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  • Vinny playing Tomodachi Life. All of it. The amount of comedy in that game is enough to warrant its own page (which includes moments from the Tomodachi Collection corruptions).

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  • Vinny, Joel & Fred - Drunken CS:GO has the trio doing a drinking game while playing Counter-Strike. The gold is found in the commentary and Joel´s rambling.
    Vinny: If you were drafted, to the military, and they told you to lead the bayonet charge, would you?
    • Some time later:
    Joel: I lost a good fuckin' friend to violence.
    Vinny: ...To violins? How did the instrument make you lose a friend?
    Joel: Hey Vinny. Hey Vinny. I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi. I know... the things. You must go to the Dagobah system. Vinny. Vinny, you must kill... kill for victory.
  • Vinny and Joel's unexpected encounters with specific insects. Vinny attempts to shoot a stinkbug with a airsoft pistol (backed with accidental, dinky Kirby music), while Joel goes apeshit at a hornet before crushing it with a book.
  • Rev's 24 hour Boat-o-Cross stream had plenty of good moments:
    Joel: It's awful, you're disgracing my language.
    Rev: Pizza Hut may have blacklisted me. I don't know why they would do that, but yeah.
    'Legends speak of a great man. A man who played Boat-o-Cross for 24 hours. His name was Rev, AND HE SUCKED DICK!
  • Speaking of Joel's encouragement songs, there's a whole album now of songs about how much Rev sucks.
    • The Revnarok, an album of 50 songs dedicated to Rev, performed by Joel, done in the style of Anal Cunt. That's about all that needs to be said.
  • The Japonies series, in which Studyguy and friends get together to bet on horse races... in Japan World Cup.
    • "Fuckin' Pee Pee Donuts!"
    • "Oh, that's too lewd! But wait a minute, we're all too lewd!"
  • The Pathfinder stream with Hootey, Rev, KY, Imakuni and Jen.
    • Ima and Jen's plan to take down a knife-wielding assailant by ripping off their clothes, throwing the clothes at the guy, setting the clothes on fire in mid-air, and having them land on the guy. All to get around a save that the guy probably would have failed anyway.
    • Any time that Randus the Savage, played by Rev, gets into the spotlight. OH YEAH!!!
      • Special mention goes to when the group are trying to sneak around an enemy base.
    Randus: OH YEAH!!!
    NPC: We're trying to not be seen.
    Randus: (quieter, but with no less energy) OH YEAH!!!
  • As an incentive for their 2015 charity stream, Games Repainted made a Vinesauce-themed Super Mario Galaxy mod, with help from GPM (who would eventually join the team full-time in 2016) and Imakuni. Predictably, it's a fountain of memes with increasingly bizarre texture and music swaps.
    • To begin with, the main character is Sponge (complete with Mario's model being altered to always frown), Bowser has his head replaced with that of Vinny's Mii, a Luma has Karl Pilkington's face, and Rosalina is Two Faced.
    • The end of the intro sequence. Not only is Bowser's head replaced with Vinny's Mii, his roars are lifted from the "Choicest Voice" stream. Then, after the flying saucer comes through, there's a close-up of Peach's eye... and the image in the reflection is Ralph Bluetawn.
    • One graphical change involved a tutorial image being replaced with a picture of Rev making a goofy face that Vinny interpreted as Rev saying "y'all".
    • Good Egg Galaxy has a constantly repeating children's song about how you should always do your best that quickly causes Vinny's Twitter feed to blow up with messages about how he should do his best. He tires of it really quickly.
    • Then the secret room has Vinny's "Rub Titties" rap from the Crimelife 3 stream in it.
    • Vinny was looking forward to hearing the Honeyhive Galaxy music, one of his favorites in the original game. He didn't think it was changed at first, but he was proven wrong shortly after entering the area. The music starts off as normal, but then it starts to slow down, distort, and then stop. What does the music then Bait and Switch to? "It's hip to FUCK bees!"
      Vinny: You son of a bitch! You played me like a goddamn fiddle!
      • According to GPM, people in the chat were vomiting from laughing so hard.
      • This leads to a discussion between GPM and Vinny. GPM asks Vinny if he would actually fuck a bee (Bee-stiality if you will.) in a world where he couldn't fuck anything else. Vinny then asks if the bee would be the size of a human, or if he would be the size of a bee, because if the latter were the case, he'd agree to it. GPM is appropriately confused, questioning why that would even matter to Vinny.
      • "#beesex" The funniest part about it is that it actually started trending on Twitter!
    • Vinny's Guy Fieri imitations. It ends up with his Twitter feed becoming flooded with Guy Fieri pictures (alongside the "do your best" stuff).
    • Vinny making references to the Funky Kong ASMR video, peppering his ramblings with "bodacious" and the like.
    • At one point, Vinny brings up that some Vinesauce videos have been uploaded to PornHub... and that the comments there are more tolerable/readable than on YouTube.
    • The day after, Rev tweeted this:
  • The entirety of Joel and Rev's Blind Pokémon Drawing stream, mainly due to the former streamer's incompetence.
    • Their conversation about how Salvador Dalí was "worried about [his] dick being cut off", and how he put subtle hints about this in his art, especially this gem:
      Joel: So, the guy had like a... circumcision phobia?
      Rev: Yeah! Yeah, seriously. You start looking at it — you know the melting clocks? You know what that's about?
      Joel: Melting cocks. (silence, he starts laughing) Melting cocks!

  • The entirety of Fred's The Legend of Zelda Oracle games drunk stream.
    'The Darth Vaders of vagina?'
  • From his first stream of Miitomo (link):
    • He pauses to look at his Mii's first potential outfit option, declaring it to be a "pure douche" clubbing outfit. He would continue to check out various bizarre outfits.
    • After a while of trying to figure out how to play Miitomo Drop, he says he wants a cat. He drops Imakuni's Mii and gets candy instead, though he did get a cat sweater after dropping another Mii. He asks the chat to decide the color... and ends up with purple. He did eventually get an actual cat companion, as well as a cat miniskirt.
    • He drops Rev's Mii, whose tendency to bounce off bumpers more than the other Miis prompts a response of "Goddammit, Rev."
    • He tries on the cat sweater and the cat miniskirt, commenting only that the colors don't match.
    • He tweets a Miifoto of his Mii wearing a dinosaur hood and a spacesuit.
    "He is Beauty. He is Grace"
    • He shows his answer to what he thinks the best thing about cats is.
    "iam allergicbuttheyarestillcute#yolo"
    • The stream's title of "Memetomo" ends up being fitting when he shows that he commented that memes are something he noticed becoming popular recently.
    • Game's question: "What did you do last weekend?" Fred's answer: "Cry."
    • The game asked "What did you have for dinner last night?" One of Fred's friends, Gross, gave "dirt" as his answer.
    • Game's question: "What's something from your past that you wish you could forget about?" Fred's answer: "All my mistakes"
    • To end the stream, he states that "I'm done with Miitomo arigato Mr. Roboto," adding that he's tired.
  • From his second stream of Miitomo (link):
    • He starts off by commenting on people at work recycling components from computers and other electronics while thinking of which famous person he'd like to be friends with. He eventually starts to type "Vinny :(" but ends up skipping the question entirely.
    • The game asks him about something he wants to quit doing but can't. He quickly cracks himself up by saying "My job" (which he had talked about earlier) and ends up sticking with that as his answer, to which his friend Ghostly's Mii responds, "My job? Well, I believe in you!"
    • He checks the answer list and it shows that Imakuni had also noticed memes becoming popular recently.
    • Game's question: "What's your earliest memory?" Fred's answer: "Parents divorce"
    • Game's question: "What would you like to get for your next birthday?" Fred's answer: "A job I actually care about"
    • Game's question: "Are you completely addicted to any TV shows right now? If so, what?" Fred's answer: "That fredsauce show on twitch is pretty good imo"
    • Game's question: "What's your favorite place on Earth?" Fred's answer: "My bed." This is a Call Back to his previous comment on being tired.
    • Game's question: "Which animal would make you run as fast as possible in the opposite direction if you saw it?" Fred's answer: "Bear"
    • Imakuni shared a picture of her Mii angrily shouting "This is... my stand!" in front of a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. Fred is amused by the strange face she's making.
    • Fred's Mii claims he has breaking news on what Imakuni was doing recently: "Shitposting with photos of Vinny"
    • Continuing with friends' answers: "I hear Fops's favorite type of bread is... dick"
    • Checking more answers by Imakuni: "Word is on the street is that Imakuni's been here recently: "The moon and back." She also claims to have been afraid of spiders and bugs her whole life, which causes Fred's Mii to shiver.
    • Another answer by Fops claims that the best thing about cats is that they don't judge people, which Fred denies.
    • "This is how Vinesauce relieves stress: Play drums with two red dildos." Cue Fred laughing and commenting that it's something Vinny would do. "Two red cocks for two Red... Vox."
    • Rev sent a picture of his Mii wearing a suit and looking surprised. Rev's caption: "Actually my face whenever I get a photo taken."
    • Game's question: "What outfit would you never be able to pull off?" Fred's answer: "A dress"


  • During Hootey's Independence Day Stream of Xenonauts, he had to send his Alt Squad out to recover a downed UFO. He moved Buttsmachine in front of the Riot Shielder... and was then instantly sniped by reaction fire. His reaction was priceless.
    • Also during the same stream, he had his shotgunner walk right up to an alien and fire... and somehow miss, with a 98% chance to hit. He proceeded to stop to laugh for a minute or two.
    • Once, he joked that he could recruit civilians by knocking them out and carrying them back to base. He used the stun rod on a nearby civilian, which killed it and left behind nothing but a pool of blood and some organs.

  • Imakuni installed a text-to-speech voice reading all the donations she received out loud. Hilarity ensued.
  • When playing Digital Devil Saga, she told a story about going to a strip club with Rev. It involved her discussing titties in an innocent little kid voice, a friend spending $500 on strippers, someone asking to see her penis, and Rev getting treated like a BDSM slave.
  • From her Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer stream:
    • The first house designed had a toilet in the middle of the floor, which she claimed was the centerpiece of the room. A chat member commented that the computer in front of it is "for shitposting while shitting." After the house was completed, the camera panned around the newly completed room as usual, but this time it seemed to focus an awful lot on the toilet.
    • After finishing Lopez's house, he told her that he preferred manga over comics (and in the original language), that his house wasn't complete without a picture of her, and that they should have a slumber party. Imakuni concluded that he is a creepy Occidental Otaku.
  • The minigame The Beat Goes On in Mario Party 3 produced a pattern that ended up being pronounceable, to hilarious results.

  • Jen's Animal Crossing stream. The contrast between the happy, laid-back game and Jen's profane commentary is hilarious.
    While doing errands for Tom Nook.
    Jen: "You don't deserve these flowers, Nook, you fucking bastard."
    After an ostrich villager makes fun of Jen's name.
    Jen:: "I'm going to dig a hole and push you in it, you fucking whore ostrich!"

     Joel: Destructions, Bootlegs, Mods, and Hacks 
  • Windows XP Destruction which, as the title would tell you, has Joel doing absolutely horrible things to a Windows XP computer by downloading virus-laden nonsense, all while reliving the yonder days of 2002. Don't worry guys, it's a virtual machine.
    • There's also his reaction to the porn site that popped up right after installing the infamous adware program BonziBUDDY.
      Joel: "Naked Ladies?! No—HAHAHAHAHA!! WHAHAHAHAT?! No, I don't think I wanna—(cracks up) YES! IT BEGINS!"
    • Opening Paint and drawing a picture of a deformed Yoshi and Mario on meth, all while listening to "In The End".
    When Mario started—STOPPED using mushrooms, he went for meth instead. So he's got bad teefffffffffff.
    SHUT! UP! Jesus, urgh! God, I can't stand it, even ironically!
    • His YouTube Poop.
    • Any time Joel impersonates Fred Durst, heard often during the full stream of the Windows XP destruction.
    • He opens Paint and recounts the time when, at school, one of his classmates would always open Paint and draw a penis on every computer in the room.
    Our fuckin' teacher said: WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS?
  • Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 98. One highlight of note is his attempts at downloading BonziBUDDY ultimately falling apart because BonziBUDDY is too new to work on 98.
  • Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 7. Once again, he downloads BonziBUDDY and it fails to run, leading Joel to praise technology's advancement...
    Joel: I think... BonziBUDDY.. doesn't work on Windows 7... This is the best thing ever! ...Hallelujah! Technology did it—did, like, go forward!
    • ...Until he runs it as an administrator... then BonziBUDDY works.
      Joel: FFFFFFAAAACKGHHH!! <headdesk, quiet sobbing>
    • The CursorMania program, which gives you a large set of decorative cursors, including one of Jesus and one of the Pope.
