Memetic Loser
Got so bad they had to start keeping count. Still better than Yamcha, though.

Vegeta: Congratulations, you've just destroyed the equivalent of 3 Raditz.
Krillin: That's right. What now, you son of a bi—
Vegeta: Nappa here is worth 5 Raditz.
Krillin: ...what?
Vegeta: And I am worth 15 Raditz.
Krillin: (disappointed) I...oh.
Nappa: Aw, come on! Don't get so down on yourself! At least you've proven that your Raditz is still stronger than our Raditz.
Raditz: I. Hate. All of you!
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, episode 8.

Sometimes a character is shown to be competent, maybe even heroic and badass. But that's not what they're remembered most for. Instead, they become remembered for their supposed "lameness". The fandom flanderizes that one time the character made a stupid mistake or got defeated in a shameful way, to the point that as far as the fandom is concerned they're a complete weakling who cannot defeat an insect.

Maybe a parody version of the character is more well-known than the character themselves to begin with. Maybe the character is weak or unskilled at the beginning of a series, but gains more skills and goes through Character Development later after the character's initial portrayal had already burned its way into most peoples' minds. However it happened the character's "lameness" undergoes Memetic Mutation and they reach Butt Monkey status within Fanon. Expect no one to care because it's funny. Occasionally, the character may also be depicted as The Woobie because people also feel sorry for the character, and may end up as the Fan of Underdog.

Contrast Memetic Badass, Watch It for the Meme (for when it's something bad enough to draw people in). Compare What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? (which is a possible cause of this trope being in effect), What Measure Is a Non-Badass?, Butt Monkey, The Scrappy, Tier-Induced Scrappy, and Never Live It Down.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Chiaotzu is a memetic loser for having made a Stupid Sacrifice that didn't even scratch Nappa.
    Nappa: HA HA, pointless.
    • The fandom jokes about Krillin always dying. He's been killed four times, by Tamborine, Freeza, Buu, and Super 17. Also for being constantly Overshadowed by Awesome, to the point the trope was originally called The Krillin.
    • Yamcha is known as the one killed by a sneak Suicide Attack by a Saibaman. That defeat created a meme involving the death pose. His last major fight scene in the series involved getting one shotted by a villain that Piccolo would fight with relative ease and even Krillin defeated many of them in one attack!
      • His memetic status even extends to Gintama (another Shonen Jump property) where Gintoki doesn't even acknowledge him as a former rival of Goku and that he played as him in part of a mock Time Skip. Mentioning the first part above, getting impaled by Dr. Gero, and losing Bulma to Vegeta.
      • Furthermore, it evolved into a Memetic Mutation called 'Yamcha's Death Pose' is a move in a videogame and now has a figure for it.
      • In the Abridged series it's specifically noted the only reason Krillin is picked on so much is that Yamcha isn't around to take the abuse.
    • Raditz is an absolute weakling, compared to other villains, like Vegeta or Freeza. In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, he's considered the Evil Counterpart to Yamcha. Unlike other examples, he really never leaves this status - so much so that he was seriously considered as a title for this trope at one point.
    Vegeta: I don't know what this 'Yamcha' is, but it sounds just like Raditz.
  • Pokémon: Ash gets this treatment in the fandom, due to never winning a major league (just the anime-only Orange Islands, and there's him being offered as a Frontier Brain). Still, he has shown to be a competent trainer, hero in many movies, and a champion of the Battle Frontier, which is harder than the champion league in the games. Still, "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" (Originally Shigeru is the best, Satoshi is an Idiot). Which is ironic, considering how despite all the teasing Gary did, Ash has always been better than him, it's just that Gary's antics are more memorable. Ash is odd because fans switch between him being a Memetic Badass and a Memetic Loser frequently. There's also this meme where James is a better trainer than Ash because he cares for his Pokémon on certain episodes. This is of course forgetting the fact that Ash cares his Pokémon as a norm whereas for James it is only shown on A Day in the Limelight episodes. It is quite jarring to see this meme.
  • Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. While early-series Simon is trying to find his footing and hence is not as Crazy Awesome as Kamina, late in the series he surpasses his "Aniki" in spades and Kamina himself acknowledges it (if posthumously). Alas, Simon pretty much remains a useless and whiny in much of the fandom eyes, and if they do acknowledge his late-show achievements, they do so in a bizarre way: Simon's not one guy who outgrew his problems and faced his fears and became a Badass- it's more like there's two men called 'Simon', one who is whiny and one who is pure high-octane GAR with no in-betweens.
  • Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. He has throwing roses, an extendable cane (which he uses as a baton), and a propensity for dramatic entries to save and encourage the Sailor Senshi. He's somewhat useful in most adaptations(although he goes Out of Focus on a couple of seasons of the anime and in one he got a bridge dropped (temporarily) on him off-screen (while he was going to America).) This has only fanned the Fanon of him being pretty damn useless period and no lack of jokes and curb-stomping are done at his expense in (mostly Crossover) Fan Fiction.
    • It's notable the original comic version of the character had mostly non-combat oriented powers, avoided direct fighting, and functioned more as a kind of scout or information gatherer for the team, and generally held in high regard by the audience of that version. It's quite possible the changes to the anime were, ironically, intended to make the character seem more formidable and avoid perception of Tuxedo Mask was useless.
