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Vinesauce is a livestreaming group of gamers, with an emphasis on variety, hilarity, and crossing the line twice. While there is no particular schedule in when each streamer streams a game, the group's creator Vinny usually streams late at night every other day or so, while Joel streams mainly on the weekends. Some of their most well-known streams include Vinny's corruption streams, Joel's Sims and bootleg gaming sessions as well as the Facade streams, and Rev's 24-hour SpongeBob Boat-O-Cross marathon.

The current line of streamers and their Twitch and YouTube channels are (in no particular order):

Their group website can be found here.

For tropes related to Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams, please see Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.

These videos contain examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming:
    • The name of Vinny's Skate 3 character, Bub Skebulba, was originally one for Sebulba from The Phantom Menace.
    • Vinny referred to Prince Richard as "Siegfried" during a corruption stream for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Link ended up outside Kanalet Castle due to the physics being messed up and Vinny referred to the castle itself as "Siegfried's Castle").
    • During a corruption of Donkey Kong 64, Vinny referred to Tiny Kong as "Dixie" on at least one occasion. Justified, as the former in an expy of the latter and Vinny was too terrified to remember the right name at that point.
    • From Vinny's The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D streams:
      • As he had gone about 14 years without playing Majora's Mask, he forgot several details of the game and initially mistook Mutoh (the head carpenter) for the mayor and later mistook Tijo (the drummer for the Indigo-Go's) for Evan (the keyboardist and bandleader for the same band).
      • When he was going through the Oceanside Spider House, someone in the chat referred to Gordon Ramsay as "Gordon Ramses" and he mentioned it, saying that this particular misspelling amused him because Ramses was a pharaoh in ancient Egypt and that isn't what Gordon Ramsay is. Not long afterward, he entered a room that contained sarcophagi.
      Vinny: [using a Gordon Ramsay impression] "Beautiful, Egyptian.... This fucking meal is so raw, it's biting the sphinx! This meal is so raw... a scarab could eat it!" [in his normal voice] "I dunno, I gotta think of some Egyptian Gordon Ramsay puns."
      Vinny: "Hey, are those sarcophagi? Timely, considering our chat."
      • When facing Gekko again in the Great Bay Temple, he forgot his name and listed "Gerk", "Greg", and "Gherkin" as possible names for him alongside his actual name. Not long after a viewer corrected him, he parodied this by referring to him as "Greg" again after getting frustrated by the fight.
    • Parodied when Vinny repeatedly refers to Mike Matei as "Mike Matinée" while streaming Super Mario Bros. 3Mix.
    • When streaming submitted levels for the 2015 Super Mario Bros. X contest, Vinny ended up in a boss battle with Dio Brando, calling him "Goku". Joel didn't take it too well.
    Joel: [in chat as "Vargskelethor"] "vinny i swear to fucking god if you call dio goku one more time i will shit a house"
    • While it may not have be entirely accidental, Rev butchers the names of several Undertale characters in his "I don't know anything about [X]" video on it. He calls Mettaton "Megatron", Gaster "Gaston", Napstablook "Napster", and Muffet "Muffin".
  • Action Duo:
    • Studyguy and Studygirl.
    • Rev and Joel, during their DayZ streams.
    • Limes and Direboar to their Resident Evil 5 streams.
    • Vinny and Darren in their Rust streams.
    • More recently, Joel and his "clone", Jolyene.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal:
    • Shovelware Showcase and the Shit Show, both series by Vinny covering bad games (the former deals primarily with console games, while the latter is primarily about computer games). Plug & Plague was later added to the repertoire, where Vinny plays games from bad "plug and play" consoles.
    • The stream itself has been referred to as Vinesauce Vidya (which was the basis for the main site's old URL) and Video Vinesauce.
  • Affectionate Parody: At least two Vinesauce streamers have made parodies of Did You Know Gaming?'s videos.
    • Rev has his "I Don't Know Anything About" series, which consists of him talking about subjects he knows little about.
    • Vinny made a "Did You Know Vinesauce?" video on Sponge, chronicling his history and appearances. This was made about two years after Vinny first thought of him during a stream of Super Mario 3D World (after Direboar suggested the creation of another Mario Brother), and during those years he went from having few traits other than his appearance to having a more fleshed-out personality and backstory.
  • After the End: In Vinny's "Fucked Up Towns" Animal Crossing: New Leaf stream (which covers strange towns visited via the Dream Suite), he figures that the town of New-York [sic] is a post-apocalyptic New York after seeing that it is heavily flooded, to the point where it's mostly inhabited by ducks living in partially submerged houses. In the same stream, he also visited the town of Promise, which was intentionally made to look like a nuclear wasteland, complete with radiation-warning signs, dead trees, and seemingly hopeless player characters.
  • A.I. is a Crapshoot: GPM's Twitter ebooks bot, which quickly gained notoriety for its... distressing messages.
    GPM_ebooks: You guys are awesome, only two days and we're only 10 away from my mortal flesh coil
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-universe, Vinny's impressions of the animated Mario and Luigi depicting Luigi as a terminally ill drug addict living off Mario's livelihood.
  • Angrish: Vinny playing Mario Kart surely guarantees this, or causes him to go into enraged-duck mode. He also tends to do this if he dies or fails at something in other games, in a very stupid way.
  • Animal Motifs:
    • Some streamers and viewers alike represent themselves with an animal icon, including Hootey (an owl), Limes (a baby harp seal, with a lime; she's also uploaded several YouTube videos of her pet ferret), and Direboar (a... well... boar, though his test image for the Booru was a photo of a ferret and not a boar). Former streamer Studyguy was associated with pigs.
    • Vinny is often associated with ducks or raptors thanks to his Angrish noises, though he can't stand geese.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: In-universe, Joel's Duane Armageddon M.U.G.E.N stream has him facing Giygas as the penultimate opponent. It took eight minutes for the Duane to win the Epileptic Flashing Lights-filled match. The final enemy? Dracula, who fights the Duane just as well as any normal character.
  • Anthropomorphic Food: GPM's "GPM_ebooks" bot tweeted something about a pizza baby, which apparently draws nourishment from GPM's "Miiverse Is Hell" streams.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • In 2012, KY hijacked the Vinesauce website and turned it into "Kings of KY", where he was the only streamer allowed. "King KY" jokes persist to this day (for example, KY's current Twitch avatar wears a crown).
    • In 2015, Joel made an entire stream in Swedish, Imakuni had her mother impersonate her briefly, and Vinny did something... odd with Tomodachi Life.