    • From the full stream, his reaction to a certain toolbar:
      Joel: Bad Ass Mafia Toolbars. ... I'm sorry?
    • Joel's story of the time he got a poorly done desktop stripper on his old PC. And his dad's resultant violent disappointment.
      Joel's Dad: JOEL? JOEL? Did you download boobs again Joel?
      Joel: N-no dad, no, no-
      Joel's Dad: JOEL? JOEL?!
    • The opening lines of the video really set the tone for what's to come:
      Joel: When I was five or six years old, I asked my dad, "Dad, what is technology?" And my dad goes, "It's magic, Joel. It's magic." Ever since that day, little Joel was never the same.
    • Joel tries to install an incredibly sketchy-looking 'Free Smileys' program, which ultimately doesn't work. He still manages to have some fun mocking the typos, guilt-tripping, and very questionable imagery in the installer. But the best part comes when the installer asks him to fill out a survey on their website. He clicks the link and is taken to an error page. Joel immediately bursts into laughter.
    • The amusingly terrible 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' MIDI. According to Joel, it "sounds like farting into a bathtub".
    • And prior to that, the "Darude — Sandstorm" MIDI. It's far slower and...
    Joel: It's like some sort of reggae version. Yeah mon! Yah mon, smoke da 'erb!
    • He installs a program that puts a three-frame animated Christmas tree on his desktop. All he can say after seeing it:
    Joel: Look at it! It's the worst thing ever!
    • Then there's the Softonic woman and her butchered pronunciation of the word 'tutorials'. A lady with an otherwise perfect American accent butchers the pronunciation of an English word that the Swedish Joel, who's the only streamer not from an English-speaking country, catches her on.
    Softonic lady: On Softonic, you'll find software descriptions with the most relevant information about the program, as well as screenshots...
    Joel: Screenshots?
    Softonic lady: And video tutorals.
    Joel: Tu.. tu... WHAT DID YOU... tu... "tutorals?!" "TOO-TOO-ROLLS?!"
    • The beginning of her speech is peppered with genuine cries of protest from Joel.
    Softonic Lady: Softonic: now available on your PC!
    Joel: No!
    Softonic Lady: Let's start using the application!
    Joel: No!
    Softonic Lady: Do you know what software you're looking for?
    Joel: No!
    • The fact that they're proud of scanning their software with over thirty antivirus programs.
    Softonic lady: To guarantee that our programs are virus-free, we scan them with more than thirty antivirus engines.
    Joel: THIRTY?! One is not enough?!
    • Joel waving Bonzi around and causing the Softonic voice file to stop and stutter.
    • The closing line:
    Softonic lady: Softonic for Windows! The easiest way to discover—
    Joel: To destroy your PC!
    • "Oh my God, look at my scroll bar, it's like a whole Twinkie!"
  • And now for 2015, Windows 8 Destruction, featuring such questionable programs as desktop butterflies, MyFelix, and an endless array of questionable PC optimization programs.
    Joel: Felix, have you been fucking with my piano?
    • Three words: Nightcore Limp Bizkit.
    • Three more words: Vaporwave Limp Bizkit.
    Joel: And God was dead.
    • The end of the first stream where Joel acts out the hypothetical possibility of his devout Christian father finding gay porn on his PC.
    Joel (As his dad): Joel? Joel!? Why is there MEAT on my DESKTOP, Joel!? HAVE YOU BEEN DOWNLOADING TICKS!?
    Joel( As his dad): JOEL!? *Slams fist down* JOEL!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
    • Joel's opinion on what are the "best" MP3 files? The ones that are actually .mp3.EXE files that install malware.
      • One of the programs he ends up downloading from such a file is called "MediaDrug"; "I'm gonna snort an mp3, brother! Right up my ass!"
      • Then, we get "gin and juice.exe", which incites Joel to raucously laugh and ultimately find it hard to breathe through cackling.
    • Windows 4 Seniors
    • Joel reminisces about You Are An Idiot.
    • Later on, he crank calls the tech support number on the questionable PC Optimizer Pro. The whole call has to be heard to be believed.
    Joel: I sexually identify as an attack helicopter, and you will check your privilege, cis scum.
  • The Fall of Frooby. From a maid stealing Frooby's (a Sim based on Fred, but with exaggerated facial features) TV (but she didn't steal the console), Frooby kissing the maid in bed and then killing her shortly afterwards, to Frooby pulling a psychotic killing spree.
  • Joel revisits The Sims 3 one last time with a mod called "Violence and Aggression" installed. What does he do with it? Everybody get up, it's time to slam now...
    Joel: What the fuck is going on...? <Link Zelda picks up Kirby Superstar and slams him to the ground> HOLY SHITZO!! <laughs as Kirby turns into a ghost> OH SHIT HE DIED!!
    • He body slams an entire family to death... and then steals their house!
    • Link then body slams a Horse.
    • His horrendously failed attempt to recreate Kermit the Frog in that same stream.
    Every living moment is pain, Joel!
    Joel? Make love to me JOEL!!
    I'll be having children's tears on the rocks.
    I've had my drink, now it's time for murder.
    • Link body slams a victim, then as Death comes to reap him, Link body slams him too.
    • Joel messes with the newly modded body modifiers to give Kirby ridiculous, glitchy, Liefeldian muscles:
    Joel: You know those advertisements on the Internet that says, you know... "Tried this new cure and I got RRRRRRRRRRRRIPPED!!"
    • There's also his reaction to a girl transforming into a full-grown woman, just to get slammed by Link.
    Joel: Ohh no. Oh no. What the hell. What the fuck. What the SHIT!!
  • To kick off his return to YouTube, Joel decided to play The Sims 4 with several Game Mods. The results have to be seen to be believed. Highlights include...
  • Joel finds an NES rom that attempts (and fails) to emulate Windows 98. The "programs" he opens are actually just non-functional still images, as Joel slowly learns the hard way. And yes, he tries to corrupt it like he has the other versions of Windows. The results are equal parts amusing and surreal.
  • Joel's reaction to Super Mario 7's title screen, especially after The Flintstones theme kicks in.
    Joel: GRAND DAD!! FLINTSTONES?! Oooohhh!
  • Super Mario 7 wasn't the only bootleg to get this sort of reaction from Joel. This happened again when he found how Venonat's name was translated in Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal.
    Joel: "Corn? Corn? CORN? CORN!? Wild corn!?"
  • Joel's reasoning for Harry Potter's expression
    Harry looks like he just disposed of a body and got away with it.
  • Three words: Lion King Twerking.
  • His reaction to a certain game.
    Joel: Wait a minute, is this DDR? On fucking NES?
    (starts a song)
  • Joel plays Druggy Final Fight, a drug-centered ROM Hack of Mighty Final Fight on the NES. This is the second time he's played it, this time for Hardcore Fridays. Said hack massively buffs Haggar into a total Game Breaker. The entire playthrough is something to behold.
    • The Obligatory Swearing and homophobia. Belger is renamed "Mayor Faggot" for one.
    • The Plot. Belger laces Haggar's food with PCP. Haggar answers a phone call and immediately believes that Cody was kidnapped...despite Cody being in the same room with him!
    • Haggar going on a rampage with the implication that he's actually killing innocent people as he storms across Metro City.
    • The Game Breaker mods done to Haggar are surprisingly poorly implemented and suffer from a rollover bug. When Haggar levels up, his stats roll over and go back to this level 1 or 2 equivalent, meaning he actually gets weaker when he levels up and Joel has to get a Game Over and use a continue to get Haggar back up to Game Breaker status.
    • The bosses try and fail to reason with Haggar.
    • Joel liberally using Haggar's flying butt stomp and Spinning Clothesline.
    • The graphical edits to include vulgarities. And the blinking GO! sign saying "Say No To Drug." (Just the one. Running joke.)
    • The final fight (pun intended) against Belger, as overseen by Voltron. Voltron appears to be wholly neutral about the whole thing.
    • The ending. Haggar finally comes down from his PCP high and is aghast at what he's done. It's implied that Haggar kills himself over this, and Guy and a completely indignant Cody leave him to it! Joel promptly serenades the late Mike Haggar with "Hulkster In Heaven."
    • The character select screen:
    Cody: Do not be Cody. Be Haggar.
    Gay: Do not be Guy. Be Haggar.
    Haggar: Haggar is number one you idiot.
  • Religious Rom Hacking Extravaganza:
    • Mario with a distorted face (supposed to be Jesus)... who occasionally rides a skateboard.
    • GARGD
    • Joel makes "everyone" have smiley faces and decides to make Ken naked.
    • The various changes Joel makes to the text in Grand Dad. Due to technical limitations of the program he uses, he can only change the "PUSH START BUTTON!" text, but he has a lot of fun with it, and produces hilarious results like "PRAISE®JESUSUTTON!" and "FIST START BUTTON!"
  • Joel plays pirated GTA games with very little effort put into them. The crowner is his reaction to a misspelling on a Wolverine-themed version.
  • The NES bootleg showcase that happened right before the Mr. Bones' Wild Ride episode...
    • One of the bootlegs is named DONGKEY KONG.
    • One of the multicarts Joel loads has a Gangnam Style intro screen, but the emulator breaks it, resulting in non-functioning, glitchy "music" and graphical tearing (switching to a different emulator makes it work)
    Joel: There's Gangnam Style, and there's a fucking earthquake going on. In fact, they're dancing so erotically that it's breaking the world.
    • Fruit Pig. Joel refers to Fruit Pig as Peppa, and is so charmed by her little victory dance at the end of the level, that he adds the Kirby Dance and a pink DUANE to dance with her.
    • The bizarre Dream Fighter game. He speculates that all of the characters are secretly cereal mascots, and player character Tony is Tony The Tiger.
    • "Dear bootlegger, I want you to chew on cotton. Your Swedish pal, Joel. p.s. Eat dildos."
    • Joel's reaction to Super Maruo, a bizarre Mario bootleg in which the player (who sort of looks like Mario) has to avoid the dog and chase down a female character. Once you do, it plays an animation of this character exposing her breasts. Then, in subsequent levels, the sprites are naked.
      • What's even worse is that Super Maruo is actually a porn game. If Joel played it even further, he'd get a nasty surprise and a possible Twitch ban.
    Joel: [zooms in on the sprite of the dog] This game is a, big ol' metaphor for "doggy style", huh?
  • To kick off 2016, he made an Undertale mod of Hard Time.
    • When playing as Mettaton, he misspells it as Metaton first. Later, when he realizes his mistake, he "fixes" the name... to Metatton.
    • The fact that the prison is populated almost entirely by Temmies. hOI!
    • Alphys as his lawyer.
    • Everything around the 16 minute mark, including, but not limited to: Toriel calling and threatening Frisk with blowing up the place, Madjick taking a cigarette back from Frisk after demanding it back and throwing it away for no discernible reason, and the whole place promptly exploding.
    • After a particularly brutal fight, the game inadvertently turns Frisk into a Deadpan Snarker:
      Frisk (in court): I never intended to hurt Warden Diaz! It was an argument that got out of hand...note 
      Joel: Frisk, you snarky asshole.
    • Another fight involving Frisk has them trapping a Whimsalot on top of a toilet, locking it in an endless loop of trying to stand back up, despite having its legs cut off and promptly falling down until it dies from its injuries.
    • The fact that both Frisk and Mettaton are killed by Alphys and Jerry, respectively.
  • The "Spooky Mario Hacks" livestream, which is anything but spooky. Joel either runs into badly done sprite swaps or Nintendo Hard levels (or, as Joel puts it, "Kaizo difficulty").
    • One ROM hack in particular named Super Spooky Bros. had, to Joel's increasing disappointment, literally zero changes done to it until reaching Peach, at which point this hilarious text edit appears:
      WATCH OUT .
      IM GONNA GET U .
  • Joel decides to play Kerbal Space Program... with mods attached. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When Joel figures out how to operate weapons in the game, one of the first things he does is shoot down the flagpole.
    • Joel uses his mods to equip a corvette with tank cannons (which later gets replaced by dual Howitzers, then a rocket launcher), an American flag on the hood, and a bottle of Jack Daniel's as an ornament.
      • At one point, Joel aims the twin Howitzers to the ground and fires them. The shockwave knocks the Howitzers off.
      • With the rocket launcher, he manages to demolish the hangar.
      • Joel tries to kill one of the Kerbals with his weapons. It doesn't work.
      • Whenever Joel tries to drive his weaponized Corvette, he frequently flips it over, causing the weapons to explode.
    • Joel builds a cheeseburger on wheels with rocket launchers attached. It speaks for itself.
    • Joel tries to build a mecha named "FREEDOM FUCKER Mk. 1." It goes well.
      • The first time he tests FREEDOM FUCKER out, it immediately falls over and explodes.
      Joel: I'm okay. I'm okay. (piloting capsule starts spinning away) I'll just breakdance outta here.
