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An aspiring teacher and the most responsible. Pink with curly yellow hair.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: With Ace.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Has a crush on Ace, which is normally played as unrequited.
  • The Barber: She works with her mother as a Beauty Salon and Ice Cream Shop, so she serves as this one more than one occasion.
  • The Bartender: The G-Rated version, serving ice cream and sundaes, from the other half of her mom's shop.
  • Betty and Veronica: The Betty to Melody's Veronica. Both of them have a crush on Ace.
  • The Hero
  • Only Sane Pony: She is the de facto team leader most of the time for this reason.
  • Teacher's Pet: Though she does have friends, and the fact that Ms. Hackney is her personal adviser is kept secret.
  • Team Mom
  • The Reliable One: Is often seen working at her mother's shop and whenever she's instructed to do something, she tries her hardest to complete it. She's got flaws, but not being a responsible person isn't one of them.


A sweet-natured pony who hates to see anyone fight. Has a knack for seeing the good in everyone, including her boyfriend Teddy. White with pink hair.


The somewhat self-centered lead singer of the Rockin' Beats. Hot pink with bright blue hair.

Bright Eyes

The 'smart one' who likes looking at things logically whenever possible. Orange haired and cyan-skinned.


The rough-and-ready tomboy who loves soccer and practical jokes, and wants to join the circus. Peach-colored with dark pink hair.


Highly superstitious and gullible, as well as a tremendous klutz and crybaby. Prone to wild swings of fortune. Pink-haired and lilac-skinned.

Bon Bon

Loves cooking, food and writing in her diary, and dreams of becoming a fashion model. Has a large family with several younger siblings and at least one older sister. Yellow with purple hair.


An athletic, confident jock, the most popular guy at their school. Gold-skinned with blond hair.


An impulsive show-off who acts out to get attention. Secretly sleeps with a teddy bear. Has blue skin and an orange mohawk.


Shyer than the other boys and prefers reading to roughhousing. Though the guys can influence him to act up, he frequently sides with the girls, partly to impress his crush, Bright Eyes. Has dark blue skin and crimson hair.

Miss Hackney

  • Cool Teacher: Not an obvious example, but she definitely has her moments. She is also definitely this to Starlight.
  • Crazy-Prepared: She records all of her lessons on tape and keeps them in her desk ready for use should she fall ill.
  • The Mentor: She serves as this to Starlight, and sometimes to the other ponies.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Decided that turning the class court exercise into a chance for Teddy to prove he was innocent of stealing Melody's boom box instead of just assuming the class bad boy was guilty when he was accused is just one instance of this. She also later is understanding of Bon Bon cheating on a test and can see how wracked with guilt she is when she comes clean on her own, and instead of flunking her on the spot gives her a second chance to take the test after school.
  • Stern Teacher: Believe it or not, this is actually a part of what makes her a Cool Teacher.

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