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Memetic Hair

Attention duelists! My hair is now an internet phenomenon!
Kemo (pictured), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Almost anything can become a meme, whether it be an outfit, a badass, or a picture of an animal doing something funny. Hairstyles are by no means immune to memification. Hair is a device creators often use to convey information about a character to the audience. For example, a girl with pigtails or a girl with a Mohawk are likely to be very different. In non-visual mediums, largely due to The Law of Conservation of Detail, it's seldom an arbitrary choice on the author's part to describe hair at all.

Sometimes somebody's hair is so stylish or unique that it becomes associated with that person or character. In fiction, weird hair can become so recognizable that to change it would be like losing part of his or her personality. In Real Life, a celebrity's trademark hair could even become a trend, even if was around long before they made it popular.

See Hair Tropes. Note that Anime Hair is especially likely to be subjected to this. Einstein Hair is a subtrope.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Tintin's "duckbill" bangs. Lampshaded several times in the recent film adaption- no matter how many times he tries to flatten them down, they bounce right back.


  • Discworld: Archchancellor Ridcully's uniquely-groomed beard with mustache.

Live-Action TV
  • Rachel's hairdo in the early seasons of Friends.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Fourth Doctor's tangled, bohemian Seventies Quirky Curls, in universe as well.
      • The reason the starfield title sequence animation was changed between the Fourth and Fifth Doctor (the Fourth Doctor appearing out of stars, the Fifth with a Venetian blind effect) was said by Word of God to be because the Fifth Doctor had a boring hairstyle compared to the Fourth Doctor, so the stars were less interesting to watch.
    • The Sixth Doctor's yellow 80s perm, mostly because it'd be almost as hideous as the rest of his legendarily atrocious outfit if it wasn't so flattering on him.
    • The Eighth Doctor's glorious dark curls of kindness, which won Paul McGann the part and forced him into an uncomfortable, eyebrow-movement-restricting wig when he cut them all off before filming. The Big Finish audios give him an Important Haircut in which he slices his curls off, the results of which are seen during the Eighth Doctor's death in "Night of the Doctor".
    • The Ninth Doctor's... lack of a silly hairstyle. Or hair, really. This is notable because the Doctor generally prefers longer hair, so a buzz-cut Doctor was a pretty large signal for where the series was going to go.
    • The Tenth Doctor's Britpop-influenced, slightly vain-looking gelled quiff and distinctive sideburns.
  • Both Spike and Angel's hair in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Commander Hawkins of The Protomen and his beard.
  • All of the Protomen and their beards really.
    • Except lead-singer Panther who can't grow one.
  • Lorde's curly hair became memetic quickly after she became known for her song "Royals"
  • Brian May.

Video Games

Western Animation

Real Life

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