Funny / My Little Pony Tales

  • In the episode "Battle of the Bands", Melody's younger sisters open up a sandbag and play with it like a sandbox. This makes a background display topple over and fall on some performers.
  • "Stand by Me": Teddy getting his hooves stuck in a wastebasket and later falling in the lost and found box, requiring Sweetheart to pull him out both times.
  • "The Tea Party":
    • The entirety of the "Boys, Boys, Boys!" song, but especially the girls' reaction to Ace sweating on the exercise bike.
    • When the girls find that a group of ponies has stolen the furniture in the abandoned house:
    Starlight: As chairpony of our tea club, I hereby table our vote on the boys.
    Clover: What table? It's gone!
    • During the "Home Alone" Antics, Clover steps on the cream she placed on the stairs. She slips and falls down them one by one.
    • When the girls bombard the "thieves" with jelly, one of them licks it off his face.
  • The girls sabotaging Melody's dress rehearsal in "The Play's the Thing". Melody loses it when she can't open the door to the prop castle.
    Melody: OPEN, DOOR! (rips the door off and the castle collapses)
  • "Shop Talk":
    • Teddy starting a Big Ball of Violence with Ace and Lancer.
    • Teddy bucks an apple tree in frustration, causing all its apples to rain down on him. His split-second Oh Crap! moment is priceless.
    • Lancer's expression when Bright Eyes ties a bib around him.
  • "Blue Ribbon Blues": Teddy getting attacked by hens when he tries to collect eggs. They chase him outside where he trips over a wheelbarrow and slides in some mud into a pig pen.
  • In the episode "Sister of the Bride", near the beginning, Sweetheart comments on how romantic the wedding is... falling on her ass in the process, complete with a comedic 'boing' sound effect and dust being spread around her.
    • After the flowers they ordered were crushed, Meadowlark hoped that Cheval will love the flowers from the garden instead.
    Sweetheart: Cheval! The wedding! (lays on the floor crying, believing Cheval is cheating on Meadowlark)
    Patch: Don't mind her. She always cries at weddings.
  • Lancer getting back at Teddy pranking the girls in "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart":
    Teddy: Nice move, Dream Team! What do you call that one? (laughs)
    Lancer: Well, I call this one "Squirt Teddy with the Hose"! (which he does)
  • In the episode "Bon Bon's Diary":
    Bon Bon's Mother: "Hello, dear. How did you do on the maths test?"
    Bon Bon: "I got an A "*sobs*."
    Bon Bon's Mother: "Bon Bon, are you all right? If you got an A on your test, then why are you crying?"
    Bon Bon: "Because...because I'm so happy!"
    Bon Bon's Mother: "Then try not to be quite so happy, alright?"
  • Patch kicking a soccer ball in Ace's face in "Just for Kicks".
  • Mrs. Sunbright's Aside Comment in "Ponies in Paradise": "Sometimes these mainland ponies sure act strange!"