Heartwarming / My Little Pony Tales

  • "Sweet Music", the song Melody and her band the Rockin' Beats sung in "Battle of the Bands". It's a very cute tween pop song and catchy to boot. Also prime shipping PMV fuel.
    • Melody's twin sisters joining in the second time the song is played. Then in the end, they call Melody the best babysitter.
  • "Stand by Me" has the song "You Don't Know the Boy" where Sweetheart tells the other girls that beneath Teddy's tough and boorish exterior, there is a sweet, good-natured heart.
  • In "Roll Around The Clock", Bright Eyes and Lancer finally admitting their feelings to each other, and later winning the roller-dance contest and declaring the trophy "theirs".
  • Meadowlark boosting Clover's confidence in "Send in the Clown" by telling her that she started out her dancing career just like her.
  • The ending to "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!" where the girls, Teddy and Lancer all have a wonderful time at Sweetheart's birthday party. Then later, Sweetheart says her birthday wish came true: being able to enjoy it with her friends.