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Fat Comic Relief
When it comes to children's media and the like, it seems that whenever there's a gang of lead characters there's always one person that's fatter than the rest of the cast.

This person is usually male, and he or she'll almost always be the Butt Monkey/Chew Toy/Plucky Comic Relief - often, though not always, through their Big Eater and/or Gasshole tendencies.

Note that just because a character is both fat and a Butt Monkey, that does not mean they apply for this trope. Butt Monkeys can be played straight or for sympathy, in which case they are not seen as Acceptable Targets, and so do not qualify.

Additionally, their fatness and their status as a Plucky Comic Relief or Butt Monkey must be related in some way. For example, a Butt Monkey who is picked on because he is fat would qualify (if Played for Laughs), but one who is picked on for some unrelated reason (like for being a Nerd) without consideration for his weight would not.

These are usually found in comedies, often children's media and sitcoms.

Closely related to Fat Girl. A Sister Trope to Fat Idiot. You'll often find these kids gobbling up the ammo of a Food Fight. Can sometimes be Obsessed with Food. If the series takes place in school, expect them to be the most frequent target of The Bully. See also Big Fun.


Anime & Manga
  • Choji from Naruto is the only overweight member of the Konoha 11, but hates being called fat. He comes from a traditionally overweight clan who have mastered using their size to amplify their attacks, and using their attacks to amplify their size.

  • The first child to find his golden ticket in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film adaptations is Augustus Gloop, a gluttonous and fat German chocolate-eating boy. He's eliminated by drowning in a chocolate river, just like in the novel.
  • The premise of the movie Heavyweights is more or less to feature a whole camp of these guys, although the main character Gerry Gardner is the most iconic.
  • Horace from The Monster Squad, who gets bullied by E.J. in the beginning of the film.
  • Pumbaa from The Lion King also counts, being a Gasshole of sorts.
  • Tommy Boy: "Fat man in a little coat...." The movie put the title character in some hilarious situations (such as struggling to use an airliner restroom) due to his extreme corpulence.
  • A stock character in Larry Semon movies, usually played by Frank Alexander.
  • Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies mixes this with a heavy dose of Squick.
  • Chunk from The Goonies, who has to do his "Truffle Shuffle" to be allowed into the gang's house.


Live-Action TV


Professional Wrestling
  • WWE had Big Dick Johnson, a large, oily, dancing fat man. In a thong.

Stand-Up Comedy
  • Ralphie May mentions this in his routine as fat people being one of the last remaining Acceptable Targets left. He demonstrates by pointing out how no one could ever get away with a "Black Bastard" or "Mexican Bastard" the same way Austin Powers got away with "Fat Bastard."
    You can always make fun of fat people. Watch TV, watch a movie, all fat people do on 'em is eat, shit and fart. That's all we can do.

Video Games
  • Super Mario: Mario is always described as being portly or chubby even though his current model has slimmed him down considerably from his earlier days. Wario, as an exaggerated bizarro Mario, takes the fatness and runs with it as a Gasshole and comic relief character.
  • Barry Wheeler from Alan Wake. He's the heaviest character in the game and has the greatest tendency to do wacky things, like talk to a cardboard cutout of Alan or cover himself in Christmas lights to ward off the Taken.
  • Big the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog has been used as a Funny Background Event in some games.

Web Animation

Western Animation
  • George Pie from Battletoads, who is completely inept at sports. Interestingly enough, he becomes the Mighty Glacier when he transforms.
  • South Park's Eric Cartman is the butt of many jokes about his weight,
  • The Simpsons has Homer, a combination Fat Idiot Fat Slob Big Eater Bumbling Dad, who serves as the comic relief within his family and his workplace.
  • Owen from Total Drama Island is both a Big Eater and a Gasshole, which are his main sources of humor, as well as being a very prominent Plucky Comic Relief character in the series.
  • Harold from Hey Arnold! outweighs the other kids and was initially shown as a bully, but is consistently portrayed as stupid, bratty, and unable to control himself from eating.
  • Shirley in Shaun the Sheep. She is so large she gets wedged in sheepruns and between gateposts - being a Big Eater, it's not surprising. She also makes for a useful trampoline.
  • Mikey from Recess is the fattest kid in the bunch, and he is definitely a comic relief character, many jokes revolving around him overeating—including one in the show's opening where he belches.
  • Harold from All Grown Up! as the only overweight character and Angelica's Butt Monkey. He's also the only regular cast member thats not from the original Rugrats.
  • Family Guy:
    • Stewie at one point had a "job" which consisted of following fat guys around while playing a tuba. The fat guys would pay him to go away.
    • The trope itself is inverted within the Griffin family - Lois is the only thin member, and thus the Only Sane Man (at first, anyway). Out of all of them, Meg gets her Butt Monkey status the most.
  • Hoppopotamus from The Wuzzles was the butt of many fat jokes. Eleroo was also this, but to a lesser extent, as not many jokes were made about his weight.

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