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Video Game: My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens
My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens is a PC Video Game about My Little Pony. Released during the Generation 2 era (1997-2003), it's a Raising Sim game—you raise and care for your own Little Pony. Gameplay is divided between the farm, where you care for your pony, and Pony Village, where you can play games. Along the way, you can teach her to jump fences, play games with other Ponies, and eventually cross the rainbow to Ponyland. But don't let her rainbow fade away!

This game is also notable for featuring the Gen 2 ponies and giving them personalities (G2 is the only one to never get any Animated Adaptation). Sundance is an explorer, Morning Glory likes games, Sweet Berry likes to bake, Ivy's a glamour girl, and Lightheart likes playing jokes.

Not to be confused with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which is from the fourth generation, or for the game based on that series, My Little Pony.

This game contains examples of:

Monster RancherRaising SimNintendogs
My Little Pony TalesFranchise/My Little PonyMy Little Pony G3
KinectimalsSimulation GameNintendogs
EarthBoundVideo Games of the 1990sMyth

alternative title(s): My Little Pony Friendship Gardens
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