Funny: My Little Pony Tales

  • In the episode "Sister Of The Bride", near the beginning, Sweetheart comments on how romantic the wedding is... falling on her ass in the process, complete with a comedic 'boing' sound effect and dust being spread around her.
  • In the episode "Bon Bon's Diary"...
    • Bon Bon's Mother: "Hello, dear. How did you do on the maths test?"
    • Bon Bon: "I got an A "*sobs*."
    • Bon Bon's Mother: "Bon Bon, are you all right? If you got an A on your test, then why are you crying?"
    • Bon Bon: "Because...because I'm so happy!"
    • Bon Bon's Mother "Then try not to be quite so happy, alright?"
  • In the episode "Shop Talk", Teddy bucks an apple tree, causing all its apples to rain down on him.