    • In 2016:
      • Ima pretended to be a little kid, redrawing her starting stream slate in a Stylistic Suck fashion and playing Sega Pico games with facecam on. It culminated in her using an art program to design a Sonic OC, "Hotled the Fox".
      • GPM and Joel switched roles and channels; "JeePM" did a bizarre "Miiverse Is Hell" stream, while "Geoell" did a "Hardcore Friday" stream of Mario Paint, following along with Bob Ross like Joel has done before (albeit with much more Stylistic Suck). Later in the day, Joel did another Swedish stream on his own channel.
      • Rev uploaded the first part of "ASMR/Relaxation Tape", where he reads a story that he wrote. The story switches from being extremely calming to being Sophisticated as Hell several times.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The AI in the Super Mario Kart Corruptions gets changed so that they would do really stupid things like drive into walls the entire time.
  • Ascended Fanon: In-universe, Vinny's question about whether a Super Mario Bros. 3Mix graphical glitch he encountered in his third stream of the game could be called a "Vinesauce bug" led to Southbird responding with "Sure, why not?" in a caption in his shortened version of the stream.
  • Author Appeal:
    • Joel is a huge fan of Fist of the North Star, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Heavy Metal music, and likes anything relating to skeletons. Expect these things to come up a lot in his streams.
    • Vinny has admitted that Rick and Morty is an obsession of his, and it's almost guaranteed that he'll reference it at least once during every stream (well, every stream after the show's debut). Like Joel, he's a music buff (albeit for prog rock groups like Pink Floyd, compared to Joel's obsession with metal), and writes and plays for the band Red Vox alongside his streaming.
  • Avant-garde Music:
    • Someone in the chat jokingly asked Vinny to cover Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. His attempt involved turning his compressor off to produce loud static, which he explained as the microphone attempting to reroute a nonexistent audio signal.
    • HotStart. It's an album Rev (under the name "Bees McBees") made by slowing dishwasher noises down to 3 BPM.
    • During one of Joel's streams of The Sims 4, his Waluigi Sim had his head replaced with a boombox, which plays a "song" composed of the Rainbow Ride theme from Super Mario 64, the Loud Nigra scream, people screaming out of fear of angry bees, and a guy saying "magic missile" repeatedly.
    • During Vinny's playthrough of Super Mario Sunshine the music for Bianco Hills glitched and the first note played continuously, leading to him joking that the background music was a "one-note remix" of the original.
  • Baleful Polymorph:
    • Joel's mods of The Sims allow him to modify already existing Sims, such as when a random guy was transformed into a deformed Pikachu man.
    • Vinny is surprised when a glitch causes Shy Guys to turn into clouds in Super Mario Bros. 3Mix. He follows this up by joking that Nintendo was angry about the hack and caused the glitch.
    "Same thing with the videos on my channel—oh, oh God... did they just turn into clouds? Nintendo's mad. They glitched my ROM hack."
    • Parodied when Vinny joked during a Super Mario Bros. 3Mix stream that his voice sounded hoarse because he was turning into a bug. (It was actually because he wore his voice out talking at PAX East 2015.)
  • Bears are Bad News: When Miitomo asked Fred what kind of animal would make him quickly run in the opposite direction, he said bears.
  • Big "WHAT?!":
    • Vinny drops them like candy.
    • Even for Joel, Russian bootlegs (in contrast to Chinese ones, which tend to just be silly and weird) seem to be so bizarre that he often goes into repeated variations of "What is this?" but he absolutely loses his mind when he gets a game over in the Felix the Cat Russian bootleg and gets this monstrosity.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Vinny's Majora's Mask 3D overlay says "This honestly looks like a banan" in Twilight Princess's form of Hylian text.note  It's referring to the appearance of the in-game clock's moon icon (which is displayed when it's nighttime), which appears next to the last line of that bit of text.
  • Black Speech: Regular text-input in Façade Corruptions 2 somehow turns into a translator for Satanic language.
    Summon the Ender One = GAMAGG THA AAAAR OGA
  • Body Horror:
    • Happens in most of the Nintendo 64 corruptions, but Sesame Street Corruptions takes the cake, with Big Bird, Grover, and Ernie morph in almost Alien Geometries to go with their scrambled voices.
    • Everything Joel creates in his The Sims streams.
    • Mario's face tends to become very distorted during corruptions of Super Mario 64 and Link's face once had mouths for eyes while the lower part of his face was glitched. The latter became the avatar of Weinerless Steve, who provides several of Vinny's corruptions.
  • Broken Record:
    • One corruption of Super Mario Bros. 2 repeated "WORLDSPREAD BEFORE" on most of the lines in the game's intro text.
    • GPM_ebooks is prone to repeating things, such as in this tweet:
    "i got an email from a video to a playlist added a video to a playlist added a video to a playlist added a"
    Vinny: "Stop saying that. You need to stop that, right now. I can't deal with this duck shit, but, my character is like me in real life, obsessed with ducks. All right, maybe the obsess—maybe not an obsession, but, like, there's a fascination, there's an interest, for sure."
  • Brown Note: Vinny declares some scrambled music in his Binding of Isaac corruptions a "yellow note" after he needs to go take a piss in the middle of playing. He very kindly left the viewers to listen to said song for a full minute while he left.
  • Butt Monkey:
    • The user Turtls gets blamed for a lot of stuff, and gets jokingly kicked a lot.
    • Joel made an entire album of metal songs dedicated to how much Rev sucks.
    • Vinny tends to suffer frequent failures whenever he plays multiplayer games. Mario Kart 8 is a good example of this.
    • Joel once played The Sims 3 using Sims based on Vinesauce streamers. Fred (or rather, Frooby) in particular ended up being the butt of many jokes due to his Sim's bizarre behavior and the situations he ended up in.
    • invoked Rose in Limes' Tales of Zestiria streams.
    • KY is the butt of jokes in one of Rev's PAX South videos, which portrays him as being obsessed with a pickle and features bystanders making sexual jokes about it.
  • Call Back:
    • Vinny's Mario 64 corruption video has one to the finale of the SNES corruptions.
      "Luigi, I got terminal seven. This is what it looks like, Luigi!"
    • In Vinny's Half-Life 2 corruption stream (referring to the Sesame Street corruptions):
      "This is not an underwater adventure. This is not an underwater adventure, this is pain!"
    • During his otherwise mostly properly read full stream of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Vinny reads the Happy Mask Salesman's "important mask" line as "iipootaat maak" from his old corruption videos of the original, as well as doing the same with the carpenter.
  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": When playing Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, Vinny accidentally referred to a Paratroopa as a "bird" after mistakenly defeating one that had to be jumped off to reach a Star Coin.