      • When Joel attaches a bomb to FREEDOM FUCKER's back, the first thing he does with it is detonate it. Let's just say the results exceeded his expectations.
      • Joel later attaches booster rockets to FREEDOM FUCKER and launches it. Cue the mecha somersaulting and crash-landing... while the bomb is armed.
      • During his second flight, he drops the bomb while it's still above him.
      • Eventually, Joel arranges FREEDOM FUCKER's rockets to optimize its balance. The only problem is how he positioned the front rocket. At one point, he considers giving it a gun.
      • Joel's first two attempts at flying the new and improved FREEDOM FUCKER don't go too well, but the second attempt is absolutely phenomenal. FREEDOM FUCKER immediately tilts over before it can even get off the ground. Joel evacuates and is sent flying by FREEDOM FUCKER's explosion before a booster rocket flies into a tank and blows it up. Then Joel decides to plant the American flag right in front of the wreckage.
      • During FREEDOM FUCKER's first real flight with the cocket, it ends up facing the sky, prompting Joel to try shooting down God. Then FREEDOM FUCKER runs out of fuel, entreating us to the sight of a phallic robot falling to Earth with its special something facing the ground.
      • FREEDOM FUCKER's second real flight is even more amazing: the moment Joel drops the bomb, it flies off behind him. Meanwhile, FREEDOM FUCKER angles down towards the ground and crash-lands before it can turn around. Then Joel notices the Corvette by the launchpad, with Jeb still in it.
      • After the success of FREEDOM FUCKER's second flight, Joel replaces the regular bomb with THE TSAR BOMBA.Explanation  When he first tries out his new equipment, he deploys it mid-launch. FREEDOM FUCKER explodes, and the cockpit ends up floating in mid-air as FREEDOM FUCKER's engines fly off. While Joel wonders why nothing's happened yet, the bomb explodes, creating a mushroom cloud that can be seen from space.
      Joel: That was a pretty good bomb; let's do fifteen.
      • During his second attempt with the Tsar FREEDOM FUCKER, it immediately dives into the ground and explodes. The punchline comes in when the pilot shows up, completely unfazed.
      • On the third flight, FREEDOM FUCKER crashes, the Tsar Bomba duds (as Joel forgot to arm it), and one rocket keeps flying forward, loops up, and lands at the launchpad, stuck upside-down in the ground and still firing its engine.
      Joel: Is this podracing?
    • After Joel concludes that FREEDOM FUCKER is too problematic to send into space, he makes a simple rocket... with the Tsar Bomba attached to the front on a two-girder beam.
      • The very fact that Joel's initial goal with the rocket was to nuke the moon.
      • When Joel first tries out the rocket, it immediately explodes because of all the fuel tanks he slapped onto it.
      • During his first successful flight with the rocket, Joel attempts to drop the Tsar Bomba above Earth so he can see the explosion from space. It instead flies off, almost colliding with the rocket, before Joel decouples the booster rockets and isolates the capsule. Then the Tsar Bomba explodes from overheating. All accompanied by a catchy Cold War song from the '50s.
      • During Joel's second flight, he isolates the capsule, then realizes that he's still got the Tsar Bomba attached to him. He then evacuates and hopes to watch it crash-land, only for it to dud.
      • His third flight is easily the biggest highlight of the stream: after isolating the capsule, he tries to kamikaze the Earth, before realizing that he can just drop the bomb right there.Explanation  The two-girder beam then bends, throwing Joel into the bomb and setting it off, all to the tune of a "Nuclear" remix.
      • "Nuking people is the hardest thing ever, apparently."
      • When Joel launches the Tsar Bomba from a closer range, it utterly decimates the entire Space Center... but leaves one Kerbal alive.
      Joel: He's a fucking mutant now.
      • Joel decides to forgo the booster rocket on his last attempt. When he releases the Tsar Bomba, it knocks off the capsule. Right after he crashes, the bomb explodes.
  • Joel holds a "funeral" for his bootlegged, red, PlayStation 2 controller. Yes, seriously. Watch it in its full, hammy glory here. The shenanigans that happen include Joel singing "My Heart Will Go On" with a shitty MIDI as backup music, making a "trash man" joke, and writing the controller's "grave marker" in Comic Sans.
  • A skeleton in a fantasy world that practices Hokuto Shinken, wields a machine gun and a lightsaber and rides a giant chicken? Must be Joel playing Skyrim with a bunch of crazy mods.
    • The first thing Joel does when he creates his skeleton character is fiddle with the customizations (which have absolutely no effect on a person with no face, skin, or gender for that matter).
      Joel: Sex... <fiddles with the Sex slider> se-sexy skeletons?
    • When Joel dies to a dog, because the skeleton character doesn't ragdoll on death, he dies standing still while the dog sits down underneath his standing re-dead corpse, which makes it look like the dog is giving him a blowjob. Then the subsequent loading screen tooltip gives this gem:
      "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany."
      — Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Joel tries out the mount mod by spawning some ridiculous creatures to use as mounts... one of which is a horse-sized chicken.
      Joel: Video games... have been mastered. There is no need for more video games in the world... When you see a big bone, riding a giant cock, with an AK-47... You KNOW... there's no point anymore.
      • The sight of a 10x upscaled chicken mount frantically running while covering the same distance as a regular chicken mount is a sight to behold. Then the Chocobo theme is added to it.
      Joel: Now that is a big cock. Big old... swiggity swoody, I'm comin' for the booty.
    • Joel kills a dragon mount with his AK-47, which causes the now-ragdolled dragon to suddenly spaz out and eventually float away into the air in hilarious ways.
      Joel: I gotta say... when your parents tell you that... things are impossible, like becoming a ballerina in the sky... FUCK 'EM. Become a dragon and... FUCK 'EM. Just go!
    • The way Joel gives emphasis to the message "Human Heart Added":
  • Joel revisits Façade by corrupting it, with disturbing results. Trip and Grace have their bodies morph into spheres with their heads on top, like the melons they so loathe; Trip's hand continuously extends from his sphere-body rather suggestively of something; and Grace often speaks Trip's lines instead of her own, to name a few things. To drive the point home:
    Joel: What the fuck have I done to this game, man?! (picks up Magic 8-Ball pentagram) Can you tell me what I did wrong?
    Magic 8-Ball Pentagram: NO
    Joel: (drops it) Aaugh!

     Joel: Everything Else 
  • "This is...Ooooh no, no no, it's oooh an Inception! Inception! Inceptioneption! (no no!) Inception! Inceptioneption! (no no!) Inception!"
  • Joel plays some audio from Bible Black into a stream of Half-Life 2 Episode 2, voiced by none other than Dan Green, better known for voicing Knuckles and Mewtwo.
    Voice 1 (D.Green): NOW CLUCK LIKE A CHICKEN!
    Voice 2: W-what?
    Voice 1: A CHICKEN! NOW!
    Voice 2: Ah — Bawk, bawk bawk!
    Joel: *Raucous laughter*
  • Joel meets the Space Reaper in Shadowgate.
  • Joel screaming 'GRATIS-SOFORTZUGRIFF' in this stream.
  • Joel's Mario Paint stream gives us the magnificence that is Quario.
  • In a wonderful bit of timing, a few minutes after Joel was warning the viewers to not download Project64 version 2.0 (or 2.1) because of it containing malware, his Majora's Mask stream comes to an early abrupt halt due to his computer blue screening. At least one person noted the irony.
    Joel: (random noise)—Shut up, man.
  • Joel and the infinite vomiting glitch in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He keeps interrupting Big Boss' vomiting animation to make him try to open a door then cancels THAT into the puke animation for a huge amount of gunk. Highlights include a corrupted Snake Eater theme playing, the presence of the Brazzers logo, vomiting on an unconscious Raikov, two fan pics (one animated) of Big Boss puking his guts out and a cameo from Ocelot at the end.
  • Joel decides to play Half-Life... with an Atari 2600 controller.
  • Joel playing Dong Dong Never Die. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • His reaction to Sheng Hua Nan, the gas mask guy...and his resemblance to Rev.
    Joel: AND REV!! We have Rev!![..] It's fuckin' Rev!
    Joel: And this guy. Fatty Old McTits. I guess. [Match begins. Jian's BGM plays...and it's "Ai Wo Torimodose."] OH SHIT!!! Are you kidding me!? Fist of the North Star?! YEAH, BOY!
    • Joel finds out Xiao Pan (the guy with the Autobot T-shirt) is Guile.
    Joel: You can't hit Asian AMERICA!
    Joel: [after beating Xiao Pan] Go home and be an Asian man!
  • Joel tells stories about Minus, a cat he had when he was two. His description of it as "surreal" is spot on.
  • Alligator Titty Arcade Madness. Joel plays some arcade games.
    • "...If the... car driver would scream as this is going on, it would be even better, so you know what?" <cue ludicrous speed driving as a headless kamikaze screams> "I think they're having a stroke."
    • The moment the video was named for: Joel plays The First Funky Fighter and encounters female alligators with breasts. He is dumbstruck.
      • "Wha-wha-WHAT? Alligators with ti—WHAT'S GOING ON?"
      • "What do you say Johnny, would you? Johnny would. Johnny would. But Johnny's also a crackhead."
    • Joel also plays Trio the Punch, and, as expected of a game of its type, it confuses him to no end.
      • "Get away from me Sanders, you done too much crack!"
      • Later, he fights a boss that is literally Colonel Sanders. "Oh my god, I was joking about Colonel Sanders before!"
  • Joel attempting to play a poorly designed text adventure called 'African Adventure' with almost every command he inputs being rejected. He starts to get hilariously annoyed and confused with the game. He resorts to asking it 'what' in various languages, swearing at the game in Swedish, and at one point typing in 'Kill Frodo' in his confusion. And then he finds out, through discovering the creator's notes on the game, that the creator deliberately didn't add in a status line and made the point values arbitrary. The whole experience is crowned by him calling the creator the "Phil Fish of DOS", along with adding one sentence to the notes:
    • Ultimately, Joel's experience in the game can amount to the main protagonist standing naked in his room, trying feebly to walk over towards a book, and a native throws a spear at our hero. Our hero then starts screaming at his pajamas, and finally starts yelling random lines and curses in different languages.
  • Two Words: Added Emphasis: Drunk Joel.
    • While trying to look up the 13th episode of the 1993 JoJo anime on Dailymotion, one of the search results Joel gets is... this.
      Joel: (slurring slightly) What the fuck i—That's not "The World"! Who the fuck are you, you fucking asshole?!
    • Joel being genuinely upset over Dio kicking with his bad leg.
    • And, for the finale, two more words: Drunk. Karaoke.
    • Joel is still mad about Dio kicking with his bad leg, leading to this:
    Joel (singing to the tune of "Sono Chi Da Sadame"): "It doesn't matter how you try to explain iiiiiit, andthisisthepartthatreallygetsme, Dio kicked with his ba-ad leg! DON'T SKIP LEG DAY!"
  • Joel ad-libbing Dio and Skeletor's Bizarre Adventure. Especially since Dio's always been an example of Evil Sounds Deep, but Joel gives him a shrill British accent, and a serious case of Did Not Do the Bloody Research.
  • Joel dubbing the legendarily awful Duwang translation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Even if you've never known of this series before, you'll have a good time with not only rather fitting voices, but also at how rudimentary some of the lines can be. And when he read Kira's famous line, he even reads the "chew" lines verbatim!
    • There's now a sequel, and it's just as good as the first one. The biggest highlight might be Joel's recital of Kira's infamous (though surprisingly accurate) discussion about his hand fetish.
  • Joel playing Way of the Samurai 4, or The Adventures of Dr. Pepper Chan.
    • "Naked. Ohhhh yeahhhh baybeh."
    • His abuse of the rather advanced character editing tools to give his character a sake jug as a hat, and have one "inside" its butt.
      • Later on, Joel gives him a conveniently placed jar to "expand dong".
    • His character's mission to create his own dojo spawned numerous DoJo's Bizarre Adventure jokes in the chat.
    • His reaction to the Hot Coffee Minigame is priceless. It might be the first time Joel was legitimately confused by what was happening on-stream.
    • He gives dojo fights alternate soundtracks, such as, of course, Guile's Theme.
  • Joel spent over 10 minutes trying to smoke a pipe in a LOTR text game.
    • "Put pipeweed in Frodo."
    Game Text: You try to put in Frodo the pipewe but you can't.
    Joel: *losing it* This is fucking stupid!
    • And then he gives the pipe to Frodo, but Frodo refuses to give it back, so Joel kills Frodo, takes the pipe back and continues smoking it.
    Joel: *types* Frodo Smoke Pipe.
    Frodo: Sorry but I don't know how to do that.
    Joel: *types* Take Pipe From Frodo
    Game text: You try to take the old wooden pipe but Frodo has it.
