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'90s Hair
In The Seventies, people wore their hair long. In The Eighties, they wore it extra big. And those hairstyles went right out of style as soon as The Nineties rolled around, bringing its wave of Grunge and Gangsta Rap with it.

Nineties hair isn't just one defining trend. Often the hairstyles, like the clothing of the era, would be the most casual and low-maintenance styles possible. For men, this meant letting hair just fall wherever it may, creating a distinctive style, referred to as "curtains" or a "bowl cut". For girls this meant simply tying it back so it wouldn't get in the face.

It wasn't all grunge, however. Getting closer to the Turn of the Millennium, newer style experiments came into play. Crimpers, a hot new invention, meant people with straight hair could iron it into becoming curly and wavy. If you were into the hip-hop scene, some other hair oddities would be to arrange your hair grow your hair into something resembling a Beehive Hairdo with a flat-top, or to shave words into the back of your head. For the ladies, this would include things like cornrows and crazy braids. A little bit of '80s Hair had been retained, reserved specifically for extra large bangs.

While there's no single hair trend for the 90's, any number of these styles can date a production.

And if you're looking for slick crops for men and pompadoured updos topped with feathered hats for women, kindly go to the other Nineties. The kind of Nineties that happened a century before.


  • Spiky gelled hair
  • Frosted tips (dyeing just the ends of the hair blonde or other colors)
  • Fauxhawk
  • What Brits call "Curtains", as seen here, here and on Leo
  • Bowl Cuts
  • Shaved Hair Outlines
  • Finger Waves
  • Dyed Short Afros
  • Surfer hair
  • Bleached hair


  • Feathered bangs
  • Pigtails
  • Long Hair
  • Crimping and tiny braids and cornrows
  • The Rachel.
  • Thick Box Braids
  • Thick Box Braid Top Ponytails
  • Crimped Side and Top ponytails
  • Tiny Braids with beads
  • Asymmetrical bobs
  • Afro Puffs
  • Short Feathered Bobs


  • Streaks

80s Carryover

  • Scrunchies
  • Side ponytails
  • Flat Top
  • Mullets


  • The article Hocus Pocus, which came out in 1993, says that the main character Max Dennision's hair dates the movie to the decade (not to mention they state outright it's 1993 in dialogue). I'd best describe his hairstyle as "curtains".
  • 90s culture is really lampshaded in The Brady Bunch Movie to emphasize how out-of-place the stuck-in-The Seventies Bradys are compared to the rest of the public; likewise, one Peter's Jerkass classmates has a mullet.

Live-Action TV

  • At the height of their popularity, the members of *NSYNC often experimented with strange '90s hairstyles that often involved gel spiking and odd colors.
    • Their peers Backstreet Boys and other fellow pop acts would also go crazy with the hair experimentation well into the 2000s. Things got considerably toned down after 2003.
  • Our Lady of Rage, one of the only female rappers associated with Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the rest of the Death Row Records "Dogg Pound", released a song called "Afro Puffs" on her solo album, regaling her use of that hairstyle.

Newspaper Comics
  • Jeremy and Hector of Zits both had very 90's hairstyles until they were updated later on. But Jeremy still wears his iconic flannel shirt.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Part of Mandark's origin story in Dexter's Laboratory involved him completing his Start of Darkness by taking out a bowl and cutting his hair in the bowl's exact shape, including the chips at the side.
  • Hey Arnold!'s best friend Gerald's beehive afro is clearly a product of the show's time.

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