    "Aw, shit, I needed that bird. [beat] Bird. I called it a bird. Holy crap."
  • The Cameo: Of all people, one wouldn't expect Mr. Plinkett himself to drop in and record a few promo videos for them.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • Whenever Joel's antics start causing stuff to go loco, he usually says "It begins!" Vinny also says the same thing when playing awful games.
      • Joel uses words like "nuclear", "bootleg", and "Sumerian" to describe many, many things.
      • He frequently remarks "and I say that with [random absurd number] quotation marks" or something to that effect when he's being sarcastic.
      • When playing old DOS games, bootlegged games, or anything of the sort, he tends to say "You blew it" whenever he finds something he thinks the creators should be ashamed of.
      • "Swiggety-swooty, coming for that booty" When seeing a character with an amusing strut.
    • Vinny frequently says "Just like God intended" upon encountering something bizarre.
    • Vinny will often say "Statisically is this someone's favorite game" when he is playing a terrible game.
    • GPM_ebooks tends to say "Bless the friends we made along the way" strangely often for a murder-obsessed bot.
  • Celebrity Impersonator: Vinny received an odd email claiming to be from Kiefer Sutherland. It read like the email he received from Fantabuloso that advertised Le Fantabulous Game, especially since both emails misspell Vinny's name ("Viney" for Fantabuloso's and "Viny" for "Kiefer Sutherland's").
  • Celebrity Resemblance: During a Shovelware Showcase stream, Vinny fiddled with the avatar creator of one game and unintentionally made Ringo Starr.
  • Charity Motivation Song: After Rev decided to donate the proceeds from his HotStart album to people affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, he decided that a second Bees McBees album would be a charity album dedicated to helping the dwindling bee population.
  • Cloudcuckoolander:
    • A lot of the streamers straddle the line, but Joel embraces it.
    • Limes seems to do this too, although she still keeps herself focused on her objectives.
    • The emails Vinny received from Fantasticaneer advertising The Fantastic Game, Fantabuloso advertising Le Fantabulous Game, and a thinly veiled Kiefer Sutherland impersonator completely randomly in 2016, were rather "out there" and nonsensical.
  • Clueless Aesop: "Anyway, don't give your ferrets crack..." Note that it's clueless in that Rev quite literally spouted it at random.
  • Companion Cube:
  • The Corruption: Corruption streams, started by Vinny and in which he uses a data munging tool from Zophar's Domain (later dropped in favor of the in-house developed Vinesauce Corruptor, with more features, which was eventually replaced with the Real-Time Corruptor (RTC)) to inject noise inside a game's ROM, in an attempt to create insanity.
    • Eventually taken to the next level with the NES Hardware Corruptor, a specially modded NES designed to directly corrupt game data from an NES cart using an actual NES (in contrast to using emulation), using knobs installed in the system.
  • Crazy Survivalist:
    • Joel quickly falls into this when he and Rev play DayZ.
    • Limes in her Far Cry 4 streams, with a side of cuteness.
  • Creator Breakdown: invoked Joel sees one unfold in front of him at the end of the Pokemon Dark Graystone beta, where the creator rants about how he isn't going to continue working on the project because no one gives it any attention. This is followed by a credits sequence that childishly insults the people that worked on Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  • Cuteness Overload:
    • Limes' common reaction whenever she plays a Mamegoma game.
    • Limes in general, managing to always sound adorable, even when causing murderous havoc.
  • Dem Bones: Joel has a strange fascination with skeletons, and they come up a lot in his streams.
  • Designated Hero: In-universe, Vinny considers the protagonist of Torrente 3 to be one. The main character is incompetent, wastes the player's time with Toilet Humor, and repeatedly says offensive things that somehow manage to top each other each time.
  • Determinator: The streamers aren't taken to giving up, ever.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Whenever Joel uses a mod to kill people in The Sims, Death comes to reap their souls. As it turns out, even he can be killed.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Joel doesn't think Norway is as awesome as Sweden, so he drops 5,000 nuclear bombs on the country in Shadow President. He wanted to do the same to Texas simply because that's where Rev is from.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: A large majority of Vinesauce's in-jokes tend to fall under this category, namely for being spawned from spur of the moment events.
  • Droste Image: The finale of Joel's Windows 10 corruption has the MEMZ.exe program corrupt his virtual machine's screen this way.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Earlier in Vinesauce's life, Joel's YouTube channel was used as a general Vinesauce channel and still contains highlight videos for streams from streamers other than Joel, such as Vinny's streams of Animal Crossing: City Folk and Fred's drunk The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons stream.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal names some Pokémon after food and Joel thought that Venonat being named "Corn" was particularly odd during his playthrough of the game.
  • The Eeyore: Vinny's ebooks Twitter bot claims to have never had an awesome time, seems unsure about his future, and seems unsatisfied in general.
  • Eldritch Location:
    • Pretty much any game subjected to a corruption in Vinny's streams. These are usually comedic... usually.
    • Vinny visited a hacked dream town called the void in one of his later Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams. It features land completely covered with a black pattern, as well as things that are blatantly not possible without hacking, such as trees and weeds in rivers, the aforementioned black pattern in water and even in midair, bridges that stop before reaching the other side of the river (walking off the other end causes the player to walk into the river), and multiple copies (as opposed to just one, as in a normal playthrough) of some of the more creepy-looking characters, like Coco. The town's player character also has no name, despite the game normally not allowing players to leave it blank, and the small text box that displays a character's name when talking to them doesn't even appear when talking to him.
  • Emo Teen: During a stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, Vinny comments that he accidentally sounded like one when he said "there is beauty to be found in the darkness" to sum up his opinion of why he thinks depressing music can be appealing. The fact that he was in a ghost house level when he said it led to one piece of art joking that "Emo Vinny likes depressing music and ghost houses."
  • Eye Scream: One of the bizarre girls' Flash games Rev played is a eye doctor game. It was as gross at it sounds and Rev said it reminded him of a scene in Dead Space, a horror game. Rev sat squicked through it.
  • Failure Is the Only Option:
    • Fred's streams usually end with him failing. Badly.
    • Vinny usually fails at Bayonetta once per boss fight. Mario Kart 8's multiplayer follows suit, with Vinny tending to stay in last place for most of the race. Even if he manages to get within the top 3, he won't hold the position for long.
    • Almost encounter Vinny has had with a rhino has ended badly.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: When playing CHKN, Vinny created a giraffe-octopus-snake-crab monster with a deadly attack and a tremendous appetite. While initially dubbing it a "Jerokto Snakrab", he decides to name it "Jerome" after a chat member requested it.