    Joel: Oh he's hogging the bong! He's hogging the bong! He's hogging the bong! What a faggot. *promptly kills Frodo, takes pipe and smokes pipe.*
    Joel: *nearly losing it* Take Pipe. Smoke Pipe.
    Joel: *utterly losing it* Oh my god, I killed Frodo because he was hogging the bong!
    • "Smoko Frodo"
  • Joel takes a look at some terrible Xbox indie games.
    • This quote is not in the highlights video, but it's still funny.
    Joel: Oh, Really Scary! ...Really now? Can I get a guarantee on that?
    • "wAS eht YOO!?"
    • Joel's completely monotone reaction to the spider first appearing.
    • *Ding dong* "Is that the pizza man?" *Ding dong DINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONG* "Okay JESUS CALM DOWN."
      • "Oh, my fleshlight has arrived."
    • Joel realizing his minimap sprite in Medieval Zombies is a penis.
    • Flappy Monkey. Flappy Bird, but you can poop on things.
      • "Was it not your sin or the crap that you feel?
    • "Okay stealth, go! Blblblblblblblblblblbl..."
    • Joel predicted that Dead Sea 2 would have a shark on two legs. Ask, and you shall receive.
  • Joel's attempt at "playing" Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Two words: "Batman Christ".
  • In Black Mesa Source, Joel covers a pizza box in blood, then manages to kill Barney with it!
  • Joel playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
    • Thinking that "A Ticket to Heaven" is too subtle, he names his park "HELL PARK."
    • The Easier Than Easy maze, aptly titled "DONT GET LOST"
    • After setting up a bathroom at the end of a needlessly long walkway, he discovers that he can charge people to use the toilet.
      "It's a feature!"
    • "The Spook Zone, and the CALzone! Bam! Bam! Bam! Value! Value! Value! Va—Oh fuck. Ow, my arm."
    • When setting up a bumper-cars ride, Joel discovers that the "oriental" music is a stock stereotypical Asian tune. He then names his attraction "The Asian Driver Experience."
      • He also imagines the announcer for the ride:
    • The phallic tower drop rides, and the sexy music he decides to play over them.
      Notification: my dick has crashed!
    • Upon seeing a rather crowded & glitchy line for a ride, Joel hides it with a flaming sign that says "NOTHING TO SEE HERE," nervously whistling the entire time.
    • Joel conducts the streams with OpenRCT2, an open source re-implementation of the game's engine that can work with its actual data, and has some additional features. Among them, there's a feature that names all the guests after users logged into the chat. But the real fun begins when he discovers the "Allow Lift Hill and Launch Speeds up to 255 mph" cheat. Long story short, everyone launches into space.
    • Joel getting a "most confusing park layout" award
    • Joel's poorly constructed ride has the cart going off-rails and killing everybody on board. Joel promptly names the ride "Made in China."
    • "Free, pizza, goddammit."
      • "...I poisoned their pizzas with... C-4."
    • Joel decides to do another stream of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, cheats and all, and begins making a coaster that travels around the map four times before returning to its station. However, after passing the station once, it begins to slow down to a crawl, resulting in a long ride that would not be too far off from the infamous "Mr. Bones' Wild Ride."
    Joel: I accidentally created Mr. Bones!
    • The game crashing right after Joel made a ride crash. Also doubles as frustrating, since all he'd made had been lost due to not saving.
  • On the January 17, 2016 stream, after losing his arcade ROM collection, Joel discovers that it also has multiplayer mode. (Highlights Video link.
    • Joel builds three roller coasters that all lead straight into a skull. The ride's name? "THE BONE ZONE."
    • When the mod for one server threatens to kick out people who kill guests, Joel compensates by adding skeletons everywhere until the park is in an incredible amount of debt. Then he gets disconnected from the server, but the timing makes Joel think he got banned.
    Joel: Banned for being a fucking moron.
    • Joel builds a reverse freefall coaster with as much height as the game can support and a swan boat as the vehicle. It moves up at a snail's pace and crashes the moment it reaches the top.
      • Then when he makes three reverse freefall swan boats overlap, they get stuck at the top until at least one flies into space and the others explode.
    Joel: I told you guys not to move.
    • Joel making the merry-go-round of all things crash by power-launching it. What does he name it? "Merry-Go-DIE," of course!
    Joel: Anyone else wanna go on the merry-go-round?
    GeePM: succ
    Joel: Stop with the succ, alright? Stop it.
    • Back at the free fall swan boat, Joel discovers that the riders' idle animation is now glitching out, flashing between every vehicle in the game.
    • Joel tries to explain his rationale for naming one of his rides "Gushing Grannies."
    Joel: It makes sense, 'cause there's a skull, and, y'know, old people sometimes die, so i-i-its, woo!
    Joel: You want the bee? You wanna fuck the bee?
    • Later on, the message says "I FUCK BEES ON TV"
    • Joel notices an absurdly short, absurdly fast roller coaster named "DA PO PO BE FAST ON YO ASS." Then the game crashes.
    • Just like the skeleton chaos server, everyone spams trees and hills all over the park. Joel dubs it "top park." Then the server disconnects.
    • On the first server he went on, a few of the players fortunately figured out it was Joel (even though he misspelled his own username a tiny bit) right off the bat, so at least they took his de facto griefing in humor.
    • The Spooky Spray
    • A minor Freeze-Frame Bonus, someone also made a ride called "Undertale: The Movie" (The Ride?)
  • Joel's playthrough of Undertale had plenty of laughs in between the occasional emotions and DETERMINATION.
    Joel: She's probably like, "Why did I bother saving this stupid fucking child?"
    Joel: (meeting Papyrus) I'm beginning to think that you guys wanting me to play this had something to do with this, huh?
    • True to form, Joel's continual amusement and adoration of Papyrus, to the point where virtually everything in Papyrus' room has Joel laughing. Also true to form, Joel voices Papyrus as "a more pompous Skeletor".
    • After grinding for gold in Temmie Village, Joel discovers that he has the exact same soundfont used to create that area's music. He then uses said soundfont to remix a Slayer MIDI. Have a listen.
    • At the beginning of one stream, Joel rants about how vampires are supposed to be unsexy, bringing up Nosferatu and aswangs as references.
    Joel: Suck on that tooth.
    Joel: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Let me out of the chaaaiiir!!
    • Joel's reaction to Mettaton's transformation and new body.
      Joel: Oh my god. It turned into fucking Jojo.
      Joel: I´ll give him a Speedwagon voice.
      Joel: (During the fight) I'll pose him back. I will out-pose him. Trust me, I've learned great things from Joseph.
    • During the "date" with Undyne, Joel blurts out "I'd fuck the fish", promptly turning it into a Running Gag. In the post-game, his reaction to Undyne asking the player to deliver a love letter to Alphys and their ensuing romance is priceless.
    Undyne: Why don't I do it myself...? ...Um. W-Well... I-It's kind of personal, but we're friends...
    Joel: Oh no. (Beat) Oh no! My ambitions and dreams! No! Damnit! DAMNIT!
    • Immediately afterwards, his dialogue with Papyrus:
    Joel: That's right, that's why I love you, Papyrus, you slut. (Beat, starts cracking up)
    • After this happened, Joel became quite the Yandere and vowed on Twitter to slit Alphys' eyes open for stealing Undyne from him. And then the Genocide Route wouldn't even let him do that.
    • Joel's reaction to fighting Photoshop Flowey at the end of the Neutral Route, and being completely overpowered by the boss, having his game close multiple times.
  • Joel gets into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... for the SNES. As he plays the game, he becomes increasingly frustrated about how butchered the storyline is (though he admits the music is cool).
    • Immediately upon starting the game, Joel spends time being amused by the animation of spinning Jotaro. Later, he does the same with the other playable characters.
    • "Jotaro did his business."
  • After having had his channel stolen by a troll for nearly a week and losing 10 to 20 percent of his subscribers, Joel made his triumphant return to YouTube. What did he have to say about the whole incident?
    Joel: "Well that was fucking stupid, wasn't it?"
  • Joel attempting to follow Bob Ross via Mario Paint.
    • Even funnier is at 31:45 of the third part in the full stream
    Joel: (in a funny Scandinavian accent) "Do you dare enter the mountain cabin of Wintersand, and get the Spade of Fiingilduuf? Will you get the Crystals of Gringiff? And defeat the evil Gloomboof? Oh Yes! But first you have to have the bits, and the boots, of Gringledoof! Go north into the cabin and get the sword of Gildith!"
  • Watching Fist of the North Star... and messing with the subtitles. (Contains much corpsing.)
    • First he changes it to a "metal" font, which is nearly illegible.
    • Next he sets the font to Wingdings. This makes a heartfelt moment much less so.
    • Then he decides on 36-point Comic Sans.
    • After that, he decides to improve upon it by changing the size to 72-point and the color to bright pink.
    • Then he jokes he'll put his edition on torrent sites and "spread it around like a fuckin' HIV virus."
    • After that, he changes the colors to cyan and red and increases the font size even more. This means some lines don't show up fully, resulting in such gems as "right! Get angry. Get" and "just saw was my fighting spirit."
      • Seeing "What's wrong, Kenshiro?" at such a huge font size is hilarious as well.
    • Then he changes the color of the subtitles to yellow and the shadow to pink, moves it to the corner, and changes to a more narrow font, resulting in the line "Hurryandgrowup" covering Lin's eyes, which causes Joel to laugh even harder than he already had been.
    • Finally, he does... well, it's certainly something. The result is the subtitles are now all over the video, prompting Joel to ask, "Who spilt the alpha soup on the screen?"
  • During one of his Mugen streams, Joel comes across Ragna the Bloodedge and proceeds to completely lose it in reaction to the character's ridiculous name.
  • Joel's stream of Hard Time has plenty of comedy to go around.
  • Joel decides to show chat the ending to Dinosaurs. You know, where Earl caused the Ice Age and the last scene involved him trying to break the news to Baby and a laugh track played over it? Wait, no, scratch that, Joel added it in... and is astounded over how well it fits.
    Joel: (while laughing) That's how it fucking ends!
    • And then he adds in the Seinfeld theme.
      Joel: (in a nasally voice) Kramer! Kramer! We're dead! We're fucking dead!
  • Joel plays Supah Doopah Poopah.
    Joel: "It's pretty good! It's a little shit game. Uhh.. But I like it. I like it, it's got aesthetics to it. AND GOD KNOWS I LIKE AESTHETICS."
    • Before he starts the game, he talks about what kind of coffee he drinks:
      Joel: You guys want some ASMR coffee? (in a soothing voice)Alright everybody, tonight, we're gonna have a cup of shit. I have this blue cup, and I'm gonna pour the coffee into the cup. It's pretty warm, and,
      (pours coffee)
      Joel: (Still doing the soothing voice) It smells really good.
      (drinks coffee)
      Joel: (screaming with a shrill tone) BUT IT'S HOT AS SHIT!
    • After a while, the character's "pooping stats" become so high that his shits take up the entire screen. Joel then decides that it would be a good idea to let out as much as possible, causing the guy to consistently shit in the tune of Thunder Force. When the song ends, however...
      (*fart sound, game crashes)
      Joel: "Oh." (snickers as screen greys up)
      SUPAH DOOPAH POOPAH is not responding
      Joel: (Promptly loses it)
  • Joel's vision of Kingdom Hearts: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Sephiroth, all hanging out on the porch.
  • Joel browses interesting adult books in Amazon.
    Joel: "Alight, I have to show you something. As I said earlier, there is a whole world out there with dinosaur sex. And what I mean with that, well, you can't fuck a dinosaur, but you CAN fuck a dinosaur with imagination.'''"
  • An older stream where Joel harasses America-hating Russians in Counter-Strike.
    • Joel says that the Russians should be grateful to America since America invented this game... and the Internet... and fire... and food...
    • Eventually Joel tries to get himself banned from the server in less than 20 seconds by ranting about how Russia sucks and America is great. He just barely makes it under his time limit.
  • An entire stream of Joel speaking nothing but Swedish for April's Fools Day.
  • The very start of Joel's first Super Mario Maker stream has him get startled by the loud and ambient booting-up theme, leading to him snarking that "The audience is now deaf."
  • While starting up another Donkey Kong 64 stream, Joel comes across some technical issues that make the game's audio sound incredibly compressed and low-quality. He can barely contain his laughter.
  • Four words: Joel runs for president. To go into more detail...
    Pundits wonder about the sanity of Freedom Man.
    • His speculation that the Intimidator will "punch breast cancer."
    • Him describing Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson as "Corpse" and "Hidden Black Guy" (respectively) on the title screen are worth a few giggles (depending on your opinions of them), particularly when you remember Carson's little incident during a Republican debate.Explanation 
    • The fact that Joel won the election despite having no strategy or political knowledge whatsoever is hilarious in and of itself.
