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Funny: Vinesauce
  • Vinny playing Tomodachi Life. All of it. The amount of comedy in that game is enough to warrant its own page.
  • All of Vinny's corrupted game streams, when they're not being scary.
  • Anything involving Mario or Zelda.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 corruptions have funny moments from all four characters.
    • His reactions to when something really turns out really fucked up.
    Guys, my mind... my FUCKING MIND... Just fucked itself.
    The trees! Are Luigi! Door is Mario.
    "Call for help!"
    I'm so confused right now. I'm scared. I am scared.
    • That moment Luigi became Jewigi
    • Peach always becomes Nightmare Fuel somehow. And that's hilarious.
    • "And then Peach was a potion."
    • "Oh, oh my God, guys. Toad. Toad. ...why do you have a penis, for half of your body?"
  • One Castlevania corruption video has Vinny beating Castlevania by destroying one candle... and also getting a game over on the Game Over screen.
  • Best NES/SNES corruptions.
  • The Minish Cap corruptions have the staring contests between Link, Zelda, and the blacksmith.
    • "Welcome to the annual Earthquake Festival!"
  • As terrifying as The Legend of SEN is, watching Vinny freak out is amusing.
    Guys... these guards have my Uncle's head.
  • The music in this stream of Donkey Kong Country made Vinny collapse with laughter several times.
  • Vinny, Joel & Fred - Drunken CS:GO has the trio doing a drinking game while playing a FPS. The gold is found in the commentary and Joel┤s rambling.
    Vinny: If you were drafted, to the military, and they told you to lead the bayonet charge, would you?
    • Some time later:
    Joel: I lost a good fuckin' friend to violence.
    Vinny: How do you lose a friend to an instrument?
  • Vinny impersonating Mario and Luigi... where Mario is a drug-addicted, cynical plumber and Luigi is his worthless Man Child mooch brother.
  • In one of the corruptions for the NES Legend of Zelda, "SPAY ME FOR THE DOORET."
    • And just before this; "SECRET IS IN THE TREET."
    • Right afterwards, the game decided to display "SPAALONEBABUGUUSCOOTIES".
  • Two words: "Batman Christ"note .
  • Vinny and Joel's unexpected encounters with specific insects. Vinny attempts to shoot a stinkbug with a airsoft pistol (backed with accidental, dinky Kirby music), while Joel goes apeshit at a hornet before crushing it with a book.
  • Rev's 24 hour Boat-o-Cross stream had plenty of good moments:
    Joel: It's awful, you're disgracing my language.
    'Legends speak of a great man. A man who played Boat-o-Cross for 24 hours. His name was Rev, AND HE SUCKED DICK!
  • Speaking of Joel's encouragement songs, there's a whole album now of songs about how much Rev sucks.
  • Havel the Rock from Spelunky.
  • The Super Mario Kart corruptions.
    • "Satan Kart. ...Bet you weren't expecting that reference! Nobody expects the Satan!"
    • "Oh mama mia... I should never have taken that acid!"
  • The A Link to the Past corruptions.
    • "Link, you must find the Squareforce!"
  • The Link's Awakening corruption has sword-wielding Marins, Link turning into Luigi, and walking over a pit.
  • Mario 64 Gameshark "corruptions" have Mario with stars for arms, paper-thin Bowser, and the signs.
  • The Mario 64 corruptions have Mario making several odd poses, Peach with a green face and yellow horn, and the Whomp's Fortress painting consuming the world.
    • *BOING* "What?!"
    • "I had a classmate that legitimately expected Mario 65 to come out. He ate glue."
    • "Luigi, I got terminal seven. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LUIGI."
    • "This is what a clown septic tank looks like... After years of partying way too hard."
  • The entirety of Fred's The Legend of Zelda Oracle games drunk stream.
    'The Darth Vaders of vagina?'
  • Vinny's Majora's Mask corruptions are downright hilarious! The text is all completely mucked up making the characters say complete nonsense, made all the better that Vinny actually reads some of it.