  • Franchise Original Sin: invoked Joel mentions in his gameplay footage of Shadow the Hedgehog that the original Sonic the Hedgehog games suffered from camera problems, that because the screen was presented in 4:3 as opposed to 16:9, the player is prone to crashing into enemies and obstacles if they weren't familiar enough with the level layout. Notably, this is from the perspective of someone that was never even a fan of the franchise, and thus wouldn't know how prevalent camera issues would be in the 3D games.
  • Freak Out: Joel was genuinely startled and upset when his Xbox 360 started dying. Some viewers apparently didn't believe that it happened (this was before he started archiving his streams), because Piergaming's upload of the incident contains a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer in the description (though this may partially be because a previous, shorter upload signaled the console's approximate "time of death" by displaying a demonic-looking Xbox logo, which was edited in by Piergaming but isn't present in the unabridged video).
  • Freudian Slip: When Vinny was going through the Great Bay Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, he attempted to assure viewers that he got a Stray Fairy from a pot but mistakenly made it sound like he said he got high by phrasing it as "I did the pot."
  • Final Solution: Joel plots to do this to the the elves in his Dwarf Fortress streams.
  • Foreign Cuss Word: Joel once mentioned that he went to a Christian school that considered English-language cuss words to be more severe than their Swedish counterparts, in contrast to the common tendency for people to consider profanity to be less severe if it's not in their native tongue.
  • Friendly Enemy: Most of the community with each other.
  • Funny Foreigner: The Swedish Joel lends himself to this.
  • Follow the Leader: invoked After the success of the Fantastic Game, Vinny got a suspiciously similar e-mail and game from a Fantasticaneer knock-off. It didn't go well. Ironically, Vinny would later play the game's update, actually enjoying it after quite a while of ignoring the "egg-like" genre due to repetitiveness.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: A novel feature in many streams.
  • Glorious Mother Russia: Joel, on occasion.
  • Godwin's Law: Joel, during this video:
    "Dude... dude, when I do this, I turn into Hitler; just look at his face."
    "Look, he's doing the shitler."
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Vinny during his Super Mario Kart corruption stream:
    Vinny: Was it all in his head...?
    The next race has eight Marios in place of every racer.
  • Gone Horribly Right: During Joel's Windows 10 destruction he installs a bad real virus called 'memz' which really destroys the poor thing, which was already hurting from toolbars and fake antivirus software.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: During one round of Multi-Man Smash in Super Smash Bros., Vinny fought Miis of Jesus and The Beatles and said that he thought that "Jesus and the Beatles" sounded like a band name.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: During a destruction stream, Joel installs a piece of Polish malware that displays the text "kup teraz"note , which he ends up repeating. In a later stream, he referenced this by describing Poland as "the country that brought us 'kup teraz'".
  • Gratuitous German:
    • During a Majora's Mask corruption stream, every instance of "the" in the game's text was replaced with "das", even within other words (such as "then" becoming "dasn").
    • Vinny pointed out an example from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. After he successfully farmed for a Runesword (which he lost because he died without saving his post-farming progress), he points out how the slashing animation displays the text "verboten" (the German word for "forbidden").
  • Gray Rain of Depression: Parodied. It started to rain the day Lolly was preparing to leave Vinny's Animal Crossing: New Leaf town and Vinny talked about the time she spent in his town.
  • Guttural Growler: Grover's voice become deep and demonic-sounding at one point in Vinny's Sesame Street corruption stream. It also sounded like he was saying "Hey! YOU'RE DEAD! Fuck you!"
  • Hell Is That Noise:
    • Whenever Grover, Big Bird, and Ernie try to speak in the corruptions of Sesame Street.
    • Joel's stream of All Dogs Go to Heaven. It goes downhill after the first title screen.
    • Corrupted games are prone to making loud, screechy sounds, especially when they crash.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The streamers enjoy messing with naming systems.
    • Vinny is known for naming his characters bizarrely, often inserting vulgar terms and Inherently Funny Words like "foreskin" and "fungus". He has a particular preference for the "sk-" sound (seen in the name of his Skate 3 character, Bub Skebulba). During a corruption of Chrono Trigger, he gave Crono the name Broco.
    • When playing Life and Death, Joel named his doctor "Dr. Pepper" after a famous soda brand. When he played the sequel, he typed in "dr pepper is back", which resulted in the other doctors calling him "Dr. dr pepper is back".
    • In Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, Rev named his character "Bees McBees". He would later use the name for his HotStart album, which was inspired by a joke he made while streaming the game. When he played Punch Club a few weeks later, he followed it up with "Bees McKnee" (there was a character limit).
  • Hipster: Rev's character in Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, Bees McBees, is an elderly hipster. Rev jokes that his favorite genre of music is the sound of a dishwasher slowed down to 3 BPM.
  • Hostile Show Takeover:
    • The Vinesauce website has been jokingly taken over twice: Once by KY for the "Kings of KY" April Fools' Day event, and once by Turtls when Vinny made a bet to him with ownership of the site at stake and lost said bet.
    • Joel was the subject of a rather controversial (albeit ultimately harmless) one in November of 2015. Due to an XSplit password leak, an Internet Tough Guy managed to get ahold of Joel's YouTube channel and mock him through several videos, before deleting all of Joel's material to try and intimidate the fans. Since the incident started on a Saturday, when Google's employees are inactive, the hijacker managed to hold onto Joel's channel for six days before Joel was finally able to take it back and restore his own videos. While the hijacker turned out to be nothing more than a short-tempered troll, he did manage to get a significant rise out of Joel's fans, to the point where the whole Vinesauce crew now acts as if the whole decable never occurred. As Joel put it, "Well that was fuckin' stupid, wasn't it?"
    • Vinny's alter ego, a character of his named V-Dub who "took over" his channel in late 2015 and streamed Call of Duty: Black Ops. He is a parody of both stereotypical gamers and the person who hijacked Joel's channel around the same time.
  • Hotter and Sexier: GPM_ebooks claims to have "found out that Mario 64 actually has fucking" in one tweet. It also tweeted something about if "YOU MISSED IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE" (whatever "IT ALL" is).
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Rev named each episode of his off-stream Undertale playthrough after parts of the poem "The Masque of Anarchy". Considering that the playthrough is a Pacifist Run, and that the poem is about nonviolent protest, it fits rather well.
  • In-Series Nickname:
    • The title screen of Super Mario 7 (which refers to it as 7 Grand Dad) led to the use of the name "Grand Dad" for various characters. This most commonly refers to the Off Model version of Mario on said title screen, but it's also been used for the game's protagonist (who has Fred Flintstone's body and Mario's head) or even a combination of both.