  • While the idea of Joel getting temporarily banned from Twitch is frankly quite frightening, the cause of it is pretty hilarious in and of itself. Joel was playing a game from Giant Bomb called "Fuck You," and put that in the "Now Playing" section of the stream title, since it happened to be in Twitch's library. It turns out that in-text swearing is prohibited in stream titles, completely catching the mods off-guard because that game, by virtue of its title, was never meant to be in the library in the first place. Joel describes his response as "uh, oops." It's pretty hilarious looking back on it, especially given how Joel chose to describe it.
  • "I know the Pokémon really good, huh?"
    • The pictures Joel draws in general.
    • One of the Pokémon Joel gets is Haunter. He takes his time to "get the feel for this", but when he realizes he's got less than 10 seconds left to draw, he ends up quickly scribbling a generic ghost.
    Joel: (laughing) Boo! (beat) BOO! (another beat) Spooky house motherfuck-(laughs some more)
  • Joel talks with Toby Fox about the possibility of another Earthbound hack.
  • Joel playing California Games 2 and his reaction to the player character dying in a skateboard accident and the resulting cutscene.


  • The killing of General Ronk during Limes's stream of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. First, his three Orc captains that Limes painstakingly hunted down and apparently killed moments before showed up during the fight. After they were dealt with, Ronk himself proved to be one tough bastard, not even accounting for his flunkies. And because she kept failing at the highly convoluted final blow QTE, he regenerated to 60% health at least three times. Ronk Stronk, indeed.

  • The Kings Quest V "audio switch" stream. Rev manages to perform a complex audio bug where dialogue is in the wrong place, and hilarity ensues.
    Cedric the Owl: No more for today!
    *Rev dies*
    • The sound of water flowing at the river is replaced by repeated "QUIT" prompts, hence the ticker of the stream, "King's Quit".
    A nice, hot cup of QUIT.
    • It's known Rev has an habit of giving descriptive and unortodox names to save files, but "gandalf's ass is the kitchen" in particular stands out.
    • The rat frees Graham from the ropes... and then sings a pirate song.
    • Bam bam! Watch out!
    • The tambourine being identified as a pair of shoes and the pie as three emeralds.
    • Graham's rather... excited reaction to picking up a hairclip.
    • The narrow beach the narrow beach the narrow beach the narrow beach...
    • Several hungry looking harpies eyed—Graham, Graham, Graham, Graham...
    • The falling water droplets in Mordack's prison cell say "TOO BAD", and once Cassima comes to save Graham, the only thing she says is "GRAHAM", in a very deep, masculine voice.
  • Rev playing Viva Pińata and killing a Whirlm named Wormy got memorial art on the booru.
  • Although he can't stream Hatred on Twitch, Rev decided to at least make a video for it on Youtube. Keep in mind, there's some mild censorship.
    Not Importantnote : I never thought it would be so easy to hug my whole neighborhood... I can feel the love... The love flowing through my veins... it's like the most intense hug... And I need more... much more...
  • From Rev the Matchmaker:
    Onscreen text: "When listening to music, do you prefer... a band with real instruments, or futuristic synthesizer music"
    Rev: "I want the sound of a dishwasher slowed down to, like, 2 BMP...."
    Rev: Had a dream the other day that "HotStart" got huge and I had to explain it on national TV. People actually enjoyed it to the point of tears.
  • His PAX South 2016 video, which features KY, ran into technical issues. Missing audio was replaced with KY talking about his big, juicy pickle.
  • Rev's "I don't know anything about [X]" series, where he tries to explain a series with as little context as possible. Especially hilarious if you're familiar with the source material.
    • On Undertale:
      • Rev starts by explaining that he gained his skill of "knowing just enough that nobody knows that I don't know what I'm talking about" from having to watch Texas football games all day even though he didn't care. It's punctuated by some crude drawings.
      • Calling back to the Hatred "hug" gag when discussing the game's main mechanic.
      • When discussing how Sans is based on the font people use to be fun or creative or bootleg something, Rev takes the time to plug one of his Teespring shirts (which uses Comic Sans). By using an explosion.
      • The fact that Rev couldn't be bothered to find more pictures of Sans.
      • Rev shows off the Papyrus font with a clip of him pointing at the sign of a store in his town by using it. His expressions sell it.
      • "Other than that, Sans appears to be boning Toriel, and I guess he's just filled with dad jokes because that's the only thing I ever see him doing is fucking with people and making dad jokes"
        (via text) in retrospect this may have been a poorly worded sentence
      • He calls Mettaton "Megatron", Gaster "Gaston", Napstablook "Napster", and Muffet "Muffin" (who he mentions you can "pay to fuck off").
      • The fact that he knows about the human's real name and Gaster while apparently not knowing anything about less-spoilery things like Undyne or Alphys. People are just THAT bad about spoiling the game.
      • He concludes the game is great because it has dogs in it.
    • On Warhammer 40,000:
      • Rev's story of how he learned about the game. Including the school lunch burritos (wrapped in sickly green tortillas, according to Rev), how bad of an idea the community microwave was, Rev having a mohawk at the time, and a fan of the game saying the microwave wasn't working properly because of its Machine Spirit.
      • The "Rules of Warhammer 40k":
        Rule 1: The people who play this game are absolutely insane.
        Rule 2: Everyone hates each other.
        Rule 3: Everyone is an asshole.
        Rule 4: Any fantasy creature followed with the phrase "in space" is probably a creature in this universe.
      • Rev takes a potshot at Joel by comparing obsessive Warhammer fans to hipster metalheads.
      • The Penitent Engine, or as Rev calls it, the "Fuck you, you didn't love the king enough, so we decided to torture your soul" Engine.
      • Rev supports the Chaos Space Marines because "if you're gonna be an asshole in space, you might as well worship Space Satan."
      • The ridiculous animation Rev made to sum up the plot of Dawn of War.
    • On Jojos Bizarre Adventure:
      • "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is about people named Jojo posing and not fighting... All right, cool, we're done." Cut to fake end slate.
      • The Long List of Joe-related games.
        fuck it I'll just make this screen go by quickly no one will notice
      • Rev skipped straight to the Starlight Crusaders anime in order to get the info he needed. You should be able to tell how the comments felt about it.
      • After noting how much the series references Eighties music, he decides to call Mohammad Avdol "Metallica". Later on, he calls Polnareff "French Guile".
      • He describes a few Stands, including Blaziken and a buff purple man (represented by a recoloring of GPM's Buff Riku).
      • Rev can tell who the main characters are by their similar faces and their muscle.
      • Rev regretting Googling "Old Prospector Jo unleashing a huge exposition dump".
      • Unlike the other videos, Rev actually watched the source material, but he somehow is even more confused than normal.
      • "Iggy also has a stand, and it's called dying"
      • Rev is baffled that Hol Horse's Stand is a gun.
      • Joel's reaction in the comments:
        Joel: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        oh nnnnnnoooo

     Vinny: Corruptions and Chaos Editions 

  • All of Vinny's corrupted game streams, when they're not being scary.
  • Anything involving Mario or Zelda.
  • The A Link to the Past corruptions.
    • "Link, you must find the Squareforce!"
  • The Link's Awakening corruptions has sword-wielding Marins, Link turning into Luigi, and walking over a pit.
  • Mario 64 Gameshark "corruptions" have Mario with stars for arms, paper-thin Bowser, and the signs.
  • The Mario 64 corruptions have Mario making several odd poses, Peach with a green face and yellow horn, and the Whomp's Fortress painting consuming the world.
    • *BOING* "What?!"
    • "I had a classmate that legitimately expected Mario 65 to come out. He ate glue."
    • "Luigi, I got terminal seven. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LUIGI."
    • "This is what a clown septic tank looks like... After years of partying way too hard."
  • Yoshi's Island Corruptions start out with the island being razed and the sky turning bright red. It goes downhill from there.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 corruptions have funny moments from all four characters.
    • His reactions to when something really turns out really fucked up.
    Guys, my mind... my FUCKING MIND... Just fucked itself.
    The trees! Are Luigi! Door is Mario.
    "Call for help!"
    I'm so confused right now. I'm scared. I am scared.
    • Luigi's face gains what looks like a giant nose, prompting Vinny to call him "Jewigi".
    • Peach always becomes Nightmare Fuel somehow. And that's hilarious.
    • "And then Peach was a potion."
    • "Oh, oh my God, guys. Toad. Toad. ...Why do you have a penis, for half of your body?"
    • Vinny notices that the "L" in "EXTRA LIFE" changes depending on the corruption level. He comments that he feels like a programmer while experimenting until it changes to "EXTRA WIFE".
    Extra yiff? ...Oh, that's yife.
    Vinny: George R.R. Martin's new Game of Thrones novel—new Ice and Fire novel: A Blizzard of Dicks. Coming soon to the bookstore.
    Vinny: Ah, yes. The hall of frosted red butts.
    Vinny: Oh my... god! It's a fucking black hole of Peach!
  • The ''Nintendogs'' corruption stream, highlights include:
    • Lucky's weird spasms.
    • The voice recognizer making Vinny's voice sound low pitched and "burpy" (if that's even a word).
    • The various mutations of the dogs.
      • At one point, there's the dog that's just floating eyes and lower jaw, with its face on the ground. Vinny reacts appropriately.
    • The multicolored "pug".
    • Jabba becoming a pancake, then taking control of a smaller house,then turning into a massively corrupted dog, to an entirely invisible dog with just eyes, paws and tongue.
    • Jabba doing.... this.
  • One Castlevania corruption video has Vinny beating Castlevania by destroying one candle... and also getting a game over on the Game Over screen.
  • Best NES/SNES corruptions.
    • In one of the corruptions for the NES Legend of Zelda, the old man who give Link the sword spouts random nonsense, including "SPAY ME FOR THE DOORET", "SECRET IS IN THE TREET", and "SPAALONEBABUGUUSCOOTIES".
      • What arguably makes it even better is that Vinny manages to actually pronounce this gibberish without missing a beat. And then promptly realizes the absurdity of what he's been saying. note 
  • The Minish Cap corruptions have the staring contests between Link, Zelda, and the blacksmith.
    • "Welcome to the annual Earthquake Festival!"
  • As terrifying as The Legend of SEN is, watching Vinny freak out is amusing.
    Guys... these guards have my Uncle's head.
  • The music in this stream of Donkey Kong Country made Vinny collapse with laughter several times.
  • The SNES corruptions video has the infamous moment with Vinny impersonating Mario and Luigi... where Mario is a drug-addicted, cynical plumber and Luigi is his worthless Man Child mooch brother.
  • Vinny's Majora's Mask corruptions are downright hilarious! The text is all completely mucked up making the characters say complete nonsense, made all the better that Vinny actually reads some of it.
    Tatl: "Yau, Iô I wasnht deali³g with ▼ou I wauldn't Tave gotzen sepalated fram my brather!"
    Carpenter: "Hey, apprintici! Don't just stand eround loooin' at thi sky all day!
    Happy Mask Salesman: "During my travels, a very iipootaat maak waa stolen froo mm by an imp in the woodss."
    • Vinny getting an Access Violation message.
    • Vinny reading and responding to the messed up text.
    Tatl: "rou wannz know a{out thaÑ Skull did who Äust ran9off riÀht?"
    Vinny: "Yeah, I wannz know."
    Guard: "Top right there, Dekk Scruu!Do yoo inteed to waap alonee"
    Vinny: "Listen dude, I never waap alone."
    • All the times he played music during inappropriate times and without the Ocarina.
    • Another Majora's Mask corruption stream resulted in the text having various strings end up being consistently replaced with another, particularly with "the" being replaced with "das". The best part about the aforementioned consistency is that the "the" —> "das" replacement resulted in Tingle referencing Link's "green clodass", while this combined with another replacement (specifically, "r" becoming "s") resulted in Tingle's reference to his father being replaced with a reference to "[his] fadass".
    Carpenter: "Hey, apprenzice! Don't just stand around loooin' at das sky all day!"
    Vinny: Why are they all German?
    • This exchange:
    Tael: "Ooh, ooh! What a chunkayayussna... Hey, Skull Kid, lemme touch it! I wanna see!"
    Tatl: "You can't, Tael! What would we do if you dropped it and broke it? No way! You can't touch it!!!"
    Tael: "Aw, but bitch. W...Why can't I try it out, too?"
  • Nintendo 64 Corruptions. Not content with corrupting just one Nintendo 64 game, Vinny corrupts several, and the results are... odd.
    • The WWF Wrestlemania 2000 corruption gives all of the wrestlers some hilariously terrifying deformities. For one, their arms float in midair high above their shoulders and their necks are stretched. It only gets worse/hilarious when they actually start fighting.
    Vinny: I never watched a lot of wrestling as a kid, but if it looked like this, I would have.
    Vinny: I-I hate to say it, but their arms kinda look like reverse dicks.
