Memetic Psychopath

"Archie had an immense talent for crushing girls' souls. He was the Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain of emotional abuse. In fact, if we kept statistics on torturing women, Jordan and Wilt would technically be the Little Archies of basketball."

Sometimes the internet hivemind will take a normally friendly character and depict them as an Ax-Crazy psychotic killer, usually Played for Laughs of the Black Comedy sort. This could be the result of stalker behaviour or creepy expressions, or a character's mental state exaggerated to horrible conclusions.

Subtrope of Memetic Mutation. Related to Memetic Badass. Compare and contrast with Ron the Death Eater; both are about depictions of characters being evil, this trope is generally more silly and light-hearted, while Ron the Death Eater is much more serious and often stems from hatred of a character. Anyone with Clingy Jealous Girl, Cute and Psycho, or Yandere tendencies are common targets. Just as damaging to a character's reputation as the Memetic Molester, who is depicted as a rapist/molester figure for laughs rather than a murderous psychopath. Related to Never Live It Down in some cases. Compare with Memetic Troll who's depicted as being a troll by the internet.


  • Thanks to several Remix Comics on Cracked by Seanbaby, Popsicle Pete (a mascot for a brand of popsicles) has been turned into this, a Creepy Child who murders indiscriminately and incites children to follow, and is possibly the herald to an ancient evil. His Catch Phrase is "NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE!"
  • Thanks to YTMND, Mac Tonight is depicted as a violent, racist criminal known as Moon Man.

Anime and Manga:
  • Cilan from Pokémon is often depicted as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing psychopath who murders and eats his Pokemon, due to his catch phrases, "It's tasting time!" and "I caught a/n [X POKEMON] with good taste!". Episode 19 introduced his rival, who claimed that Cilan was a monster when she battled him, complete with Slasher Smile. Naturally, this got more notice from the fandom: when he's not portrayed as her rapist, he's thought of as a psychological torturer.
    • For the longest time a lot of fans thought his game counterpart was a Shadow Triad member. This only put fuel on the fire, with a lot of people having him as the Token Evil Teammate who betrays Ash.
  • Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z started to get a reputation for psychopathy as the result of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Its gotten to the point where the latter version of the character has his own page on the villains wiki.
  • Azumanga Daioh
    • Osaka became one in a Never Live It Down sort of way after the "wake up frying pan" fiasco. She accidentally brought a knife.
    • Yomi to a lesser extent, mainly when it comes to furries.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Kyubey gives us an interesting case, as he was widely thought to be evil from episode one, and an old growth forest's worth of Poison Oak Epileptic Trees sprung up surrounding him from the minute he was revealed. This sort of died down once the truth was revealed to be much worse than anybody could have thought.
  • Ranma ˝, pretty much any character in the whole cast can swing between this and Ron the Death Eater in fanfics, Depending on the Author. To provide two examples out of the pile:
    • The Tendo Sisters. Akane devolves into a paranoid, smash- (or rather, mallet- happy) violent maniac who can turn a simple 'good morning' into an example of the hentai conspiracy (especially if it's given by Ranma). Kasumi is, whether for good or evil (awesome optional), an example of Beware the Nice Ones, and Nabiki... well, she's more of a Memetic Sociopath (in canon, manga most specifically, she's The Barnum... and an astonishingly amoral one, by the way).
    • Shampoo. Her 'obstacles are made for killing' attitude is present in Anime and Manga, but fanfic twists it into her wanting to kill anybody who she could classify as an 'obstacle', regardless of how reasonable that is, or how good her odds are.
  • Lyrical Nanoha: Nanoha Takamachi gets this trope to a minor degree due to the "befriending" meme, which involves bombarding the target with nuclear-level magic that can level cities and use that as a means for friendship. She is also depicted as being overly eager for any battle opportunities and will go full-out. Fandom refers to this side of her by her Fan Nickname, the "White Devil".
    • Some of the shipping Fan Dumb has also made this for Fate Testarossa, turning her from the sensitive and motherly woman she is into a deranged Yandere obsessed with Nanoha and a burning desire to brutally murder Yuuno Scrya. Scarily enough, the faction that does this is the self-proclaimed "militant" Nanoha/Fate shippers...

