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Web Video: Hitler Rants

Gunsche: There is now a separate page for the Hitler Rants. Fegelein made the request to TV Tropes.
Hitler: I should have known that imbecile would find yet another way to make me look like a fool. And now he's done it! With a separate page for Hitler Rants, I'm fucked! I was hoping the Downfall page would bury all the antics that go on in the bunker. But no! Now bring me that Screwy Squirrel Fegelein! FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!

The Hitler Rants (also known as "Hitler Reacts", "Hitler Parodies" or "Downfall Parodies") videos are a fanmade series of Gag Subs involving Hitler from Downfall, often ranting about several topics. Said rants are usually anachronistic, often over trivial matters and sometimes can even relate to current events of the time a video gets made, all for Rule of Funny. The most common scenes used are usually Hitler melting down while in his bunker upon hearing that Felix Steiner couldn't muster up a counterattack or Otto Gunsche informing him that Hermann Fegelein has gone AWOL. The most commonly used scenes are actually rather early in the film.

The series has since expanded to the point where the makers of parodies (or Untergangers in reference to the source material) have practically created an entire universe. Not only this, but it has expanded to the point where it has gained a number of spin-offs using footage from other films:
  • U-Boat Parodies: Using footage from Das Boot. Captain Heinrich Lemann-Willenbrock and the loveable crew of U-96 set out to perform all kinds of antics to embarrass Hitler.
  • Stalin Parodies: Using footage from an obscure Russian film the title of which translates as Tukhachevksy, Conspiracy Marshall. Stalin plots various schemes for his own ends, many of which ultimately cause trouble for Hitler.
  • Revolution Parodies: Using footage of the Italian version of Duck, You Sucker!. John Mallory is out to get Hitler, and nothing's going to stop him from blowing him up.
  • American Girl: Using (often dubbed) footage of various movies based on the toy line. The two most common are Felicity Merriman and Kit Kittredge, though Samantha Parkington is starting to become popular.
  • Mussolini Parodies: Using footage from a film called Mussolini Ultimo Alto, which like Downfall depicts the fall of Mussolini. Much like Hitler Rants, Mussolini runs into all kinds of trouble and rants about it.
  • Gaddafi Parodies: Using actual footage of Muammar-Al Gaddafi. He believes himself to be a superior dictator to the others, and is determined to prove it.

A list of Untergangers can be found here

The parodies were also adapted into video games or Game Mods, also by Untergangers. Deadpool comics referenced this with Hitler complaining about Nick Fury.

For his part, the film's director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, likes the concept considering it furthers the purpose of his film of making the Nazis feel human and not just monsters one can dismiss as nothing like oneself.
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Tropes about the parodies in general

  • The Abridged Series: This is a parody meme based mostly around using the same scenes from one movie.
  • Acme Products: Both Reich Industries and FegelCorp produce all kinds of goods and services.
  • Adolf Hitlarious: The point is to make fun of Hitler.
  • All Just a Dream: Some parodies. For most of the time, it's Hitler who's dreaming it all up.
  • All There in the Manual: HRP's wiki has a timeline page that provides some background that wasn't mentioned in any of his parodies.
  • Anachronism Stew: Even though the setting seems to be 1945 Germany, Hitler and his acquaintances often encounter people, media, and technology from the past, (our) present, and the future. There's no explanation for this.
  • Anti-Hero: Pretty much any way you look at it, no matter which person is the central focus of the parody in question.
  • Arch-Enemy: Hitler has so many of them. There's Fegelein and Himmler, but then we also get Stalin and his antic master Mikhail Tukhachevsky, the entire U-Boat Parodies crew, Kit Kittredge, Felicity Merriman, Werner Hartenstein, and let's not get started on Mallory...

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