    • The Chef's Luv Shack corruption. Everyone has oversized and misplaced eyeballs. Vinny does what he describes as a Wilhelm scream in response.
    Vinny: They have droopy eyes, their eyes look like balls! (laughs, coughs)
    • The Banjo-Kazooie corruptions starts normal. Then once animals start floating through the air and getting stuck in the ground, you know you've hit corruption.
      • A corruption was skipped over in the highlights where Banjo strokes his D-string and Kazooie regurgitates a kazoo.
    • The Diddy Kong Racing corruptions features all of the racers suddenly driving the wrong way as soon as the race starts.
    Vinny: (none of the racers can move) I guess the gas was removed from all of our planes and was replaced with brakes.
    • The Donkey Kong 64 corruptions forces another Wilhelm scream from Vinny when he discovers that part of Tiny's hat is covered in eyeballs.
    Vinny: Whoa—OH MY GOD LOOK AT DIXIE! OOHHHH! ...Why am I Wilhelming so hard tonight?
    • The Mario Tennis corruptions starts rather normally until the replay starts, at which point everything turns into paper-thin pillars.
    Vinny: Waluigi is scared of his own shadow, and for good reason.
    Vinny: WAIT A MINUTE! Is Daisy wearing blackface?!
    • As is typical in many Nintendo 64 corruptions, huge spike-like projections form from the characters. In Mario's case, it's from his crotch.
    Vinny: Nope, no comment.
    • The Spider Man corruption also starts out rather normally with Stan Lee giving out his introduction for new and old fans alike... only to abruptly cut out and have Spider Man fall off the building and die immediately after and the "retry" screen showing off Black Cat fall from the sky into the shot feet first. If ever there was a perfect parody scenario for Spidey, this would be it.
    • The Scooby-Doo! — Classic Creep Capers corruptions features Scooby constantly deforming into... some form.
    Vinny: Daphne has become color bars on a television. (Beat) She needs to be investigated.
    Vinny: Hey, gang! Scooby's tethered to a satellite!
    Vinny: So, the name of this corruption is 'Swaggy Has a Wing.' Oh, oh god, did I say 'Swag-' I meant Shaggy!
    Vinny: Shaggy's been smokin' the purple haze. (Shaggy imitation) Scoob, it's really kicking in now, Scoob! MMMMRH where'd you get it from? (Scooby imitation) I runno? The guy with the mask?
    Vinny: It's spooky in here. (horrific loud corruption noises) I've never been more afraid of Scooby-Doo in my entire life.
  • The entirety of Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition. Highlights include Mario becoming a black hole, Mario speeding up and jumping super long, the music being replaced with whoops and howls, and the return of the signs.
  • And now, the sequel to Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Chaos Edition.
    Vinny: Inject amphetamines into your eye and you can see this in real life. [WARNING: Do NOT inject amphetamines into your eye.]
    Vinny: There were these, um, rumors that we were gonna get a Paper Zelda game on the N64... and one of my classmates... actually believed that Paper Zelda was gonna be a thing. And yes, it's the same one that ate glue.
    Vinny: Vomit-vision! The only way to experience your video games.
    • Link playing random notes on the Ocarina, except the notes are actually Malon's singing voice, and then he starts sliding backwards while still playing and passes into a boundary between areas.
    • Link walks through the grounds outside Hyrule Castle, and is caught by a guard... but then he keeps sliding. And then it's suddenly nightime.
    Vinny: Hey hey, no no no, you can't stop me! ...Instant night.
    • Link does a jump attack, but the gravity is messed up so he slides without falling much... and then runs into a ReDead that spontaneously appeared (in Kokiri Forest) and quickly dies from it.
    • A random collection of pots explodes when Link slashes them. Which crashes the emulator.
    • Vinny attempting to defeat Ganondorf repeatedly fails when Link frequently pours out a bottle of bugs instead of slashing with his sword.
    Vinny: You know, you’re trying to kill Ganon, and then your sword turns into bugs.
    • In Ganon's Castle, Vinny makes Link enter through the door that leads to the main room with the entrance to the tower, only for Link to start sliding backwards shortly after against his will, passing through the door he just entered and going straight towards the castle entrance.
    Vinny: [after entering the main room] Oh hey that old familiar noise- No, what are you doing, Link? The fuck? Guys, I can't control Link. [beat] He walked in and walked right out! He noped right out.
  • The third episode of Vinny's adventures into Chaos editions: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Chaos Edition (Warning: Not suitable for those with epilepsy.) Highlights:
    • Vinny names Link "LINT".
    • The constant seizure-inducing colour changes.
    • Everyone randomly contorting (or as Vinny sometimes puts it, "Cronenberging") and changing size, especially Link.
    • Link shouting random voice clips. And meowing every time he jumps off a platform. At one point Link screams with every sword swing.
    • Phantom Ganon shows up on Outset Island. At the start of the game. Vinny is amazed. And then Ganondorf himself shows up! And spends the entire fight just... sliding away from Link in a jump pose due to the physics going balls out cock in hand nuts.
    • Link's random speed boosts. He blasts through the Great Sea with Sonic Speed!
    • Pigs spawning in huge numbers in random places, such as the forest on top of Outset Island and on various islands. Vinny dubs the game Pig Waker as a result, and Pawprint Island is now Pig Island.
    • Vinny spends some last time on Outset Island messing around and (failing to) fight Ganondorf before having to board Tetra's boat. Then the sky AND sea turn a rather milky white.
    Vinny: Guys, its all white. Now I could easily make a "white ink" joke, a la Splatoon, but instead, I'm just gonna say it's semen. See? They're on the ship right over there, there's a bunch of seamen. And a seawoman too, see?
    • The one person who is least affected by Chaos Edition is Tingle. For a while anyway.
    • Valoo shows up ahead of schedule. And in multiple places. He first appears after emerging from the inside of Pawprint Island (the island between Windfall and Dragon Roost), then again in Dragon Roost Island (as in, he clips through the bottom of the island). Even he likes to grow and contort. Also, the pigs that previously inhabited Pawprint Island are also replaced with tons of mailboxes, for whatever reason. Apparently Valoo gets lots of mail.
    • On the way to Dragon Roost Island, King of Red Lions' head grows to massive size as Link is looking through the telescope. It's so big that Vinny can't see where he's going.
    • Vinny having supreme trouble with the pirate ship rope swing platform challenge. WITHOUT any chaos effects to screw him up.
    • During said challenge, the game's textures go all dark grey... except for the torch lights. Vinny actually manages to make a very artful striking image by aligning the torch lights with where Link's eyes are.
    • Speaking of, the game's textures going all dark grey, characters included, so Vinny can't see anything. He decides that this is what The Wind Waker would look like if it were a Steam indie game.
    • Vinny trying to beat Forsaken Fortress and failing because the dark textures make it hard to gauge which direction the Moblin guards are looking. Let's just say that this segment would have been a lot longer without save states. Also, Link keeps clipping through the floor.
    • At the end of Forsaken Fortress, when Link is captured, the camera angles on Ganondorf look like something out of a dance montage. Finally, as the Helmaroc King throws Link out to sea, the sky turns a freakish yellow with apocalyptic red clouds.
    • Vinny and the Killer Bees kid gang in all their horrifically recoloured glory. "I looked down for one second, I look up and there's a daisy chain of Satanic children following me around!" And the sky is an appropriately hellish red. And the colours are all hellish. And Phantom Ganon is back. And the townspeople are completely indifferent to its appearance.
    • The last part has Ganondorf show up on Dragon Roost Island and Vinny fruitlessly trying to fight him. And then the sky turns a strangely appropriately apocalyptic pitch black with blood-red seas. This lasts up until... Vinny manages to knock Ganondorf into the ocean, who sinks like a stone. The colours promptly return to normal, Vinny concludes that Ganondorf drowned and considers that a good place to stop — after throwing a Bomb Flower in the water to be sure.
  • The Sesame Street Corruptions video.
    • Ernie: Hey guess what? *distorted noise* Elmo: An underwater adventure?! *another distorted noise*
    • "Ernie has become a black hole"
    • Grover's voice going demonic before horribly distorting. Even better because it sounds like he says: HEY! YOU'RE DEAD! (or GODDAMN!) FUCK YOU!
    • "I gotta visit Ernie, oh God, (Big Bird's) still morphing." (sees Ernie is normal) "Ernie, you're my last hope." (Ernie distorts) "NO!"
    • Grover doing... whatever he's doing at 1:30
    • "I'm INSIDE Big Bird right now."
  • NES Corruptions:
  • The Super Mario Kart corruptions.
    • "Satan Kart. ...Bet you weren't expecting that reference! Nobody expects the Satan!"
      • The title corruptions in general are pretty amusing, especially "dubstep", the undermentioned Satan kart, random nonsensical tire screeching sounds and... well, this.
    • "Oh mama mia... I should never have taken that acid!"
  • Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 Corruptions have more messed up music, Diddy Kong being full of bananas, and hilarious palette errors.
    • DK picks up a barrel, throws it... and warps to Snow Barrel Blast.
    • DK's animations go so fast he can't stop pounding his chest.
    • Cranky Kong's golden soul gets knocked out of him.
    • DK misses Cranky and his and his stereo bounce back up.
    • In 2, everything turns into Diddy or Dixie.
    • The gate in 3 makes a funny noise when the switch is activated.
  • Vinny's Pokemon Emerald Corruptions, riding a bike upside down. Also, the ending.
    • "TORCHIC used Hello! You over there! In my BAG! There's a POKé BALL! TORCHIC's attack missed!"
    • Catching a Level 72 Arbok who he names her JESUS, after which she causes the game to crash by using Swallow. (which is interpreting it as JESUS swallowing the universe).
    • Vinny finding a Level 100 ???????????????????????????????? who knows Karate Chop. Being on the early routes filled with Com Mons, battles against her are a Curbstomp Battle.
    • The video ends with Vinny observing Professor Birch "jostling" a Zigzagoon.note 
  • The 2015 charity corruption stream was comedy gold:
    • Part 1 begins with the GBA Video release of Sonic X Vol 1. No points for guessing what happens next.
    Vinny: So these are corruptions from VGDC—
    Vinny: Oh no. OH NO!
    Vinny: What does this to do with corruptions VGDC? I mean, it's a Game Boy version of the show, which is disgusting. All right, let's just keep moving.
    • Banjo-Kazooie:
      • After the sound is corrupted and everything is high pitched
    Vinny: Worst music in N64 history!
    • The next corruption shows Gruntilda with ridiculously long fingers.
    "But I'm the prettiest!"
    • Banjo and Tootie merging.
    • "Ummm...."
    • "Oh my god! The ant-hill knocked me off the cliff! Now Banjo's gone..."
    Vinny: What is this... evil Muppet dimension?
  • The Nintendo DS corruptions have Peach never stopping screaming as her castle is on fire, and Mario turning into a series of lines.
  • Vinny receives a program that allows him to corrupt The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. At full corruption intensity, it pretty much looks like a game of 2D Splatoon, along with Vinny commenting about how seriously messed up the game looks.
    • Hearing Vinny trying to read the corrupted names is good for a laugh.
    • "I killed him so hard, machines popped out!"
    • The narrator finds the oddest time to blurt out "YOUR SON HAS BECOME CORRUPTED BY SIN!"
  • The sixth anniversary corruptions ([[ highlight video):

     Vinny: Everything Else 
  • Vinny's Laughing Mad reaction to a buggy jackhammer in a roadworks simulator game.
    Vinny: AHUHUHUHUHUHUH-HA! WHUH-HUH-HUH-HOA! What is this? What is this hot garbage?
  • Vinny's video of New York Bus Simulator, in addition to the expected glitchiness, also has his reactions to the many Bland Name Products.
    Vinny: New York City Bus Simulator, brought to you by Chevvy's. No, it's brought to you by 'Cheyyv'. Sorry, 'Cheyyv'.
    Vinny: KING KING! You lazy twats! You couldn't find the Burger King font and come up with another name; you had to just replace 'Burger' with 'King', again? This is a fun game to pick on, it's such an easy target.
    Vinny: Dudna Ae—*laughs* YES! Dudna, Ae-ada-ade. Dudna Aeade. *lapses into RP Guy-esqe voice* Welcome to Dudna Aeade.
    Vinny: D&D. Dave and Duster's... I'm sorry, it's called 'Dad and Dad'.
    Drawn!Vinny: Not sure how I feel about "Old Con Creamery" guys...
    Vinny: Do you like "Bercedes Men"? Gigolo service.
    • Vinny gives his thoughts on the footstep noises in the rain.
    Vinny: Sounds like someone inserting a wet fish into a jar of custard... not that I know what that sounds like from experience or anything like that.
    • Due to how badly the game's programmed, Vinny keeps getting stuck inside the floor, vehicles, and sometimes nothing at all, forcing him to reset. This is shown by a cut to the loading screen, with its jaunty, upbeat music.
