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Beyond the Impossible

"That's impossible!"

No, no it's not. This trope is for actions and events that defy the limits set within a series. In Real Life they just wouldn't work, but the rules of fiction (i.e., whatever the author laid down when constructing it) are somewhat... looser. Someone who, for instance, gains the power to fly when no one else can is not this trope; that is Applied Phlebotinum or Functional Magic or some other trope defining the character's power. Like Reality Unless Otherwise Noted is a good thing to keep in mind when adding examples; aspects of the fictional reality not covered by the author's rules are covered by real life. For the example to count it has to be impossible according to the internal logic of the story.

In short, whenever someone "touches the untouchable" or "breaks the unbreakable,"note  they are going Beyond The Impossible.

This could be done by the Crazy Awesome, who ignores the rules, or the Idiot Hero, who doesn't know them. Thus, going beyond the impossible can be Achievements in Ignorance. Just as easily, however, it could be a calculated endeavor by Awesome by Analysis trying to break the rules. These are just examples, there could be others.

Distinct from Up to Eleven in two respects. 1.) There is no 'topping' involved; topping the previous maximum is not necessarily the motivation. 2.) The action is literally impossible instead of being one step higher than the current best. For example: Alice punches Bob and he steps back from the force. Up to Eleven, Alice punches Bob across the room. Beyond The Impossible, Alice punches Bob backwards in time. The former is just a stronger punch while the latter has nothing to do with strength.

If you're looking for the old definition, "a series tops itself over and over," go to Serial Escalation.

This trope is about events, not the characters involved in them. Do not confuse with Rule of Cool (where the Willing Suspension of Disbelief is stretched because the example is cool), Crazy Awesome (which is characters that are effective because they may be the only ones crazy enough to try), nor badass, which is Rule Of Cool personified.

For someone who fails at something in an extreme way, see Epic Fail. If someone scores a 12 out of ten or a negative score or anything like that then you'll want Broke the Rating Scale or F Minus Minus.

Compare the various Screw This Index, I Have Tropes, which are more about breaking social rules than physical ones.

A violation of Internal Consistency and will not exist in stories with Negative Continuity because a story needs strong internal consistency and continuity in order for either to be broken. Wrong Context Magic is a subtrope where characters pull out magic abilities that don't fit into the local rules. Contrast Magic A Is Magic A, when even supernatural elements have rules that cannot be broken.

Named for one translation (of many) of one of Kamina's (many, many) Catch Phrases from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

In-Universe Examples Only:

    Multiple Media 

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Garfield ate a pizza before it arrived. He has "friends high up in the delivery business".
  • Foxtrot, a universe grounded in real-life physics, has the Humbler, a Hummer Bland-Name Product that is implied to have a bigger gravitational mass than Earth.
    Jason: I've seen how you drive on the freeway.
    Peter: You're talking nine digit numbers. I've only flirted with four.
    • FYI, land speed records are firmly set in the three-digit range using specially designed rocket-propelled vehicles. Peter breaks 1,000 in a station wagon.

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