  • Jean from Attack on Titan. In canon, his loser status consists of crushing on the oblivious Mikasa and generally being second best to Eren; over the series, he develops into a capable soldier and gains some humility. In fanon, his loserdom is shown through anything from being hopelessly in love with Eren to Mikasa outright hating him. Rule of Funny may be the culprit.
  • Chad from Bleach gets this often. In this case, the canon isn't much different from the meme. He suffers from a really terrible case of The Worf Effect, losing almost every single fight he participates in during the manga's 500+ chapter run. Making it worse is the fact that he has minimal effect on the plot despite being the main character's best friend. Abarai Renji gets this to a lesser degree for similar reasons.
  • Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame. He was meant to be a deconstruction of a typical anime action hero, a guy who really wasn't cut out for fighting horrifying monsters and who suffered extreme emotional problems because of it. He also lacks a backbone when dealing with the other characters, and almost never stands up for himself. Some viewers expected he would come onto his own like Simon above, but the angst fest the series became means he only got more and more screwed up. It's a topic of heavy debate whether he was an effective examination of his character type, or if he was just too whiny to be sympathetic. Pretty much every spin off (including the manga and Rebuild of Evangelion movies) writes Shinji to be more confident, which makes it seem like it wasn't just the casual viewers who had a problem with his portrayal. Heck, even his English VA got annoyed with him for it. note 
  • Lunamaria Hawke gets this in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. Canonically, she's supposed to be an elite pilot on par with the likes of Dearka or Yzak, not quite to the level of the main characters but just below them. However, the fact that she never had any outstanding moments of awesome piloting (like Dearka and Yzak got), and the fact that the one time it looked like she might she missed (it was established early on that her marksmanship isn't the best), leads fans to view her as little better than the Cannon Fodder pilots.
  • The Leo mobile suit model in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is considered non-human example of this. While the Gundam universe is full of Red Shirt Mecha-Mooks piloted by Cannon Fodder pilots and destroyed en-mass, the Leo stands out for not having awesome moments compared to its peers. In the ENTIRE series, It is always on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle from Gundams and even its older peers like the Aries and Cancer mobile suits. It's tendency to explode even from missed shots give the impression that it is shoddily built regardless of actual specs. Subsequently many, including tropers on this very wiki, have considered the Leo to be more disposable and useless than either the Red Shirt or the Stormtrooper.
    • While the Leo's specs aren't necessarily bad, it never has been used successfully or upgraded by a major character. Other Grunt suits from various continuities like the Zaku II and Tieren models were at least developed into more powerful Ace Custom versions piloted by a Ensemble Darkhorse. In the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Amuro in his Rx-78 destroys several Zakus yet was nearly killed by the red Zaku piloted by Char. In Gundam 00, Sergei's obsolete Tieren once badly thrashed and nearly decapitated Setsuna's Nigh Invulnerable Gundam Exia. The Leo? It's was never put up good fight with a Gundam and is considered even weaker than its predecessor the Tallgeese.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Sayaka Miki is often considered as one in the fandom, considered to be a weak magical girl, and while she is the weakest of the main cast the others all have extensive experience or unique powers that give them an edge. She also gets a lot of flak for "not being a strong character" and reacting to the situation that she was thrust into like... like any normal underage girl would probably have reacted in such a situation, really.
    • Strangely enough, the Rebellion movie has seen Homura go from a Memetic Badass to this. Despite being more powerful than ever, Akuma Homura is often portrayed as a tryhard who can't stop her own familiars from picking on her.
  • Zeed and pretty much any mohawk-wearing thug from Fist of the North Star. While they are a legitimate threat to the war-torn society, even the weaker martial artists don't even break a sweat slicing them to ribbons or making their heads pop like balloons. Zeed deserves special mention for simply doing nothing during his fight but threaten to kill a little girl, watch his friends die, and let himself get pummeled to death by Kenshiro until his head explodes.
  • Bellamy the Hyena in One Piece is best known as "that guy Luffy beat with one punch". Though this died down quite a bit after he came back in the Dressrosa Arc and Took a Level in Badass.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Post-Time Skip, Lucy initially came across as this, doing incredibly poorly in the Grand Magic Games and only getting chances to shine against characters who were effectively cannon fodder. Thankfully, this changes after chapter 379, where she proves instrumental in defeating Franmalth, and a few chapters down the line, takes several levels in badass by summoning three Celestial Spirits at once, as well as the Celestial Spirit King, when she's the only member of the guild who is capable of acting, but it was still a long period of time where she was constantly losing or being humiliated.