Comic Books
  • This is the purpose behind the website Superdickery — portraying Superman (and occasionally other superheroes) as complete psychos for laughs by purposely taking things out of context. Of course, the source material makes it pretty easy...
  • Batman is sometimes portrayed this way, as a sociopath using his riches to beat the crap out of criminals instead of investing in social programs. Then there's that whole "train a twelve-year-old in combat, then shove him in front of armed criminals wearing nothing but tights, repeat as necessary" thing.
    • To a lesser degree, Alfred when he's had enough of Bruce's crap, as the following joke puts it:
    Master Wayne, do you know what happened the last time someone treated me with disrespect?
    I hired a small-time criminal to shoot him, his wife, and his son in a back alley as they were leaving a movie theater.
Film - Animated Live-Action Television
  • Sesame Street
    • Bert, namely the "Bert Is Evil" meme.
    • Elmo gets this sort of mutation as well.
  • Hooch in Scrubs is an in-universe example.
    Everybody: Hooch is crazy!
  • Late Show With David Letterman had a recurring bit called ''Dr. Phil's Words of Wisdom," which were quick out of context clips from his show, including such quotes as "Let's just kick her ass," "Children hate me," and "I would eat some Fruity Pebbles if I got hungry enough." Usually, Letterman would end the bit by saying, "Someday they're going to close down that little parlor game and put that man in jail."
  • Sf Debris' Alternative Character Interpretation of Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager, portrayed as the Big Bad of the franchise (including being behind the creation of Lore, Shinzon and causing Picard's aggressive behaviour in the TNG films). This has become so popular among certain fans that they see her as the Big Bad even outside Star Trek. For example in his review of the failed Wonder Woman pilot where Wonder Woman is in series portrayed as a blood thirsty, bat-shit crazy tyrant who was worshiped by her people as a god. While he never mentioned Janeway in the review it didn't stop some fans from thinking that they must be related somehow.
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, who in canon is an Ideal Hero, being a deeply philosophical and empathetic man who prefers diplomacy over conflict in almost any situation, is portrayed as this in several different series of fan recuts on YouTube. The humor in these videos is derived from recasting such a moral person as an Ax-Crazy monster who casually abuses and murders his own crew, destroys entire civilizations for fun, is a sadistic rapist, a cannibal and Child Eater, and completely revels in his own villainy. Some of his colleagues get an almost equally bad upgrade: Riker becomes a Serial Rapist, Data is a Robotic Psychopath, Dr. Crusher a Mad Doctor, and Worf gets his Proud Warrior Race Guy personality ramped up to where he'll take over the Klingon Empire and launch a genocidal war against humanity over an insult. Other Starfleet captains are still heroic, however.
  • Thanks to the Funny 115, Survivor's Matthew Von Eltferta has become this, though only how he came off on the show.

