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Beyond The Impossible / Comic Books

Events in Comics that are not possible. only list examples that fit the description

  • Red Hulk raised Thor's hammer by jumping into space. Also punching out The Watcher, killing the Grandmaster (who is explicitly immortal) and choking the Silver Surfer (who doesn't need air).
  • Green Lantern:
    • The Guardians of the Green Lantern corps made sure that it would be physically impossible for a lantern to kill one of them. When Hal Jordan kills Krona they are shocked and afraid.
    • Bleez was The Starscream before she regains her intelligence. While the other Red Lanterns are growling, "Kill, burn, stab, eat, hate, rage" she was going "Kill... Atrocitus....". In other words, while wearing a ring that turns its host into a mindless berserker, she held onto enough intelligence and focus to choose a specific target.
    • Simon Baz using his Green Lantern ring to bring his sister's husband out of a coma. B'dg explained that Green Lantern rings cannot cure illness or bring back the dead, but Baz does the former anyway.
  • Italian comic Sturmtruppen and the Epic Fail of its firing squad tries to execute a prisoner. They managed to miss him and hit the wall behind him while he was holding their rifles pressed directly against his chest.
  • Captain America: Breaking the captain's vibranium shield is usually defined as Beyond The Impossible. The few who have done it tend to have "omnipotent" on their resume: Doctor Doom with the power of the Beyonder, the Molecule Man (who described it as weirder than either Thor's hammer or the Silver Surfer's board), Thanos wielding The Infinity Gauntlet, or Odin's big brother, the Serpent. Ultron apparently did it too in Age of Ultron, though we never see how and it all gets changed by time travel in the end anyway. Considering this was Cap's Shield AFTER it was rebuilt in Fear Itself and further reinforced with magical Uru metal, this REALLY says something...but then again, it's ULTRON.
  • In the Brightest Day Mera uses her hydrokinetic powers to pull the whole tide away from the shore. Lampshaded by her sister Siren.
  • Marvel Zombies: Galactus is eaten by the zombies and while this sounds impossible, considering who this guy is, you have to remember the kind of tactics the zombies use.
  • Superman once famously lifted a book that had an infinite number of pages, and thus infinite mass. He also picked up a guy who weighted the same as "eternity".
  • Contest of Champions: In the third series, the contestants are kept in crystalline prisons until their summoners have use of them. When Ares is put in one of these, he manages to break out, to everyone's shock. Of course, Ares is a full-on god.
  • Doctor Manhattan's origin story in Watchmen involves Jon Osterman, an ordinary human, getting disintegrated and then putting himself back together particle by particle just by sheer force of will.