    • Sting of Sabertooth is well-known for the amount of failure he accomplishes through the Grand Magic Games arc. From finishing last in chariot race, to losing to Natsu in a one-on-two fight where Natsu didn't even use 100% of his strength, to having his pet Exceed, Lector, taken away from him, and then, to top his losing streak off, he completely surrenders before even attempting to fight a single Fairy Tail member in the final match despite how Badass he thought he became after learning the values of friendship. It's amazing the guy didn't fall apart afterwards. It only gets worse in the Tartarus arc, where he and Rogue fight Marde Guille, who has spent the entire fight Just Toying with Them and mocking them as the Puny Humans hes sees them as, all while No Selling every single thing they throw at him. Sting then demanded Marde fight them seriously. With his track record, Be Careful What You Wish For doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • Karin from Yuki Yuna Is a Hero was this for most of the shows run. She was a laughing stock in the fandom due to being perceived as The Load of the group. In the final episodes she was lifted straight into Memetic Badass when she single-handedly destroyed several enemies and kept fighting even when deaf, blind, and partially paralyzed.

    Comic Books 
  • Ant-Man will forever be known as the lame guy that hit his wife that one time and has the not-so-useful power to controls ants and reduce his size, regardless of his portrayals in later comics or the fact that, when his powers are well portrayed, he's nothing short of terrifying. He started to grow out of it a bit however, thanks to his appearances in Dark Reign, his portrayal in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, and more recently his well-received MCU movie.
  • Aquaman often gets hit with this, mostly due to his memetic Super Friends incarnation. We even named a trope for the inane hoops one has to jump through to make Aquaman's hyper specific skill set seem useful in a team setting. Though he started to shed this due to the public being introduced to his more badass interpretations (such as his appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us).
  • X-Men:
    • Cyclops gets this in some form; while certainly a badass (check out the Crowning Moment of Awesome page for the X-Men as proof), and a strategist on par with Captain America, he still stands next to Wolverine. He has a rather justified reason to be moody or angsty, and his dislike for Wolverine spending time with his wife is understandble given that Wolverine is constantly hitting on her, but some fans flanderize this as him being a real whiner baby; Twisted Toyfair Thetre being notable examples. He is also considered this by his actual fans, who seem to enjoy mocking his Accidental Innuendos, lack of social skills and general dorkiness, but (for at least a few of them) these are qualities that they view as adorable; still it's not uncommon for fans to say they like him because he's a badass but bad at being one.
    • Apocalypse has been considered this in some circles due to how many times he gets beaten by weaker mutants such as Magneto, being manipulated by the Celestials and his reliance on their tech, and his relative unimportance in the grand scheme of things compared to other villains like Thanos or Ultron. In the House of M continuity, he even cowers before Black Bolt and gets vaporized by a whisper from him. Thanos, in comparison, takes a full-on scream from Black Bolt and only gets his armor destroyed and a couple gashes.
  • Poor Killer Moth. He's been kicked around Gotham so many times that it's near impossible to remember that he was actually a pretty big threat to Batman when first introduced. He's a Memetic Loser in-universe, with his reputation going further and further downhill ever since he got effortlessly beaten up by Batgirl on her first night out. Writers tried to beef him up by having him become the genuinely scary Charaxes by making a deal with Neron, but ultimately Charaxes got retconned away and he went back to being the Butt Monkey of Batman's Rogues Gallery. The Batman took this to its logical conclusion in terms of sheer lameness; he's not even a true independent supervillain, he's the Penguin's coffee boy.
  • While probably not as bad as Aquaman, Robin was famously considered lame for quite a while after the 60's Batman live-action series, mainly for the catchphrases, silly costume (complete with shorts), and Burt Ward not being very imposing or intimidating. It doesn't help matters that Batman & Robin is often considered one of the worst superhero movies ever made, or that Christian Bale publicly stated that he'd refuse to film anymore Batman movies if Robin were ever added to the franchise. This has started changing in recent years thanks to significantly more impressive portrayals in stuff like Teen Titans and the Batman: Arkham Series, but it's still not uncommon to find people who joke about Robin (or any sidekick) being lame.
  • Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man is infamous for constantly sabotaging his own victories. It's expounded by the fact that his power/gimmick (hydrokinesis) is insanely useful, so the only excuse he really has for constantly losing is incompetence. To give you an idea of how bad it is, the RiffTrax crew uses his name as a by-word for stupid and self-defeating villains.
  • Hawkeye. In canon, Hawkeye is the Badass Normal of the Avengers, trained by Captain America in close-quarters combat, an expert swordsman good enough to be able to pass for a ninja, and is literally the world's greatest marksman. In spite of this, thanks to his goofy sense of humour, his colourful costume, being Book Dumb, and a less-than-impressive depiction in The Avengers (which was his first real introduction to mainstream audiences), he's often regarded as a joke, dismissed as the weakest Avenger, if not weakest Superhero in general, and given serious disrespect. His portrayal in Avengers: Age of Ultron made things better for some, but he still struggles to get respect outside of his fanbase.
    • Making matters worse, the critically acclaimed Matt Fraction/David Aja run on his ongoing acted as a deconstruction of Badass Normal characters and explored a realistic take on Hawkeye's character; though he's still depicted as a competent fighter, it demonstrated how being a One-Man Army won't last long if they have enough mooks. However, fans and critics exaggerated it to the point Hawkeye appears completely incompetent, leading to accusations of Badass Decay. The following run by Jeff Lemire then made things worse by taking this interpretation and making it canon, with Clint now completely incompetent.
