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Film: Chinese Box

Chinese Box is a 1997 film starring Gong Li, Jeremy Irons and Maggie Cheung, which takes place during the Chinese takeover in Hong Kong.

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  • Airplane of Love — Near the end of the film with Vivian and John, just when John's disease takes its toll on his body.
  • Driven to Suicide — During the beginning of the film, a student activist upset about the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong has led him to commit suicide in public during a New Year's party.
  • Groin Attack — John and Chang watch a video on a projector about Jean telling the story of her past. In it, she mentions that she met with a cop who wants to have sex with her, but instead gets his penis chopped off.
  • New Year Has Come — During the beginning of the film.
  • Scars Are Forever — Jean.

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alternative title(s): Chinese Box
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