    • Then there's the voice of his superior over the radio. He's trying to make his voice muffled to mimic the effect of a radio, but instead it just sounds like he's talking with his mouth full.
    • Do bears eat everything? Yes. It just have to be much.
  • Chibi-Robo Photo Finder is full of laughs. Buttplug, gay condiments... You name it.
    Vinny: Oh. Well, this guy said "Nuff wanks", so... He was like "That's it, enough wanks... I want my condom back"
    "I'm going to honk you!"
    • When he said "It protects the tea from getting too moist", Chatango had at least two users posting the grandma from Cookie Clicker with the caption "Moist!". But the very way he emphasizes "moist" is pretty much as if he was asking for that reaction.
    • Vinny: Why does this tea taste like spermicide?
  • In Vinny's Breaking Bridge Constructor, we see a truck attempt to perform a "Hail Mary" jump to clear the bridge... with predictable results...
    • The Tanker truck attempting to make it across a rapidly falling-apart bridge.
    Vinny: This is a game about miracles.
    • One bridge falls apart in a way that when both trucks cross it, one makes it across and hits the goalpost while the other falls off... only to be propelled by two wooden beams right back onto solid ground and into the goalpost as well.
  • Vinny plays The Choicest Voice. Hilarity ensues.
    Vinny's impression: Maaaaario!
    Vinny's impression played back: MaaaAAAAAAAAA
    • Vinny does an impression of Yoshi by playing an ocarina, which ends up getting him a good score.
    • Vinny's reactions upon having to do an impression of Boo.
      It sounds like a dying cat.
    • When Vinny does an impression of Bowser, he screams rather loudly. The resulting playback can only be described as an explosion of sound.
    • His impression of Bowser Jr. laughing comes out as a loud static feedback, which Vinny describes as sounding like it was hit by lightning.
  • Even through all the tension and jumpscares, Vinesauce manages to crack some jokes about Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • Vinny is snuck on for the first time while looking at the cameras and subsequently jumpscared. His first reaction? A calm, deadpan "Good game". This deadpan reaction continues for most of the game. He's at most slightly uneasy, but never screams once while playing. Compared to the horrified reaction from most Let's Plays of the game, this is hilarious.
    • Vinny runs into Freddy's glowing eyes and creepy music box tune for the first time:
    Vinny: "IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY!"
    • "I tried to press the button!"
    • He is later caught by Chica, the duck robot. Chat explodes into duck puns. The fact that she is once intercepted by locking the door, causing her to stare down the window, didn't help. note 
    • Vinny repeatedly referring to the game as "Friday Night Pizza" and "Fun Time Pizza Duck".
  • Vinny returns to Second Life as Ralph Bluetawn.
  • Vinny's Shitty Mario Games. A huge running gag is Vinny accidentally setting off sticky keys because a lot of the games made the poor design choice of setting jump to the shift key.
    Vinny: Guess what button jumps, guys.
  • Vinny playing Graffiti Kingdom. The ability to create alternate forms for the player to transform into provides unlimited possibilities. Not only do we get a knockoff Ralph Bluetawn, but we get a rotund creature who attacks with his huge wang.
    Vinny: YES! I leveled up from hitting him with my cock!
    • And a cutscene a few minutes later, although sadly not involving the dong-creature.
    Hero: Whoa... look at the size of that thing.
    Vinny: Insert clip of the previous monster.
    • After using the dong-monster form to defeat the boss.
    Vinny: Yes! Well, you're pregnant now, can I pass?'''
  • The entire Prosperity Path stream, in which Vinny goes on a spiritual acid trip with blues-rock music.
  • Vinny's tale of the Trolls and Goblins song.
  • All of "Cave No Story", where Vinny plays a mod of Cave Story that removes the story of the game... and everything else. While it can sort of be unnerving for some, Vinny feels nothing but mounting frustration with practically nothing showing up apart from NPCs being in unreachable spots and then not being there when he gets there. But then the final boss battle happens.
  • Airport Simulator 2014:
  • Vinny's legendary video on Supra Mayro Kratt, a Stylistic Suck Mario Kart fan game with broken gameplay and poorly done character models. Hilarity Ensues.
    • This classic exchange between Vinny as Mario and Luigi:
    Luigi: Hey, Mario! Do you wanna go kart racing?
    Mario: No Luigi, this fucking game sucks!
    Luigi: But Mario, it's my very own kart racing game! It's me, Luggy, your brother!
    Luigi: But, you got brakes that can brake on a dime. You can stop on a dime, Mario! This is better than Brooklyn!
    Mario: Go fuck yourself.
    Luigi: But Joshy's in it! Joshy's competing! Mario, you gotta understand, this is my moment of glory! Mario...? Mario...?
  • The Skate 3 streams, showcasing as many glitches as Vinny can find.
  • When Vinny returns from PAX, his voice is wrecked, but he finds that his Mario voice still sounds fine, and briefly contemplates doing a whole stream with that impression or several others.
  • Supre Smesh Bras, an April Fools video where he plays a bunch of Flash-based Smash Bros knock-offs.
    Vinny: Jesus Christ, what am I doing with my li—
    • The first game is clearly made with Vinny in mind; much of the content references Vinesauce streams like The Fantastic Game, Supra Mayro Kratt, Sanicball, Joel's destruction of Windows XP, and more. He doesn't quite catch on until he selects the Fantastic stage, but once he does, he responds with the Mario and Luigi conversation below.
    • A fight between "Shalk" and "Sanic":
    Vinny: *laughs* Oh shit...!
    Sanic: *Attacking with Sanicballs* YOU'RE TOO SLOW!! YOU'RE TOO SLOW!!
    • Pitting "Mayro" against "Mayro" in Shrek's Swamp. With the level playing a MIDI of All Star (from Joel's Windows XP destruction stream). He then tops that off with this exchange. The perfect impressions of the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show incarnations of Mario and Luigi, as usual, make it even more funny.
    Vinny!Luigi: Hey Mario, what is this garbage?
    Vinny!Mario: It's fucking SHIT, Luigi! It's a meme game that someone made, combining all the memes into one game! It's garbage, Luigi! Don't play it!
    Vinny!Luigi: Hey Mario, I know someone who's gonna play it. And you can always send it to him!
    Vinny!Mario: *sigh* What's his name, Luigi?
    Vinny!Luigi: His name is Vinesauce. He's a real jerk-off, Mario! He thinks this shit is funny!
    • A fight between "Shalk" and "Shalk" which mainly consists of "MONADO MONADO MONADO MONADO MONADO MONADO..."
    Vinny: And now let's never speak of this again...
    • Then he brings up another game called Super Smash Battle which has all the classic Nintendo characters. Link, Samus... and Spongebob.
    • The ending card for Spongebob is just a screengrab of Spongebob looking at himself in the mirror.
    • Then he plays the sequel to that particular knock-off with incredibly stiff 3D models... and a very weird Young Link with Adult Link's voice.
  • Two words: Wario Date. (NSFW warning)
  • Super Toad 67, the best-worst Super Mario Bros X level Vinny's ever played, with all the infernal noises you could ever want.
    • The origin of the game is probably the best part. While Vinny was streaming Yoshi's New Island and not being too impressed with it, he commented on how Nintendo tends to rely on their core franchises rather than other popular ones, and jokes that they might as well make a "Super Toad 67" at this point. The very next day, Vinny is sent Super Toad 67.
    Vinny: I fucking called it.
    Vinny: "What the fuck? Why do I want to know about a man who can circumcise penises?"
  • Vinny gets some scripts that allow him to mess with Grand Theft Auto V's coding. Enough insanity ensued that Vinny need four videos to condense it down.
    • Franklin's Bad Day, wherein Vinny primarily uses a script that allows the player to fly. He uses this to piledrive several vehicles, merge with citizens, chase someone who abandoned the mission objective, and generally make Franklin's life hell.
    • Mammalian Menace has Vinny play as many different animals, causing as much destruction as possible. Remember, if you let a cat drive, it will most likely cause the car to fly into an airplane and make it crash.
    • Unnatural Impetuses, where Vinny becomes so attractive that he literally magnetizes people towards him. He then fails a mission in the most insane ways possible, and glitches out a few cutscenes.
    • Old Man Strikes Back, the longest of them all. It focuses on a kindly old man, who, in Vinny's hands, becomes a flying black hole, plays Katamari Damacy on the city streets, and eventually works to foil the entire police force before his anticlimatic death. He only needs to say one thing to strike fear into the hearts of everyone...
  • The e-mail Vinny gets telling him to play Le Fantabulous Game, in all of its incomprehensible, all-caps glory. (Seen at the start of this video.)
  • The Sonic Dreams Collection stream. All of it. Especially his reaction to the "Crib" sequence of Sonic Movie Maker, Eggman Origin and his utter loss of sanity by the end of it all.
    Vinny: Is this like a forced feeding thing? (Beat) Oh god, yes it—aw guys... Aw no, oh I hate this! Guys! What have you done?! Why was this the most requested game of my streaming career?!
    Vinny: (After feeding Tails to Sonic) He just ate Tails? He just ate Tails! What the fuck?! Who made this shit?! (period of staring off the stage) Just give me a minute, guys. (gets up and walks around) Subplots.
    Vinny: Can I ask you guys a question, and this is a serious question. I'm not trying to be funny with this. What was a cheeseburger doing up there? There was a cheeseburger in there... there was a cheeseburger in there...
    • Vinny's message in the guestbook at the end of Sonic Movie Maker.
    I don't know who I am anymore or why I exist. Not that I knew before playing this game, but I especially don't know now. I've made a huge mistake.

    • Then there's My Roommate Sonic. Vinny really doesn't want to do what he does, squealing in disgust when he has to take off Sonic's shoe and desperately looking away from Sonic when he comes close. Then it's followed up by his complete disbelief at what happens when he looks into Sonic's eyes. Cue a minute of silence and then Vinny turning on the webcam.
    Vinny: Email me at this webzone if you know what the fuck I just played.
  • Vinny playing the shitty "game" The Ditty Of Carmeana. Amongst the attempts to parody other games, Vinny is tasked by an NPC with throwing rocks into a chute. Not only does Vinny's character dribble the rocks, a basketball player runs in and blocks Vinny's shot. Vinny and the chat proceed to go absolutely mental, and the chat spams Kobe jokes. Note that this is a medieval-themed game.
    Vinny: I kinda love this game. I kinda really love it!
    • Speaking of basketballs, there's Cpl. Howser's head.
    • The American Gothic Couple show up as NPCs.
    • Death dresses like a hippie (fitting, since Limbo is a "peaceful utopia") whose "magical chariot" is a Hippie Van.
    • The point of the shooting gallery isn't to hit the target, but to miss it. Vinny accomplishes this by doing such things as aiming backwards (while also seeing through himself and having two crossbows) and shooting the counter attendant. The target doesn't move... on the impossible level.
    • The Olympic scoring when Vinny somersaults over the wall.
    • Vinny gets RickRolled by the game.
  • During a stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, a chat member asks Vinny about depressing music, which he proceeds to give examples of and sums up his opinion of it with "There is beauty to be found in the darkness." He ends up realizing how emo this sounds, but due to the level he was in at the time, his response was practically begging for this piece of fan art.
    • While streaming the same game, Vinny comes up with Lakitoad, a cross between Lakitu and Toad that attacks by making infernal noises. Fan artists went crazy with this one, to the point where Lakitoad dominated the art shown at the end of the stream.
    • With this game's level design, Southbird managed to get Vinny to say he hates vines. Let that sink in for a while.
  • Vinny playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:
    • One of the tracks on Vinny's helicopter just has the sounds of senseless screaming, which leads to the hilarious sight of a screaming helicopter trying to be stealthy. Hilariously, throughout the playthrough when Vinny grows tired of the screaming track, he claims he'll change it as soon as he can... and then always ends up forgetting, leading to him cursing himself every time the helicopter starts screaming at everything again. When he finally DOES change it, players are likely to start missing Pequod's Amazing Screaming Helicopter.
    • D-Dog glitching into a wall, and Vinny having to use the Stun Arm on him to fix him. Poor guy...
    • Vinny's ridiculous custom weapons (Or as he calls them, "Cheap Cuns" and no, that's not a typo, that's how he pronounces it thanks a typo a stream chat member made,) born out of a hilarious weapon mod glitch that allows you to put any weapon mod on any weapon which leads to a pistol with a stupidly long sniper rifle barrel where the laser sight or flashlight would be, a bizarre assault rifle-sniper rifle hybrid that used to be a revolver and lacks a trigger, an Uragan revolver that can hold an impossible amount of machine gun bullets with an equally as long reload time, another assault-sniper hybrid with an ammo clip that goes through the gun and the crowner being a silent grenade launcher with just as silly an ammo capacity as the magic Uragan. And said magic grenade launcher helps him defeat the Skulls in "Traitor's Caravan". The next video has him retiring them... and then making just one more for the road, a modified rifle with an utterly broken reload animation. When Snake reloads it standing up, his arms go at an awkward angle, sometimes behind him so he looks like Sonic the Hedgehog when he runs. Oh and when he reloads it while prone, his lower body twists around.