  • It's not uncommon for people to take out-of-context Archie Comics caps and portray Archie as a stereotypical "nice guy" who expects kisses and dates in exchange for being sweet. Some issues have portrayed him that way but it's not his normal characterization.

  • Star Wars:
    • The Stormtroopers are so memetically bad at hitting targets that they're the Trope Namer for Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.
    • Greedo became this after George Lucas edited his scene so that he shoots but misses Han Solo at point-blank range. Even LEGO got in on the fun with a Funny Background Event in Revenge of the Brick wherein Greedo repeatedly fails to hit a dartboard positioned only a few inches away from him.
    • TIE fighters actually pull their weight in most engagements in the films, inflicting heavy casualties on the X-wings at Yavin. However, the videogames used them as Mooks for the sake of balance. Cue every EU work portraying them as flying death traps Made of Explodium.
    • Admiral Ozzel is best remembered for a poor strategic decision that costs the Imperials a decisive victory, resulting in Darth Vader's "You have failed me for the last time" line and being executed by Vader via Force-choke.
    • The Force Awakens continues the trend with Kylo Ren. While he's an obvious stand-in for his idol and grandfather Darth Vader, he behaves more like a cross between Vader in the original trilogy and Anakin in the prequels (albeit better-acted), making him a bit of a Wangsty Psychopathic Manchild and a subject of mockery for some people (in fact, he has a popular parody Twitter account called Emo Kylo Ren. Not helping matters is the fact that he's a fairly inexperienced Force user, being defeated by two untrained lightsaber wielders during the movie's climax. It almost seems like an intentional example.

  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Gerold "Darkstar" Dayne is regarded this way by a good portion of the fanbase. This stems partially from his rather cheesy name, appearance and persona, with lines like "I am of the night" seen as trying too hard to invoke Evil Is Cool, crossed with the fact that for all his boasting and buildup as a badass the only thing of note he does is try to kill Myrcella Baratheon (an unarmed and harmless little girl) a task which he fails at. This has led to his nickname "Dorkstar" and general perception as a whiny, pretentious Emo Teen and incompetent poseur with an over-inflated opinion of himself.

    Live Action TV 
  • Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The man shall always be 'The Zeppo' of the Scooby Gang, one of the guys who Whedon goes above and beyond the call of duty of putting through the wringer. The fact that his Crowning Moments Of Awesome are (for the most part) talking his way to victory (ex. bluffing a Mad Bomber zombie into running away on "The Zeppo", getting the rocket launcher to destroy The Judge, confronting DarkSide!Willow when she decides to wipe out the planet) rather than beat the hell out of the bad guy doesn't help. If anything, fanfic attempts to give him a level in badass tend to go the other way.
  • Nobody is the world's biggest loser compared to Al "Cosmic Plaything" Bundy from Married... with Children. He's treated like crap by his wife, his kids, his neighbors, his friends, the town, the country, people he randomly encounters, and even God likes making his life a living Hell. He comes up with a zany scheme every episode to make his life suck just a little less, but always fails horribly. The only reason he goes on living is because his very existence annoys his family and enemies. He might even be the new poster boy for this page if he weren't so unlucky.
  • Revolution: The way the Hatedom tells it, Charlie Matheson is the biggest loser in the entire show. This is in spite of the facts that she helped get Miles Matheson back into the game, put a sniper rifle in the hands of a rebel group, and took down a number of Monroe militia members like Lieutenant Slotnick and Sergeant Joseph Wheatley.
  • The Walking Dead: Owen, AKA the Alpha Wolf/ W Man. This man is supposedly the biggest villain in the first half of Season 6, but he ends up being the biggest failure of a villain ever. He ends up killing no named characters himself, gets his ass handed to him in every fight scene he has, and dies getting shot by an old lady. After turning into a zombie he never kills anyone then either before getting put down permanently by the same guy who beat him up in his debut appearance.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Goliath from The Bible is only remembered as that abnormally large and heavily armored soldier who was easily killed by David, who was roughly half his size, far less experienced, and had practically nothing save for a sling and a rock.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Thanks to a screw job finish, The Spider Lady became one. Originally managed by the Fabulous Moolah, Moolah would take the Spider Lady's mask after her "charge" failed to defeat Wendi Richter and "won" the belt from Richter herself, after which an incensed Richter, who had kicked out at one, unmasked Moolah. The original Spider Lady faded into obscurity and the gimmick would only be used by jobbers for the next 30 years.
  • Unfortunately for the Wildcat Chris Harris of an otherwise well remembered incarnation of America's Most Wanted with James Storm, Braden Walker is largely remembered for his much more stellar career.
  • Kevin Nash tends to mostly remembered for the time he tore his Quad on Raw while walking. Now the fandom convinced anything he does will cause his quad to tear.
  • Sin Cara, after botching one to many times during his tenure has become synonymous with the word.

    Table Top Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Abbadon the Despoiler, or, as fans like to call him, Failbaddon the Armless. Though the character canonically is a very badass and dangerous villain and is one of the most dangerous units in hand-to-hand in gameplay, the fact he led no less than Thirteen crusades against the Imperium, and still failed to destroy it led to the development of his fanon portrayal as a General Failure.