Table Top Games

Video Games
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, despite being a 6-year old rabbit girl. Often mutated into Cute and Psycho or an Enfant Terrible.
  • Touhou fandom does this to nearly everyone eventually, but a few of them get it on a regular basis:
    • Flandre Scarlet gets this so often many fans assume its canon, frequently portrayed as a blood-thirsty mass-murderer who'd destroy the planet if she was denied a piece of cake.
    • Yuuka Kazami is often portrayed as violently torturing anyone who hurts her sunflowers, or just for the heck of it, no thanks to her "genocide is a game" joke in the PC-98 game and Akyuu's claim that she immediately vaporizes anyone who intentionally screws around with her garden. Commonly titled the "Ultimate Sadistic Creature". At least it's more flattering than the (just as common) Memetic Molester portrayal.
    • Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou get this in regards to their centuries-long grudge, where they (futilely) tried to kill each other. In canon Kaguya viewed it as a game and Mokou kept it up as a way to pass the time.
    • Sanae Kochiya, the newcomer shrine maiden. Due to one of her routes in Undefined Fantastic Object where she's a bit... overenthusiastic in her youkai hunting, fans run off with her characterization and she's often depicted as addicted to "youkai extermination" (a bit like Reimu herself in early installments). She's either a complete sadist like Yuuka or just downright murderous towards all youkai. Her most frequent victim is Kogasa.
    • Seiga Kaku got this within days of Ten Desires' release. It helps that she's a literal Card-Carrying Villain who in the past manipulated a nation for her own ends and looks to do the same to Gensokyo.
  • Pokémon
    • Magikarp appears in so many memes of this type. The joke works three ways: - Magikarp is feeble - One day, Magikarp won't be so feeble - It's often implied that Gyarados is such a nutter because he was abused as a Magikarp. In short, Magikarp is depicited as a psychopath that plots revenge to unfurl when it evolves.
    Magikarp: I swear to God when I evolve, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!
    • Likewise with the Fairy-type pokemon revealed at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Fairy Types were announced to be Super Effective against Dragon-type Pokemon, who for 5 generations prior, only had ice-types as a minor weakness. Within a few hours of the announcement, memes and artwork started popping up depicting these extremely menacing looking, huge, tough dragon-types being made the collective bitches of all these pink and adorably cute Pokemon.
    • Fletchling, the adorable tiny robin that's described as being friendly and having a beautiful birdsong, but "relentless" and "ferocious" in battle. Naturally, people took this Up to Eleven and repainted it as a ruthless, demonic murder machine.
    • Hypno, who's often portrayed as a child murderer.
    • Ghetsis Harmonia is a certified sadist and sociopath. Fans who don't think that's evil enough take him into outright complete psycho territory, depicting him in fanarts as being a guy who will feed people to his Hydregion or even kill Pokemon and eat their hearts.
    • Espurr, in canon, is a slightly unnerving bipedal kitten with powerful psychic powers. Fandom portrays it as anywhere from a Creepy Child to an outright Animalistic Abomination.
  • Final Fantasy I's black mage is often mistaken for 8-Bit Theater's black mage, despite (or because) actual Final Fantasy player characters having no personality.
  • Mahatma Gandhi's Civilization incarnation, known as "Nuclear Gandhi". It all started as the result of some coding determining on a scale of 1-10 how likely a leader would use nuclear weapons. Gandhi was intended to be a 1 on that scale, but after researching one particular technology that reduces the AI's likeliness to go to war or build nukes, Gandhi's scores for those areas will actually max out. "Nuclear Gandhi" has since become a running joke amongst the fans and developers. In Civilization V, Gandhi's willingness to use nukes is a hard-coded 12. On a scale that goes from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. Explanation 
  • Link from The Legend of Zelda is often portrayed as a psychopathic kidnapper when it comes to keeping a Fairy in a Bottle, including how he uses them. He's also portrayed as liking breaking things a bit too much and being a Blood Knight.
  • Teemo from League of Legends is an adorable yordle scout, but due to his strong hatedom among the players in terms of cuteness and the gameplay mechanics, he's often treated as a psychopath within the fandom, or occasionally being called or depicted as Satan (it also noted that according to the lore, due to his isolationism in his scouting missions, his mentality was slowly breaking apart to the point that would go insane, although he has taken steps to prevent that by befriending Tristana).
  • Slowbeef and Diabetus like to portray Cowboy Cop Jack Slate as a mix of this and Memetic Badass (mixed in with some Memetic Loser thanks to his constant failed attempts at Bond One Liners) during their Let's Play of Dead to Rights, thanks to his over-the-top disarms and inability to leave a room without killing everyone inside. They even named their Wrongpurae of the unrelated Crime Patrol "Jack Slate's First Day on the Force", due to its protagonist also being a cop who does almost no police work in favor of shooting everything that might be a threat to him.
  • "Weegee" from the PC version of Mario is Missing! is something of a Memetic Eldritch Abomination, as his blank stare apparently has the ability to turn other people into Weegee, and he is out to turn everyone into Weegees like himself.