    • While escaping from Sahelanthropus on D-Horse, Vinny makes a comment on how reliable the horse is. IMMEDIATELY afterwards, Vinny dismounts it and the horse runs off on him, prompting a chase back towards the Metal Gear to retrieve the horse and its cargo (aka Huey). But the real funny moment is Vinny's reaction.
      • "Horse? ...HORSE?! ...HOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRSE!!!"
      • <while being bombarded by Sahelanthropus> "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
      • "Metal Gears are the future; fuck horses!"
    • In one mission in Africa, Vinny keeps failing to tail an NPC called "the Major." Eventually he just decides to jack a jeep and tail him the GTA way... and it works for a while until he accidentally crashes into a tree which causes him to get spotted by the enemy causing the Major to go into panic mode and flee the mission area via helicopter. Vinny lets out a huge "DIE!!!" in response.
    • During the infamous awkward jeep ride to Sahelanthropus' launch bay, Vinny utterly disregards Skull Face's rants and even finds he can open the iDroid during it! He simply puts on John Cena's theme for a bit just to show how much he cares.
    • And then the Sahelanthropus battle itself! And all the myriad failures, from Vinny's support refusing to just sending him the Killer Bee rocket launcher to his accidentally running off a cliff and at one point being blasted full on by Sahelanthropus' railgun resulting in an instant kill leading Vinny to launch into a furious tirade of screeches that sound like an angry Toad.
  • Crimelife 3
    • The character models in the fast food joint look a little off-putting.
      • "Mmmyes. I've come to your planet to find out what this 'nutrition' is. 'Boo-gar'; what are 'boo-gars'? Please explain the phenomenon that is 'boo-gars'."
    • The firetruck playing ice cream truck music
    • The constant monologing about "Norse Career"
    • Vinny's impromptu "Rub Titties" rap
    • A police officer clips into his car: "He has become the ultimate enemy of crime: he has become Cop Car!"
    • The Double Moon, the rarest phomonenon in (Crime)life.
      • It's suddenly daytime, and now a triple moon.
    • "One cop two cop three cop blue cop!"
    • "...a stove, for when I need to cook. A box, for when I need to box."
  • Getting Weird With It
    • While playing Strawbery Cubes, Vinny somehow summons an infinite chain of chicken minions... and then becomes one himself. And then he finds a button that summons frogs, for some reason.
  • Playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:
    • One running gag is how Vinny can never properly input the command for Soul Steal (which is understandable) and just mashes the controls hoping for it to work, making Alucard turn around at light speed repeatedly and swing at nothing while getting hit by the enemy/enemies he was trying to Soul Steal from.
    • Being encouraged by chat, Vinny decides to farm the Runesword from the Dodo Bird, which takes a very long time even with the Alucart set. When he finally does get it, he heads towards a nearby save point, and because he was mostly distracted from talking to the stream about things, gets decimated by a Nova Skeleton and lets out three Big NOOOOHOOHOHHOHOHOHOS in quick succession, some of which are tinged with horrified laughter. Cue the return of the Runesword farming sequence.
    Vinny: Is there a rewind... on the ePSXe? ...I don't think there is.
  • Vinny playing Blast Corps is a laugh a minute considering how hard it can get. Especially once he gets to Oyster Harbour. The linked video is a showcase of all his best moments. The deliberately low-quality footage with his calmer speech contrasts with the HD quality video and his desperate shouting.
    Vinny after accidentally destroying a block he needed to proceed: Oh, what have I done?! Oh, I've eaten the big scrotum here, guys.
    Vinny trying to get a TNT block off of the boat he just moved: What's the TNT doing?! What're you DOING, TNT GET OFF THE THING!!!
    Vinny trying and failing to get the Ramdozer off a boat he improperly parked: Yeah we had, we really really really nailed it when it came to- TO JACKIN' OFF!!
    Vinny after the nuke truck collides with a building a scant centisecond before he hit the building with TNT: EAT A DICK!!! Oh my god, eat a DICK!!
    Vinny pushing a block of TNT perilously close to the nuke truck: Don't motherfuck me. (TNT veers to the right, hitting the nuke truck and detonating it) DON'T MOTHERFUCK ME!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKED ME!!! YOU FUCKED ME!!! GAAAAARGH I HATE YOU!
  • Playing Fallout 4:
    • Vinny does the Billy sidequest under the expectation that his parents are long dead. This leads to a sequence of events with his complete genuine shock that Billy's parents are alive, Piper glitching in the background during the reunion cutscene, and trying to kill Billy's parents after a low payout and walking away casually while the parents and Piper are shooting it out.
  • Vinny playing games sent to him by Reg is guaranteed to be so utterly random and chaotic that it's hilarious.
    • Derp Games, where Vinny plays a... game... about an astronaut and another about Jesus and burgers.
      Vinny: I have some games that, um... Reg sent me last night, I'm afraid. He told me not to play them until I was on stream, so I said okay, fine. Brace yourselves.
      [sound of an alarm] EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!!
  • Vinny playing CrazySonic, a CrazyBus-themed Sonic the Hedgehog 1 ROM hack.
    • But what does it entail? Well, among other things, Sonic is replaced by a slow-moving school bus. It's also invincible to spikes.
    • One of the options in the stage selection menu is the "Play better music" option, which includes the He-Man "What's Going On" song, the Bob the Builder theme, the Hong Kong '97 music, "Never Gonna Give You Up", Sanic (But then it turns into JOHN CENA!!!!), all of which made him declare it to be "Memes: The Game".
    • There's also "Play better game". One of the choices loads the original Crazy Bus "game", another loads a highway game that Vinny quickly compares to Desert Bus (even better, the music from the Sanic mode carried over into it). The last? A port of Hong Kong 97.
    Chin is dead!! To continue: Press start to return to CrazySonic, or press A+B+C+Reset to restart your console. If you do this, the fuckin' ugly reds will win.
  • The "Human Fall Flat" video gets points right off the bat due to it being a fucking PornHub-exclusive video. Southbird uploaded his own condensation for those unwilling to venture there.
  • The Active Worlds stream, whilst also absolutely horrifying the whole way through, is rather amusing considering the sole user of the now-abandoned server decided to completely and utterly fool/horrify both Vinny and his stream audience, due to everyone assuming said user was actually a bot programmed to do such things.
  • Vinny plays Action 52. Yes, that Action 52. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
    • When Vinny is going through Cheetahmen, he ends up causing a glitch that leads him to reaching the later, unfinished parts of the game. Said parts have terribly glitchy graphics that look like something you'd see out of one of Vinny's corruption streams. This appropriately leads to Vinny saying that this is the first time that a game he's played has corrupted itself.
    • Vinny riffing on an old, unaired Cheetahmen commercial. Some of his comments include making fun of the Very False Advertising of the game, as well as questioning why two of the Cheetahmen sound like a stereotypical British man and a Sylvester Stallone ripoff respectively.
    • Vinny tries to figure out the batshit insanity of the Timewarp Tickers game with little success.
    • When he gets to the Manchester game, he attempts a Mancunian accent and complains about Arsenal FC.
    • At the end, Vinny makes an obvious Shout-Out to The Angry Video Game Nerd, making comments that are similar to the Nerd's signature vulgar phrases. He stops himself after a bit, saying that the Nerd will probably sue him for ripping him off.
  • During one particular stream, Vinny decided to play Half-Life 2, but with a twist; In a similar vein to his Chaos Editions and Corruptions, he uses a randomized version of the game, swapping around textures, sound files, and the like with no rhyme or reason. Naturally, it's a barrel of laughs.
    Vinny: Oooh my God. Uuugh, it's terrible! Everything is terrible!
    • The sound file swapping in particular causes the game to be really, really weird. Many standard sound effects are replaced by entire lines of dialogue, causing the the game to never shutting the hell up. At one point, every step Gordon Freeman takes produces the line, "Let's get a move on." Vinny is amused by how fitting the change is.
    • The texture swaps lead to all sorts of insane nonsense, and Vinny finds a large amount of bizarre things because of it. Such things include trees made entirely out of trash and words, a bathtub with a person's face (complete with a creepy grin) on it, Alex with a striped black-and-white color scheme and eye deformations, and a room with a cat image on the wall.
  • While we're on the subject of Half-Life, pretty much everything about Crack-Life. Basically what the mod does is replace all the sounds and fiddle with the textures and models to produce a YouTube Poop-esque experience. Hilarity Ensues.
  • One of Vinny's sessions of The Culling with his stream viewers had him accidentally committing suicide, with his corpse shooting off into space. Shortly after that, someone else succumbs to poison gas, and the camera focuses on their face upside-down in the frame. Vinny actually made it the thumbnail of that particular video.
    • Earlier in that same video is him and GPM throwing sticks and stones at each other for a good ten minutes or so while GPM chases him around, up until Vinny dies.
  • The Melee MLG Pro Strats stream, in which Vinny learns to stop being a scrub and play Melee like a real pro.
  • Shitty GBA & GBC Games:
    • Vinny's reaction to the bootleg hack game The Pikachu Nightmare. In the same vein as Joel reacting to the bootleg hack game Super Mario 7, Vinny is presented with what looks like a Pokémon game with Pikachu in it... and then the intact introduction text from the original game The Smurfs' Nightmare (complete with Gargamel's mugshot) pops up when he starts playing it, prompting Vinny to burst into laughter. And that's not all...
    Vinny: Oh my god, what is this? What does this have to do with Pikachu...?
    (a bizarre anthropomorphic Pikachu walks in from the left side of the screen)
    • Vinny describing the first level of The Pikachu Nightmare as "vaguely sexual".
    • "The story goes, that Pikachu was sent to Smurf Village to save the Smurfs from Gargamel. However, Pikachu was unable to overcome the sausages. Definitely couldn't overcome the strawberries that looked like hearts. And, then smeared his blood all over the walls. The town became a wreck, Gargamel won, and the houses forever... stayed bloody."
    • Vinny playing a strange, bootlegged GBC Pokémon game called Pocket Monster Saphire that's best described as Pokémon as a Super Robot Wars game with a horrible translation that easily gives Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal a run for its money. For example, the game refers to the titular Mons as "Magic Babies", and some of their individual names include "Fireballrat" (Cyndaquil), "Giststone" (Geodude), and "Qutstandingnuntortoise" (Squirtle). YouTuber Yuriofwind had previously made a video on the same bootleg and discovered that it also uses names like "Fat D" (Jigglypuff) and "pikachu" (a nearly accurate name with all lowercase letters).
    • Two words: Shrek Kart.
    Vinny: Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up dog, shut the fuck up handsome, shut the fuck up TV, shut the fuck up you! Shut the fuck up dog, shut the fuck up TV, shut the fuck up phone, shut the fuck up baby, shut the fuck up Snoopy!note 
    • Vinny playing an air hockey minigame in a video game called Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day. It goes on just fine until Vinny traps the puck into a corner and blocks it with his paddle, screwing the opponent over. In response, Vinny doesn't say a word and instead just makes a zoom in on the Arthur head sprite in the top left corner.
    • Italian Mickey Mouse themed tetris.
      • Vinny's impression of Donald Duck. "(random Donald Duck gibberish) Good job! (more gibberish)"
      • Some of the characters' names in Italian, for example "Paperino" (Donald Duck).
      • Vinny purposely stacking blocks on top of one another until he gets a game over.
      Vinny: He's finished. He fucking finished. He was having a good time.
      • Vinny trying to translate Italian text (especially seen during the stream itself). He claims he took Italian classes for a few years and doesn't remember any of it, and thus his "translations" are hilariously inaccurate.
  • When setting up StreetPass for Kirby: Planet Robobot, Vinny scrolls through his Miis, most of which were featured on his Tomodachi streams... and then gets to a page full of Jahns, which catches him by surprise.
  • Vinny playing a huge portion of the stream was humorous from the combination of wonky physics modifications and the damage that the vehicles take as Vinny messes around. The ending takes the cake, however, as possibly one of the most funniest moments in recent Vinesauce history. Towards the end of the segment, Vinny comes up with a bright idea: shoot a cannon out of another, larger cannon. We will let you see the video to see why. For those who are too lazy, Vinny fails multiple times, from the smaller cannon failing to enter the larger cannon, to the game itself resetting the position of the smaller cannon automatically to prevent instability, much to Vinny's dismay. The cherry on top for the whole event was the music, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", which managed to be hilarious, depressing, and spectacular all at the same time, while also synching up surprisingly well with the whole decable. The whole stunt managed to break the entire chat into laughter, then applause.

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