    • While the Imperial Guard is acknowledged to be full of hardcore individuals, as a whole they will never escape their reputation as useless and squishy, losing horribly to anything the galaxy can throw at them. However this is mostly a reputation crafted by their fans, who love the idea of them suffering horribly but still getting back up.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Rainbow Dragon, thanks to being a "boss monster" that even in it's own archetype is vastly outshined by other options the archetype has, note  and generally having lackluster effects for the amount of trouble needed to go through in order to summon him.
    • Sangan quickly became this thanks to a series of cards showing his trip to where banned cards go and his terrible luck along the way, along with shades of being The Woobie.

    Video Games 
  • Touhou:
    • Almost no-one in the fandom treats Hong Meiling as anything other than a joke, who is either getting knifed by Sakuya for sleeping on the job or being so terrible at her job in the first place that everyone in Gensokyo can get into the mansion whenever they want. It doesn't help that the Fighting Gaiden Games show numerous characters getting in the mansion without trouble, with her route in Hisoutensoku being All Just a Dream while she... sleeps on the job.
    • Ran Yakumo is a nine-tailed fox (who are at Physical God levels in the relevant mythology) and EX-Boss. Her role in the fandom is restricted to getting teased by Yukari and squeeing over how cute Chen is. This is probably because her game of origin is the only one that features a Harder Than Hard "Phantasm" stage after the Extra stage, of which the boss is the aforementioned Yukari.
    • In canon, Kaguya Houraisan is an Immortal lunar princess with powerful time-warping abilities, and actually one of the harder bosses in higher difficulties. In fanon, she's a NEET who can't do anything but "HELP ME, EIRIN!!". Note that in the actual game, it's Kaguya who comes to Eirin's aid. However, also note that Eirin is canonically far more powerful than Kaguya.
    • Shou Toramaru will never live down losing the pagoda and having to get Nazrin to find it for her, despite it being her explicit ability to be able to find treasures. Combine this with Nazrin as her Beleaguered Assistant, and you have the perfect comedy duo.
    • Cirno is a bizarre example who gets both the Memetic Badass and Memetic Loser treatment. On one hand you have those who think she has the power to freeze the world, and on the other you have those who think she gets beaten up by other low-level characters (or even frogs) on a regular basis. It helps that she really is weak by Gensokyo character standards, being only a stage 2 (out of seven) boss, and that's on a good day. She is, however, abnormally strong for her species, of which most members are mooks. She's also infamous for her special attack Icicle Fall which, on Easy Mode, can be completely dodged simply by sitting in front of her, even though on all other modes it's actually a very nasty attack.
    • Rika has absolutely zero useful combat powers and relies on using self-built tanks in order to fight. One would think that taking on the ridiculously powerful individuals of Gensokyo like this would be a formula for awesome, and she almost manages to take out the main character of the game, but her whiny personality and tendency to cry after being defeated, causes most people to characterize her as being a Bratty Half-Pint. Despite the fact that her Evil Eye Sigma tank is widely considered to be the hardest extra stage boss of the series.
  • Lunamaria Hawke, thanks mostly to her appearances in the Super Robot Wars games. While she missed a pretty big target once during the series (and the following times she opened fire during the series she had average marksmanship), the games turned it into her having outrageously bad aim (of the "wouldn't hit the moon if she was standing on it" variety) and she became a Joke Character.
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man Legends: Teisel Bonne, who is bound to lose whenever he has to fight against Megaman, a highly advanced precursor combat android. He gets captured early in the prequel, to the point that some parts of the fandom think of him as only being capable of this while forgetting all his raiding schemes before Bon Bonne and Tron came onto the scene.
    • Mega Man 2 brings us Metal Man, who is notoriously weak to his own weapon (which is, admittedly, a massive Game Breaker). By "weak", we mean he dies in two hitsnote .
  • Mike Dawson from Dark Seed II. In the first game, he was fairly competent, but the sequel turned him into a whiny, ineffective, moronic, cowardly manchild who, among other things, spends a sizable chunk of the game finding ways to cheat at carnival games he can't win. One of the last "puzzles" in the game has him figuring out how to open his closet... by just realizing that his mother only pretended to lock it when he was a child and he had never considered that it might have been unlocked at some point in the intervening decades. If you mention this to his mother she makes fun of him. This is canon.
  • Tingle from The Legend of Zelda is a 35 year-old man who dresses in a green onesie and wishes to become a fairy. He's meant to be a Man Child and is loved by the Japanese fanbase... But the Western fanbase love to loath him. When you have a trope called "Americans Hate Tingle" named after you, you know you're a memetic loser.
  • Glass Joe, from Punch-Out!!, is a loser, no questions asked. Look at his win/loss record, though, and notice that he has a record of 99 losses... and one win. This begs the question: who the hell is enough of a loser (or is kind enough) to be beaten by Glass Joe? (Nick Bruiser, apparently.)
  • Spelunker will forever be remembered as one of the most fragile video game characters of all time for his inability to survive bat guano, pits anyone else could just easily climb out of, or falls greater than a few inches.
  • While the Silver Surfer is unambiguously badass in his usual appearances, his NES incarnation will forever be remembered as a weakling who falls over and Face Palms in shame if he does as little as nudge a rubber duck with his board.
