that can be earned as the player progresses through the many levels in regular mode. In the Virtual Tank, an advanced version of the game, dollars have been replaced with shells, and more features are present: There are a few new pets, fish with different moods, new food items, and fish with special attributes.

Note: The pets' stories can be considered spoilers since they are accessed later in the game.

This game provides examples of:

Heavy WeaponCreator/Pop Cap GamesHasbro

alternative title(s): Insaniquarium
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