Web Video: Vsauce

Vsauce is a trilogy of YouTube channels hosted by Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, and Jake Roper respectively. The first channel, headed by Stevens, talks about the wonders of science and answers scientific questions. The second channel, hosted by Lieber, talks about awesome creations and "the best of the Internet". The third channel, run by Roper, talks about video game worlds and answers game-related questions.

The main Vsauce series are:

  • DONG: Short for Do Online Now, Guys. This series features awesome websites and online games, often recommended by viewers. Originally ran on Vsauce 1, but was moved to Vsauce 3.
  • DOT.: The main series on Vsauce 1note . Questions are answered with a plethora of extra facts thrown into the mix. They're scientifically themed on Vsauce, but more video game themed on Vsauce 3, where the series is called HeadShot.
  • FAK: Short for Facts and Knowledge on crazy inventions, mind blowing tech, and more. Only on Vsauce 2.
  • Mind Blow: The latest in science and tech and other similar fields. Only Vsauce 2.
  • BiDiPi: Build it. Draw it. Play it. The coolest creations from everyday humans. Only on Vsauce 2.
  • 54321: Cool facts and riddle challenges that can and will test your brainpower. Only on Vsauce 2.
  • GRUB: All about Foreign Queasine and only on Vsauce 2.
  • 9bit: A series consisting of nine random gaming facts per video. Only on Vsauce 3. (but has yet to return since June 2013.)
  • App All Knight: A series highlighting the best and coolest apps for smartphones and tablets, with each episode ending with the specially honored "App of the Week". Only on Vsauce 3.
  • Game LÜT: This series features loot based off of video games such as plushes, board games, and props. Running on Vsauce 3. Also on Vsauce 2, but simply called LÜT.
  • Video Game WTFs: A series making fun of video game glitches. Only on Vsauce 3, but hasn't been around since November 2012.

These three channels incorporate the following tropes:

And as always, thanks for watching.