  • Lester The Unlikely gets this for running in fear from sea turtles alone. While he does get better as the game progresses and fights off threats that would terrify normal people such as giant spiders and pirates, players usually never get that far and will always view him as a stereotypical, easily frightened nerd. Even some of those who did make it or at least know about his Character Development view him this way too.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Luigi is often put into this role due to being overshadowed by Mario and having a cowardly personality. However, he's also portrayed as a Memetic Badass, especially in Mario Party where he can win by doing absolutely nothing, but he's not given much credit for it by anyone. Sometimes he's just referred to as "Green Mario". This has actually worked out in Luigi's favor however. Fans have warmed up to him a lot and has evolved into an Ensemble Darkhorse, one of the most-loved underdogs in the community.
    • The Goombas are also given a memetic loser status for being the lowliest of Bowser's forces and being defeated by simply stepping on them.
    • Princess Daisy has been portrayed as this due to the fact that she only appears in Mario spin-offs and hasn't been in a main platformer since her debut in Super Mario Land. She's also considered to be annoying by those who dislike her outright (Hi I'm Daisy!). This has only gotten worse with the introduction of Rosalina, who has appeared in Super Mario 3D World as a secret playable character and in Super Smash Bros. as a fighter. She's one of the few Super Mario characters to not have an amiibo. In Super Mario Maker, she failed to make the cut for a list of 99 costumes that include a trampoline, a Mahjong tile, and all the other Mario series losers on this list. She finally made it into a free patch, much to the joy of her fans, but not before other post-release characters made it in first, such as Captain Toad (a character who can't jump), Birdo, the Sky Pop (which only appeared in Daisy's debut game up to then), Mr.Saturn, Master Belch, and a pigeon. Like Chrom, King K.Rool and Ridley, she failed to make the cut in the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot. She's also been paired up with Luigi so they can be losers together. However, much Like Luigi, Daisy's newfound status as the series' biggest losers has actually made her a lot more sympathetic and likeable among fans instead of being a Base Breaker and scrappy she used to be.
    • Waluigi is considered one as well since he's only appeared in Mario game spin-offs. That being said, he isn't really a pure example of a memetic loser due to the fact that his loser status is actually canon. And his portrayal in Brawl in the Family, especially his habit of Hostile Show Takeover also made him quite popular.
  • Pokémon:
    • If there is a single Pokémon that is the most well known for being flat out terrible, it's Luvdisc, a pink heart-shaped Pokémon based on a discus fish. Its stats are comparable to basic Pokémon, but it doesn't evolve, nor does it stand out in any other way apart from occasionally holding a useful item. Whenever Luvdisc comes up on discussions about competitive battling, people will spend most of the article on how bad it is. Could've changed if Game Freak made Alomomola its evolved form, but they got kept separate.
    • Second to Luvdisc is Spinda, whose only defining characteristic is there are over 4 million possible sprites for it.
    • And there's also Delibird, similar to the previous two, has stats comparable to a basic unevolved Pokémon, and has the worst Hidden Ability ever thanks to Department of Redundancy Department.
    • The Bulbasaur line, while not bad per se, got Overshadowed by Awesome with Blastoise and Charizard. Its typing (Grass/Poison, which, to say the least, gave it a lot of weaknesses) also made it a Tier-Induced Scrappy. Even when its final evolution, Venusaur, got Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in Generation V and VI, it's still portrayed as the runt among the Kanto starters by fans.
    • Pokémon that have fallen victim to a Nerf or the general Power Creep of the series is bound to be made fun of by at least part of the fanbase. The biggest victim of this is probably Flareon.
    • Prior to release of Pokémon Black and White Oshawott were seen as huge Memetic Losers who were ugly, sad looking, and weren't as cool as "Smugleaf". This led to a near instant meme of portraying them as The Woobie. After release though the meme died out due to the fact that it evolves into the reasonably Badass Adorable Dewott and then into the straight up Badass Samurott.
  • Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening is a very competent unit. But unfortunately he's become the butt of many jokes because of Lucina's and Robin trailer for the fourth Super Smash Bros., where he spent the whole video down for the count (and essentially in the Yamcha pose, no less). He apparently lost to Captain Falcon, so the common joke is that Chrom got Falcon Punched so hard that he was knocked out of the roster.
    • This got worse when the newest DLC fighter was announced…Corrin, the main character of a game that, at the time, was out for six months in Japan and not even released in the West, whereas Chrom's game had been out for three years at that point. If Falcon knocked Chrom out of the roster, Corrin stepped on him on his way into it.
  • Similar to Chrom, King K. Rool is also the butt of many Smash-related jokes when it was revealed that he'll be included in the game... As a Mii costume. Chrom also received this "honor" as well.
  • Ridley also gets a similar treatment to the above two, being the butt of several jokes about his size apparently making him inviable as a playable character.
  • From Monster Hunter:
    • The Jaggi are notorious for being Too Dumb to Live; they'll happily bully the nearest large monster in hopes of keeping control of their territory, only to wish they had not done that a few seconds later.