    • Vinny referenced another Vinesauce streamer by referring to Kaepora Gaebora from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as "Hootey" while streaming the Master Quest portion of Ocarina of Time 3D in 2014. This nickname would be reused less than a year later when Majora's Mask 3D, which also features the character in question, was released.
    • Vinny referred to Anju's grandmother as "Granny Yam-tits" during his first stream of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. Since Vinny was at the very beginning of the game and thus had yet to get the Ocarina of Time back from Skull Kid, she came up because she and the scarecrows are the only way to skip through time without using the Song of Double Time.
      The following stream saw the return of the nickname "Hootey" for Kaepora Gaebora from his Ocarina of Time 3D streams, with that nickname being a shout-out to a fellow Vinesauce streamer rather than an unfortunate name, though this was followed by the "Granny Yam-tits" nickname being reused for Koume. An even later stream saw the use of the nickname "Gary" for a Garo on top of Ikana Castle and later the race in general, such as during the fight with the Garo Master in Stone Tower Temple.
    • Vinny referred to Bowser as "Koop" during the first battle with him in Super Mario Bros. 3Mix. He would later refer to Bowser Jr. as "BJ" after the fight with him at the end of World 3.
    • Vinny has a tendency to refer to Ganondorf as "Crenando" when playing games that feature him. This originated from when Vinny was playing Super Smash Bros. with a friend and his friend misread Ganondorf's name. He also uses this nickname to refer to Ganon even when playing games that only contain his beast form (despite the previously misread name, Ganondorf, only referring to his human form), such as during his quick playthrough of the first game in his home series and when visiting the Animal Crossing pig villager based on and named after his beast form (who was added in New Leaf's Welcome amiibo update, with said update inspiring Vinny to stream the game more frequently).
    • Vinny and his friends jokingly use "Louis Cuck King" as an expanded version of Louis C.K.'s stage name.
  • Inherently Funny Words: "Karnov", at least In-Universe. "Trash" and "quality" are treated the same way in-universe, while Rev treated "pickle" this way in one of his PAX South videos, due to the food itself being phallic in shape and KY's alleged obsession with it.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • After all the intentionally questionable drawings in Vinny's Game & Wario stream (including one that's obviously a sock on a penis which even Vinny predicted would be the end), what got him banned?
      "It's a spear. The Shy Guy is holding a spear!"
    • "Dusting off the Wii U" shows an image of Donkey Kong on the eShop that has the caption "Expand your collection." Vinny made a comment referencing the "Expand Dong" image.
    • In Rev's PAX South 2016 video (AKA "Playing with KY's Pickle"), missing audio was replaced with a conversation that took place while KY was eating a pickle. There was some intentional sexual humor from other people present (such as a mention of deep-throating the pickle), but everything said by KY himself was merely about the pickle he was eating.
  • Internet Tough Guy: Vinny encounters one in "Second Life Alpha Guy". He manages to make Ralph Bluetawn look smart.
    Dream Goodfellow: [after being asked when The French Revolution was] Dawg, this isn't about fuckin' intellectculiddy, a'right?
  • Image Booru: This streaming channel in particular receives such a large amount of fan art that they set up their own, so that viewers can upload their fan art and link easily on chat. However, not everyone is content with it and Southbird has been trying to find a way to replace it.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY"!:
    • Vinny once successfully convinced someone that "popcorn" was pronounced "papkern" in New York City.
    • Rev played a game called Pee-er, which is about a plant-watering robot. He notes that the name is pronounced like the name Pierre, despite the robot's questionably placed hose making it appear to urinate on the plants.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Fred.
  • Lecherous Licking: Vinny's "Speed Luigi" Miiverse Sketch character (who ended up becoming a Running Gag) has a tendency to creepily lick whatever/whoever else is in the drawing.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: You wouldn't think Limes, the one streamer that gets nervous during terror/suspense streams, would be the one who went on to curbstomp everyone else while playing The Hidden during the Multiplayer Block of the Charity Marathon.
  • Loophole Abuse: An unwritten rule of the stream is, if it's been gifted, it must be streamed, no matter what. Wave giftings of games like Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge and Magical Diary weren't unheard of. Eventually, "unless it has been streamed recently" was tacked on.
  • Mascot with Attitude:
    • Darren, the streamer potato.
    • Limes is also often associated with fat seals.
  • Madness Mantra:
    • When Joel streamed Super Mario 7 (actually a bootleg version of the game The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy), he couldn't stop screaming "grand dad" after seeing the title screen (which refers to the game as 7 Grand Dad).
    • The "lovely music" from The Binding of Isaac corruption stream.
    "The magician. The magician... the magician, the magician. Theee maagiiciiiaannn..."
    • When Joel discovers the Manananggal, he is briefly reduced to shouting "GRANDMA!!"
  • Malicious Misnaming: Joel claims Rev's full name (Colin Mullin) sounds like "colon muffin" on his Revnarok album.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: Joel, Vinny, and Hootey are all known for their wide range of voices and impressions, mainly using them for humor.
  • Me's a Crowd:
    • Seen at the end of this Super Mario Kart corruption, when all of the racers turn into Mario.
    • A few Mario Kart 8 online multiplayer streams with Vinny, where everyone except/including him is playing as Link.
  • Mind Screw:
    • Vinny falls victim to a couple of these whilst corrupting ROMs. Behold his Mario corruption.
    • Vinny screwed with Super Mario 64 using the more mundane method of GameShark codes, and the results were still strange. The presence of signs where they shouldn't be (including in front of other signs) had him reacting to it in a similar manner to the "Sen" corruptions of A Link to the Past.
    • The entirety of Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition. Highlights include Mario becoming a black hole, Mario speeding up and jumping super long, the music being changed to a capella versions sung by Mario, and the return of the signs. Later "Chaos Editions" of games that Vinny plays only up the ante.
  • Mr. Seahorse: Joel has been using a male pregnancy mod in The Sims 3. Combine this with his usual forte along with stuff like Sibling Incest and Interspecies Romance and you have very interesting results.
  • Mondegreen:
    • Vinny misheard two gibberish lines from the curator in Chibi-Robo Photo Finder as "'Nuff wanks" and "I'm going to honk you." In Vinny's "Tea Bag Condom" video he says the former after he finally accepts a picture of the titular condom-wrapped teabag.
    "Oh, well, this guy said, ''Nuff wanks.' So, 'nuff wanks. He was like, 'That's it, enough wanks. I want my condom back.'"
