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Video Game: My Pokémon Ranch
Behold the ultimate power of Grou— d'awwww...

My Pokémon Ranch is a Pokémon Video Game for the Wii, developed by Ambrella, not Nintendo/Game Freak. It was released for WiiWare in 2008, for 1000 Wii Points, or about US$10. It's mostly unplayable without Diamond & Pearl, similar to Pokémon Battle Revolution for the Wii.

It lets you transfer up to 1000 Pokémon into a Pokémon Ranch, which, despite the game's Nonindicative Name, is not run by you, but by Hayley, a friend of Bebe, the Expy of Bill in Diamond & Pearl. There, you can see your Pokémon as Super-Deformed, or chibis.

Apart from giving you a place to store extra Pokémon, it has one extra useful function: to get Mew. After you send 999 Pokémon here, Hayley will give you a level 50 Mew if you give her an Egg. Now if only the game were actually compatible with Platinumnote , HeartGold, and SoulSilver...

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alternative title(s): My Pokemon Ranch
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