    • The Great Jaggi, the first large monster that the player faces in the third- and fourth-generation games. In 3 Ultimate, the first victim of the nomadic Extreme Omnivore Deviljho is a poor Great Jaggi. The "R.I.P. Great Jaggi ;_;" video shows a Great Jaggi falling into a Pitfall Trap and then getting destroyed by four Gunlance users and Barrel Bomb L+'s in less than 10 seconds. In 4 and 4 Ultimate, the Great Jaggi serves as cannon fodder for the training quests.
    • In games up until the fourth generation, the Plesioth was treated as a Memetic Badass, boasting an infamous disjointed-hitbox hipcheck that can hit you if you so much as stand within a few meters of it. But in 4 and 4 Ultimate, the Plesioth becomes little more than a catchable fish in the Fishing Machine Mini-Game, where catching it causes it to die landing on the wharf.
  • Azmodan from Diablo III. The characters describes him in-game as the finest tactician in Hell, but he so spectacularly fails at backing up his reputation, fans keep mocking him for having his entire legions defeated by a lone hero and constantly screwing up his own tactics by warning you about them in his gloating. Blizzard apparently is aware of this, since this got some Lampshade Hanging when he became Promoted to Playable in Heroes of the Storm.
  • For some reason, Reflec Beat Series Mascot Pastel-kun has become a Butt Monkey amongst BEMANI fans on social media, who like to tweet images and make Vines of Pastel-kun plushies undergoing all manners of abuse.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge of Blazblue. Perhaps unintentionally, as he's a Badass on paper due to his powerful Azure, but due to all the times he gets Worfed and the fact that every character who isn't Taokaka or Celica is all too eager to snark at his expense, he's really hard to take seriously.
  • Poor, poor Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing CPU opponent. To call it Artificial Stupidity would be incorrect, as that implies that it has any AI at all; it simply sits at the starting line, and can't even be pushed to victory. You could install a patch that does make it move, but it still stops short of the finish line. To top it all off, there is no victory state for it! Its only purpose is to allow the player to effortlessly win. YOU'RE WINNER!

    Web Comics 
  • Raditz's usual portrayal as this is played with in Dragon Ball Multiverse. Besides losing on the first round on the main storyline, a minicomic was published which made fun of the concept.
  • Roy in almost every Awkward Zombie comic he appears in after his exclusion from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. While some of his loserdom is very much deserved, becoming an extremely petty and jealous person after his exclusion, that doesn't excuse the rest of the roster of fighters collectively forgetting about his existence, Master Hand blowing him up twice, or his own old roommate Marth barely tolerating him upon his return as DLC. He was barely even an afterthought when he was announced alongside Ryu.

    Web Original 
  • Say hi to Bad Luck Brian.
  • Mike Dawson from Dark Seed II already deserved this status, but the Retsupurae videos of the game just made him look worse. The player decided to be ridiculously thorough, to the point of talking to nearly every character and visiting nearly every area after everything, making Mike look like a moron who could never work out what to do next and had a strange fixation on standing in his bathroom and staring into space. He also lost at the carnival games so many times that it became a Running Gag, to the point that when Mike was supposed to win at ring toss, slowbeef edited the footage and said that according to Retsupurae canon, he didn't win ring toss and never would.
    • Cobra also got this status. He was presented as an inconsistent cad who orders milk at bars, has an obsessive foot fetish, and is deathly afraid of caterpillars.
  • RWBY's Jaune Arc is often portrayed as a wimpy coward in fics, ignoring the part in episode 14 where he beheads a giant demon-bear. note 
    • The FNDM often likes to poke fun at Blake's relative uselessness in fights compared to her teammates. The fandom also likes to blame her for things she doesn't even have anything to do with.
  • On Tumblr, the site management is viewed this way by the general userbase, due to the fact that many of the changes they make during updates are seen as incompetent, ugly-looking, and pointless. It doesn't help that there are various changes that the users would actually appreciate (better blocking/asking systems, better moderation to get rule breakers under control, deletion of abandoned blogs, etc.) that the staff neglects in favor of trivial nonsense like changing the logo at the top of the screen or moving the option buttons back and forth. Updates regularly result in dashes being filled with posts mocking the staff as losers with no knowledge of how programming works.
  • While Tumblr is known for its incompetent staff, at least they reply to support emails. Twitter's staff is infamous for adding features that most users don't want or like, removing features that users do appreciate, and doing very little to curb harassment, going as far as to prevent users from reporting harassment of other users.
  • Several Pokémon species have this reputation in Twitch Plays Pokémon: Arena, most notably Entei and Deoxys. It's generally treated more as a joke.

    Web Video 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Raditz, to the point that Vegeta and Nappa use him as a substitute for "weakling" and measure Power Levels in "Raditzes" (Nappa is five Raditz, and Vegeta is fifteen Raditz).
    • Krillin combines this with Lovable Coward. Krillin Owned Counter, anyone?
    • And of course, Yamcha. In one video the characters even state that the only reason they make fun of Krillin so often is because Yamcha isn't around as much. Word of God posits this is also the reason it wasn't called the Yamcha Owned Counter.
    • Hell, just about every team has their own Memetic Loser, as if there's a diversity quota or something.