Visual Novels
  • Higurashi: When They Cry, although most of the cast except Mion have times when they do go crazy.
    • The biggest victim of memetic exaggeration of psychopathy is Rena, who's normally energetic, cheerful, but a bit bi-polar. She's also considered a Memetic Molester over her urge to "take things home with her".
    • Shion has it pretty bad though it's not without its truths. She is a lot more aggressive than Rena on default, being the most genuinely yandere about her loved ones even when not hit by the Hate Plague and having attacked Satoko in nearly every world, she gets this treatment way too much. Shion's normal persona is sincerely loyal, loving and highly protective of her loved ones but also has some major anger issues when it comes to protecting said loved ones. She'll never live down her rep while Rena is pretty well-known for being cute and nice.
  • Clover from the Zero Escape series. In one Bad Ending in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, everything she's endured over the course of the game finally catches up to her, and she snaps. In her paranoia that everyone in the cast is going to turn against her, she lashes out and attacks everyone with an axe. Despite this only happening once, and Clover's normally sunny and jokey disposition, this became the dominant interpretation of her in the fandom.

Web Comics
  • Fanart depicting the canonically annoying-but-harmless Kankri Vantas of Homestuck torturing resident Jerk Ass Cronus Ampora is quite popular.

Western Animation
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • Pinkie Pie, (no) thanks to Cupcakes. After the episode "Party of One", where her poofy mane deflated into a straight one when her Sanity Slippage was at its fullest, it gained another level: Straight-haired "Pinkamena" is (memetically speaking) practically a character unto herself. Sometimes she's just sad and insecure (as Pinkie was in the actual episode, her hair deflating just before she started talking to her "new friends" — inanimate objects — as she thought her real friends didn't like her) or sometimes she's Cupcakes Pinkie with the basement torture chamber to prove it. However, her "Party of One" personality isn't in Cupcakes itself — it's the fact that Pinkie acted (and presumably looked, as "Cupcakes" is older than "Party of One") just like her normal, cheerful self even as she tortured Rainbow Dash to death that makes it either so amazingly, awesomely hilarious or so amazingly, awfully horrifying depending on your temperament.
    • Big McIntosh also got this reputation after "Sweet Apple Massacre". Unfortunately, this was an example that was not funny.
    • Fluttershy, due to her being the most passive and shy character, but having occasionally shown bouts of anger or strength, including a brief bout of Yandere in "Best Night Ever".
    • Princess Celestia has been portrayed in some fanworks as a brutal dictator who suppresses her ponies.
    • "Lesson Zero" made sure that Twilight Sparkle will never live down this reputation. "Clock is ticking, Twilight ... clock is ticking!"
  • Donald Duck, if the Dolan meme is anything to go by.
  • Goofy is memetically a vicious child abuser via the "Its Goofy Time" meme.
  • Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender as a sort of Never Live It Down example. By her own admission, Kyoshi was a pragmatic woman, willing to kill a dictator to stop his reign- but fans like to jokingly portray her as someone who wants to bathe in the blood of her enemies and the like. Also not helping her case was bluntly telling Aang that she would have killed Fire Lord Ozai without a second thought. This is taken further by many fans, who think she knows Korra and revels in her destructive behavior, even dispensing advice.
  • Arthur: Mr. Ratburn is something of this in-universe, particularly early-on in the series before Arthur and his friends get to know him a little bit better.

  • The mascot character Kumamon (a mascot for the Kumamon prefacture in Japan) is depicted as a violent minion of satan as the result of a certain picture in front of a bonfire from Funny Junk in late 2011.