    • Various YouTube users have commented that Grover sounds like he says "Hey! YOU'RE DEAD! Fuck you!" at one point in Vinny's corruption video for a Sesame Street game for the Nintendo 64.
    • Vinny used mods to play Grand Theft Auto V as an elderly Korean man, who frequently swears in his native tongue. This didn't stop both Vinny and the viewers from hearing his single line as either "You know chaingun?" or "You know chainjahn?"
    • Vinny misheard "Buzzy Beetle" as "pussy eater" when he selected the enemy in question while designing a level in Super Mario Maker. He had a bit of an Oh Crap! reaction when he considered the possibility of Nintendo getting the Full Sauce upload taken down due to this moment.note 
  • Mood Whiplash: Vinny's Super Mario 64 GameShark stream featured strangely placed signs and creepy, corrupted music, which freaked him out. The YouTube video ends with a humorous montage of the signs featuring the song "Signs" by Tesla.
  • Motor Mouth: Rev in his "I don't know anything about [X]" videos, managing to squeeze quite a lot of information into a few minutes this way.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Joel has revisited the "Space Reaper" scene a number of times: Most notably while replaying Shadowgate in its Swedish dub, and in the Kickstarter remake.
    • When Vinny corrupted NES games in 3D, he ended up encountering one of the unused dice games in Super Mario Bros. 3, though its graphics were corrupted to the point where it was barely recognizable. Southbird, who shortened the stream, made a note of this, as he had previously helped document the game's unused bonus games on The Cutting Room Floor after discovering them while disassembling the game in question.
  • Nice Hat: A costume mechanic in Study's playthrough of Raw Danger. The Chef's Hat is notable because Study spends a few moments contemplating either saving the chef from death or just taking his hat. Though he opted to take the hat, both he and the chef fell regardless and a glitch occurs in the game that prevented him from getting the hat anyways.
  • Nightmare Face
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In-universe; the "The Legend of Sen" corruption severely freaked Vinny out.
    • Also in-universe, when making his Mario and Luigi Sims have sex with the male pregnancy mod installed, Joel remarked, "They will connect. They will connect into a maze of torment... and pleasure."
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • In-universe, Vinny comments on the ridiculously tiny face a Big Boo has in one of the levels in his Super Mario Bros X contest (level #44, "Spooky Boardwalk" by Phoba).
    • Invoked during the 2015 charity stream when Jen messed with Silent Hill's code, which resulted in characters sliding around instead of walking normally.
  • Noodle Implements: One corruption of Super Mario World resulted in Mario and Yoshi becoming two eggs, a hammer, and the head of a Chargin' Chuck. Part of this was accompanied by what sounded like a circus remix of the "athletic" level theme.
  • Noodle Incident: Various Vinesauce In Jokes from before full streams started to be archived are likely to come across this way to newer viewers. For example, the "The princess is in Fanoth" corruption of Super Mario Bros. 1 was referenced by Vinny during his fifth anniversary stream and was referenced in some of the levels from the Super Mario Bros X contest later the same year, but it cannot be seen on any official YouTube channels and all that remains on Vinesauce-affiliated webpages is this art depicting Fanoth as a country on a penis-shaped island off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Vinny issued one when assuring viewers that, yes, his clown story from March 2016 was as weird as he said it was.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Cave No Story has nothing. It gets scarier when the first music track that kicks in when Vinny gets the Weapon is "Quiet", the Abandoned Mimiga Village theme. Humorously, Vinny's only reaction is mounting annoyance that nothing is happening.
  • Nuke 'em: Joel's goal for his first playthrough of Shadow President was to nuke anyone and everyone he could, starting with Norway. It was a very short playthrough.
  • Off Model: Palette issues cause the Mario sprite on the title screen for the Super Mario 7 bootleg to appear to have incorrectly colored clothes and either bloody-looking teeth or toothless gums. The text on the title screen led to the use of "Grand Dad" as a nickname for him.
  • Oh Crap!:
    • Joel accidentally opens a portal into deep space and meets the Space Reaper.
    • Vinny, streaming A Link To The Past, absentmindedly claimed that he would give the stream to Turtls if he couldn't beat the final dungeon in under 20 minutes. This was followed by a moment of silence as he realized what he said. After that, for a whole day, the site was renamed Turtlesauce.
    • Joel accidentally discovered the Infinite Puke Glitch in Metal Gear Solid 3.
    • Everyone's reaction after Joel attempted to land on the surface of a star in an early release of Kerbal Space Program. Thanks to a catastrophic bug, the ship did not crash, it just disappeared... along with all the other ships Joel had in orbit, all the structures of the Space Program on Kerbin, and even Kerbin's atmosphere for no clear reason, even after restarting the game.
    • Limes' reaction to the results of making fun of a rhino, described below. Same applies to her caged-tiger kill.
    • Darren when finding out that gas cans in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. have ridiculous explosive range.
  • One Degree of Separation: Vinny played Super Mario Bros. 3Mix after seeing Mike Matei's video on it. The fact that it was made by a Vinesauce fan is a coincidence. A coincidence that landed Captain Southbird an editing job.
  • One of Us: Invoked. Vinny showed the Running Gag entry for Vinesauce in this stream.
  • Overused Running Gag: After Vinny mentions Lakitoad (a cross between Lakitu and Toad that attacks with infernal noises) during a stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, he ends up going through several pieces of art of the character. It gets to a point where he says "Do I need to explain further?" when showing one piece, though that didn't stop him from showing more Lakitoad art.
  • Panel Show: Too Many Games 2016. The convention holders wanted it to be just about Vinny, but he didn't want to do it alone as the other streamers are important to the stream and to him as well. The others had a bit of Stage Fright because they didn't feel welcome, but he was glad the others were there and hopes that they will feel more welcome next time.
  • Paste Eater: Vinny once knew a kid in school who ate glue and expected that there would be a "Super Mario 65". Vinny also mentioned that he thought there would be a "Paper Zelda".
  • Prophet Eyes: Corruptions of Super Mario 64 often distort Mario's face. Some of the corruptions in question remove his pupils and irises.
  • Putting the Pee in Pool: When Vinny was streaming Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, he encountered a pool of yellow liquid that turned out to be harmless, though Vinny joked that it was actually urine and that Toad (his current player character and a frequent butt of his jokes) enjoyed that. This was followed by a comment that a younger cousin of Vinny's once said "pee pool" to him while the two were in a pool, which freaked him out once he found out why he was saying that.