  • Saint Seiya Abridged: the Silver Saints. Whenever they get a mention by the characters, it's either as a synonym for "weakling" or to reference the fact they are essentially being used as cannon fodders by the Great Pope.
  • The YouTube parodies of Downfall frequently portray Adolf Hitler, a once feared and powerful man, as a slapstick magnet or a genuinely incompetent villain where his plans constantly fail, usually at the hands of Fegelein. He gets a fair amount of abuse in other series like The Frollo Show, especially in a scene where there's a question designed to send Scanty on a risky mission instead of him...
    Stocking: The first one to name five German cities won't go.
    Hitler: That question was hard! Why did it have to be so hard?!

    Western Animation 
  • Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers. To the point that this very Wiki named a trope after the supposed lameness of his powers. When in actuality, Heart Is an Awesome Power, and much more practical than say, his fellow Planteer Wheeler's ability to accidentally burn down a forest if he's not careful (to say nothing of having a power that can never be used directly against the enemy since a children's cartoon could never get away with setting people on fire).
  • Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force can be considered this as he's a Too Dumb to Live Self-Disposing Villain protagonist who dies in almost every episode he's in.
  • Dr.Zoidberg from Futurama is so unlucky that he's the Trope Namer for My Friends... and Zoidberg.
  • Kyle from South Park has become this due to always being humiliated by Cartman or the Villain of the Week.
    • Al Gore is treated as this in-universe by the entire town. Apparently, he desires attention and appreciation for his hunt for Man-Bear-Pig, but unsurprisingly nobody cares.
  • Super Friends:
    • NONE of the Super Friends are particularly cool in hindsight, not even the ones based upon Badasses like Batman, even if they were all busy saving the world Once per Episode. It's common in parodies for the Super Friends to be portrayed as overly friendly, old-timey, cheesy heroes that wouldn't be able to hold a candle to the Darker and Edgier later interpretations of the Justice League and what they go up against.
    • As noted above Aquaman gets this a lot because of his Super Friends version. Unlike the other heroes on the show though, for a long time it tainted the public's perception of him in other media as well (hence why he also gets his own mention in the comics section).
    • The Wonder Twins are often mocked and parodied for having a cheesy power set. Zan, the one that could take the form of water, gets this twice as hard because of how his power looks next to Jayna's ability to turn into any animal. As pointed in a Cartoon Network spoof commercial he could be beaten by a sponge...and not even an evil sponge. The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins play up their uselessness for Black Comedy.
    • The original Wonder Duo, the powerless kid sidekicks Wendy and Marvin (and the Wonder Dog!) also get this often because of their perceived uselessness and unexplained presence (the powerless kids get to hang out with the all powerful grown up heroes, why exactly?). note  In one comic, alternate versions of them show up as the kids of the villain known as Noah "The Calculator" Kuttler and befriend the Titans only to later get either mauled to death (Marvin) or severely injured (Wendy) by The Wonder Dog (or rather, a shape-shifting demonic dog owned by Ares), deconstructing their presence in a superhuman setting. Wendy at least managed to re-invent herself as the Handicapped Badass Proxy, Barbara Gordon/Oracle's associate and sort-of Junior Counterpart.
    • The Super Friends versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl are often mocked for having the ability to fly... on a team with an overfilled Flying Brick quota that already has that covered and then some. In a The Fairly OddParents spoof, the Hawkgirl parody had "all the powers of a hawk and a gal!" And was the the last to arrive at a fight each time because how slowly she flew in comparison to the others, and then had her butt handed to to her once she actually got there.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • While the fandom often has arguments over who they consider is "best pony", if there's one pony who lots of people can agree is "worst pony", it's Twist. She's usually mocked because of her dorky appearance and the lispy way she speaks.
    • King Sombra often gets this treatment for being a Generic Doomsday Villain who never actually did much in the present except get Killed Off for Real. The season 5 finale helped mend some of his bad reputation when he's a more intimidating villain in a bad future.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Asami is a Memetic Butt Monkey, with a common joke being she can't be happy for long. The numerous apparent and canonically horrible things that occur to her - anything from her boyfriend cheating on her to her father trying to kill her and much later doing a Heroic Sacrifice - fuels the meme. The jokes have mostly died down since the finale though.
    • And then there's Mako, whose loserness is mostly played up by shippers who don't like him due to both his girlfriends breaking up with him then being in a relationship with each other. Even prior to that much of his hatedom portrayed him as a loser during Book 1 for being seen as a Jerk Ass cheater. Ironically many of these fanworks had Korra and Asami ditching him for each other, or Asami outright only using Mako as an excuse to get near to Korra (with the common joke being an amazing driver like her couldn't just bump into a boy accidentally like that). Back then Korra/Asami was a pure crackship.
  • Pearl from Steven Universe became this around season 2, after it became clear that she had an unrequited and somewhat creepy crush on Rose and possibly Garnet as well. While the show itself depicts this as unhealthy and a tad selfish, fans tend to jokingly exaggerate it to Pearl being a pathetic loser and stereotypical "nice guy" who expects love in return for being decent but can never get it.
  • Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill is treated as this both in-universe and out of universe. The man tolerates so much hardship throughout the series and can never catch a break, but for whatever reason he continues going on.