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Creator: Steve Blum

"When you're in a room with Steve Blum, you often think you're on a Shakespearian stage."


Simply put, the American equivalent of Norio Wakamoto (and lesser extent, Keiji Fujiwara).

Steven Jay Blum is notable for his incredibly versatile range, though his most well-known is his Guttural Growler voice. He can play just about any role from heroes, to villains, even to the just plain weird. One of his most notable roles is Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. He is also known for working with Wendee Lee and Nolan North. He is equally known for having a ludicrous number of roles in the same work at times, with some video games having him voice so many extras that it seems as if you have stepped into some bizarre world populated almost entirely with Steve Blums.

He has a Twitter account. In April and May of 2012, he used it to lead the charge to bring Toonami back on the air, which was announced as successful on May 16, 2012.

Officially holds the Guinness World Record for being the most prolific video game voice actor, having 261 credited appearances as of May 10, 2012.

A few of the characters he has voiced are found here.

His Dallas counterpart is Chris Sabat and his Houston counterpart is David Wald. He's also the Los Angeles counterpart to San Francisco's Erik Braa.

Notable roles from Steve Blum:


Comic Books


Video Games

Western Animation


  • Toonami: Tom 2.0 - present
  • Vinesauce: Recorded two blurbs for the stream
  • Advertising: Currently does voice-over work for 7-Eleven's advertisements.

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alternative title(s): Steven Jay Blum; Steven Blum; Steve Blum
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