  • Quest for Sex: Joel's childhood cat went on a two-year one, as detailed here.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Vinny gives one directed towards Data Design Interactive when streaming Rock 'n' Roll Adventures.
    • Vinny called out certain ROM hackers during his third stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, saying that he liked that hack because its difficulty level was more akin to that of the original game and felt that hackers shouldn't assume that players must know every detail and advanced technique from a game just to enjoy a hack based on it (Vinny had previously stated that he isn't fond of Nintendo Hard ROM hacks when streaming 3Mix).
    • Vinny called out people he called "the worst kind of Vinesauce fan" after they got mad at him for not doing anything when Joel's channel was hijacked, even though there wasn't anything he could do other than continue streaming and wait for Google to sort everything out.
    • When the streamers started using separate Twitch channels, it had the side effect of causing some people to feel the need to advertise when another streamer has gone online. Joel would later call out people who do this.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Limes' mascot, a baby harp seal with a slice of lime on her head.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin:
    • Corrupted text can resemble typos if the font isn't completely distorted.
      • References to "six stars" and "Cap Switches" were changed to "swx stars" and "Bap Swwtches" in one corruption of Super Mario 64.
      • "Wanna" became "wannz" and "lookin'" became "loooin'" in a corruption of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
      • Link's name was changed to "Oink" in a corruption of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The YouTube upload is called "The Adventure of Oink" because of this.
      • One corruption of Super Mario Bros. 2 replaced "saw" with "sax" in the game's intro, changing the text from a reference to Mario seeing the land from his dream to a mention of him playing the saxophone.
    • Vinny has come across misspelled Miiverse Sketch requests in Game & Wario. For example, "GOMBA" and "YOSHL" prompted him to draw bastardized versions of a Goomba and Yoshi, respectively.
    • During one of Joel's Windows 8 destruction streams, the Softonic software used a text-to-speech program to explain what the software does and the fact that the script misspelled "tutorials" as "tutorals" amused Joel.
  • Running Gag: Vinesauce picks these up a lot. See the Running Gag page for examples.
  • Running Gagged: After the BonziBUDDY jokes had run their course, Joel responds to a request to draw him in Mario Paint by writing "NOT FUNNY" instead of actually drawing a picture, followed by refusing to even try to see if the program runs on Windows 8 during his "Windows 8 Destruction" stream (in contrast to how he reluctantly downloaded it during his "Windows 7 Destruction" stream and it eventually worked when he tried running it as an administrator).
  • Say My Name: Whenever Vinny comes across Scoot while playing an Animal Crossing game, expect Vinny to say his name enthusiastically.
    • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: Joel made a highlight video of one of Vinny's Animal Crossing: City Folk streamsnote  and ended it with the quote in question being repeated to the tune of Kakariko Village's theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • The Scapegoat: When Joel's channel was hijacked in 2015, the hijacker tried to pin the blame on Bastrin (a YouTuber with a bone disease) by using pictures of him as well as using his name in videos' titles.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:
    • After having a wonderful time with Paca Plus, Vinny gives Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ a try, hoping for the same experience. He quits before getting to any of the suggestive scenes.
    • As the sheer horror of the giant floating eye in The Fantastic Game is revealed to Vinny, he simply decides to "nope" out.
    • At the beginning of his Undertale genocide run, Joel "nopes" out of the room when he first sees Toriel.
  • Sensory Abuse:
    • A lot of the music and noises on Vinny's corrupted runs are extremely loud. Made all the worse that they pop up at random with no warning. In addition, the same streams also produce visual effects that could cause problems for people with epilepsy.
    • This is what makes Joel's encounter with the All Dogs Go to Heaven DOS game so "memorable" — it plays an extremely loud (and badly clipped) version of "You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down" without warning, startling both Joel and the viewers.
    • Southbird is fond of special effects and won't hesitate to use them when he edits Vinny's videos.
  • Series Mascot: The so-called "Vineshroom", a Super Mario Bros. 1-Up Mushroom with a V-shaped decal on it. Some streamers use edited versions of it as channel avatars; for example, Rev has one wearing a gas mask, Joel has a skeletal one, and Jen has one wearing the Harley Quinn-esque outfit she's generally associated with. About half a year after GPM became a Vinesauce streamer, he changed his avatar to a purple Vineshroom with triangular sunglasses (similar to what the character in his previous avatar wore), which has muscular arms added to it in the avatar for his full stream channel on YouTube.
  • Sibling Incest: One of the most common jokes on Vinesauce is that Mario and Luigi are in a gay/incestuous relationship. Joel actually made this happen in The Sims 3... with a male pregnancy mod installed.
  • Significant Reference Date: As Joel reveals, the last time he played The Sims 1 was on September 11, 2001.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Out of all the streamers, Joel probably can't make a stream without saying at least one swear, while Darren is frequently described as a foulmouthed potato for a reason.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Vinny's ebooks Twitter bot (Vinebooks/@vinny_ebooks) has a tendency to tweet things that sound oddly sophisticated despite containing profanity.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Present with some of Vinny's corruptions, like the Mario 64 ones.
  • Starving Artist: Rev. Most of the artists in chat apply as well.
  • Stylistic Suck: Vinny apparently likes to stream fangames of very dubious quality for their comedy value, a trend that started with The Fantastic Game (seen here), made by resident Cloudcuckoolander viewer Fantasticaneer. He ended up referring to that game and similar games as being of "the egglike genre" due to that specific game's abundance of eggs.
  • Surreal Horror: Among other things, the stream of Active Worlds gets close to it. Vinny plays on an empty server and discovers another player, Hitomi Fujiko. Things go downhill after that (namely, Hitomi accusing Vinny of killing all of the other players and then calling him by name when he hadn't mentioned it once).
  • Surreal Humor: Between the fan games, corruptions, fucked-up mods, and just plain odd games, this is something this site lives on.
  • Take That:
    • This video, directed at PewDiePie and his many imitators.
    • Vinny's "V-Dub" persona is a jab at stereotypical "gamers" (and, to a lesser extent, scarecams). Given that he took the spotlight not long after Joel's channel was hijacked, he's likely a jab at him as well.
    • After the announcement of Young Conker in early 2016, Imakuni made an emote of the redesigned Conker's face. The name of the emote? "imaMistake".
  • Tempting Fate:
    • While creating Miis on one of his streams, Vinny made the mistake of saying, as he had the Wii U scan a Mii's picture, "This is foolproof, there's no way it can screw this up..." The end result looked nothing like the original Mii.
    • Zig-zagged when Vinny speculated which of his sexually explicit Miiverse Sketch drawings would get him banned. One of his candidates was his drawing of Majora's Mask (which is covered with nipples), but it's still there as of March 2016 (just over two years after it was posted). What actually got him banned was a Shy Guy holding a spear.
    • Limes making fun of a rhino's horn in Far Cry 4. It went as well as expected. Same can be said about Vinny, shouting "FUCK OFF" at a rhino, just because. In the same stream, she attempts to kill a caged tiger with a grenade. If you've guessed that it didn't kill the tiger, and freed it instead, you win five TV Tropes points. She manages to kill it anyway, with her bow and shotgun.
    • Darren attempts to kill some soldiers in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to get their gear easily and sell it to whoever lives. He then tries to set a gas can on fire and shoot it from a safe distance. To say the least, his second try earned him more distance.
    • During Joel's Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal streams, someone in the chat mentioned how buggy the Pokémon Communication Center is after he got there, also noting that the tunnel under Goldenrod City has similar issues. Joel assumed everything was OK when he didn't encounter any problems in the Communication Center, but he was proven wrong when the game practically imploded when he got close to the other side of the tunnel.
    • Joel tempts fate again during his randomized Pokémon stream. He talks about how he has never liked Sandslash, and he almost immediately encounters them. He hopes that the trainers won't have Legendaries, and the first trainer he fights sends out Moltres.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: invoked This was Joel's opinion of Pokémon Snakewood; while he liked the Zombie Apocalypse take on Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, he felt that it was too unfocused for him to really enjoy.
  • Tranquil Fury: During a stream of Ys Origin, playing as Hugo on the highest difficulty mode, Fred was quite visibly frustrated during a boss fight, despite rarely saying anything because he was focusing his attention on the game. Things got worse when the game crashed after defeating the final boss.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Vinny's "Memories of Sponge" level in Super Mario Maker involves a continual series of traumatic events for Sponge. The fact that the path to the goal is only open for a brief moment before the player has to go back to the entrance and repeat the level adds to the effect.
  • Troll:
    "Trolls and I will finally determine who gets more mad bastard, this is frightening and amazing."
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible:
    • In-universe, Vinny pokes fun at this idea while playing Strawberry Cubes:
    "Son, are you playing your games again?"
    "IT'S ART, MOM!"
    • invoked Rev tweeted that he dreamed that his HotStart album became a huge success and drove people to tears, despite it consisting of slowed-down dishwasher noises.
  • Tyop on the Cover: Vinny ordered cards advertising his band, Red Vox, and either Autocorrect or the V and B keys being next to each other led to the cards giving "REDBOXBAND.COM" (which Vinny discovered to be occupied by a domain squatter) as the band's website.
    "...But everyone, now, gets to go to redboxband.com. Got, uh, 200 of these bad boys. Yeah."
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: When Vinny shoots an innocent cat in Fallout 4 once, it's so cruel and mean-spirited for him to apologize. When he keeps shooting it right after apologizing, it's hilarious.
  • Visual Innuendo: Vinny commented that he thinks the Like Likes in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D look like male sex toys and claimed that the Four Giants use them that way (due to their size).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Rev and Joel, as well as Reg and anyone he interacts with (mostly Vinny and Jen).
  • Voice Clip Song: "The Hut Out Joel's Ass" combines Joel's hamminess with Modest Mussorgsky's "The Hut on Fowl's Legs" and acts as the BGM for level #60 ("Vinception" by EPM) from Vinny's 2015 Super Mario Bros X contest.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Streamers tend to stumble into Game Breaking Bugs far more often than regular people do, deliberately or otherwise. And then there are the corruption streams.
  • Wham Line:
    • In the Worlds Exploration stream, there's this moment:
    Vinesauce:Note  he died for your Sin... I see no nails...
    Vinny: I didn't type that. I did NOT type that. No one saw- You ALL have been watching, I did not type that! Uhhh...
    Vinesauce: In the name of the father... his son... and the holy spirit... amen... look at him there... do walk closer and see what you have done... how the blood from his wounds flows so easily in your mind when you, yes you drive that evil spirit through his side... he died for your Sin... I see no nails...
    Vinny: terrified squeak [Beat] I have to go to Jay....
    • From this (insanely creepy) stream:
    Hitomi Fujiko: Goodbye.
    Vinesauce: Goodbye.
    Hitomi Fujiko: Vinny.For context. 
    Vinesauce: WHAT THE FUcvl\
  • What Did You Expect When You Named It ____?: During some of Joel's adventures in The Sims 3, he names the baby of Ash and a deformed Pikachu man Missingno. Said baby ended up having a distorted face larger than the city.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Invoked and why Rev plays these weird and, at times, even horrifying Flash games.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: invoked One question Vinny asked the creator of Mario Cars 2 when talking to them was "What drugs did you guys take when you made this?" And this was one of the less trippy amateur games he's covered.
  • Word Salad Humor:
    • Joel stops making coherent sentences by the end of his drunken Dark Souls run.
    "Ass wanks are Indonesian vampires that bananas and... uh... tree trunks. Banana."
    • Vinny's Super Mario Maker levels sometimes have completely random names that have nothing to do with the contents of the levels, like "Lando Lakes" (which isn't a water level and has nothing to do with Lando Calrissian or butter) and "Daddy-Longlegs" (which is simply a name he came up with by pointing to a book with his eyes closed). An exception is "Field of Koopers 3", which was inspired by the Stylistic Suck-filled Super Mario World hack Chaos CompleXX.
    • Corruptions tend to produce nonsensical text. From The Legend of Zelda I alone, we have "spay me for the dooret" and "it's fuckedous to go alone".
    • Vinny sent himself a nonsensical email while very tired at 8 AM and shared it during his 21st stream of Majora's Mask 3D. It manages to be stranger than the emails he received from the creators of "egglike" games.
    "Written by beloved folk treasure dumping the company, this one is called across your nose and up your twat, this old man got a baseball bat"
    • Vinny played a hack of Chrono Trigger called Kronos Trigger that features a rather nonsensical script. To give a couple of examples, Marle's time travel accident at the beginning of the game apparently involved her going to a villa in Tuscany, while the town of Porre is the home of an inn called the Porn Inn.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Joel's interpretation of what PSI Rockin (which he named PSI Metal in his playthrough) does to enemies in EarthBound.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Vinny is baffled when he defeats Bowser in World 1-4 of Super Boy (a bootleg version of Super Mario Bros. 1 for the MSX) and the trope-naming scene with the freed Mushroom Retainer is replaced with the text "SORRY NOTHING" on a plain black background.

"Joel? Joel? Did you download tropes again, Joel?"
"N-no Dad, no no—"