    Tatl: "Yau, I˘ I wasnht deali│g with ▼ou I wauldn't Tave gotzen sepalated fram my brather!"
    Carpenter: "Hey, apprintici! Don't just stand eround loooin' at thi sky all day!
    Happy Mask Salesman: "During my travels, a very iipootaat maak waa stolen froo mm by an imp in the woodss."
    • Vinny getting an Access Violation message.
    • Vinny reading and responding to the messed up text.
    Tatl: "rou wannz know a{out thaĐ Skull did who ─ust ran9off ri└ht?"
    Vinny: "Yeah, I wannz know."
    Guard: "Top right there, Dekk Scruu!Do yoo inteed to waap alonee"
    Vinny: "Listen dude, I never waap alone."
    • All the times he played music during inappropriate times and without the Ocarina.
  • The Nintendo DS corruptions have Peach never stopping screaming as her castle is on fire, and Mario turning into a series of lines.
  • Windows XP Destruction which, as the title would tell you, has Joel doing absolutely horrible things to a Windows XP computer by downloading virus laden nonsense, all while reliving the yonder days of 2002. Don't worry guys, it's a virtual machine.
    • There's also his reaction to the porn site that popped up right after installing the infamous adware program BonziBuddy.
    • Drawing a pic of Mario on meth and Yoshi while listening to In The End.
    When Mario started- STOPPED using mushrooms, he went for meth instead. So he's got bad teefffffffffff.
    • His YouTube Poop.
    • Opens up MS Paint and recounts the time when, at school, his friend would open Paint and draw a penis on every computer in the hall.
    Our fuckin' teacher said: WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS.
    • And before that stream, Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 98. One highlight of note is his attempts at downloading Bonzi Buddy ultimately falling apart because Bonzi Buddy is too new to work on 98.
    • After that stream, Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 7. Once again, he downloads Bonzi Buddy and it fails to run, leading Joel to praise technology's advancement, until he runs it as an administrator... then Bonzi Buddy works.
    • The CursorMania program, which gives you a large set of decorative cursors, including one of Jesus.
  • Joel tells stories about Minus, a cat he had when he was two. His description of it as "surreal" is spot on.
  • Chibi-Robo Photo Finder is full of laughs. Buttplug, gay condiments... You name it.
    Vinny: Oh. Well, this guy said "Nuff wanks", so... He was like "That's it, enough wanks... I want my condom back"
    "I'm going to honk you!"
    • When he said "It protects the tea from getting too moist", Chatango had at least two users posting the grandma from Cookie Clicker with the caption "Moist!". But the very way he emphasizes "moist" is pretty much as if he was asking for that reaction.
    • Why does this tea tastes like spermicide?
  • The Sesame Street Corruptions video.
    • Ernie: Hey guess what? *distorted noise* Elmo: An underwater adventure?! *distorted noise*
    • "Ernie has become a black hole"
    • Grover's voice going demonic before horribly distorting. Even better because it sounds like he says :HEY! YOU'RE DEAD! FUCK YOU!
    • "I gotta visit Ernie, oh God (Big Bird's) still morphing. *sees Ernie is normal* Ernie, you're my last hope *Ernie distorts* NO!
    • Grover doing... whatever he's doing at 1:30
  • Joel and the infinite vomiting glitch in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He keeps interrupting Big Boss' vomiting animation to make him try to open a door then cancels THAT into the puke animation for a huge amount of gunk. Highlights include a corrupted Snake Eater theme playing, the presence of the Brazzers logo, vomiting on an unconscious Raikov, two fan pics (one animated) of Big Boss puking his guts out and a cameo from Ocelot at the end.
  • In Vinny's Breaking Bridge Constructor, we see a truck attempt to perform a "Hail Mary" jump to clear the bridge...
    Vinny: This is a game about miracles.
    • One bridge falls apart in a way that when both trucks cross it, one makes it across and hits the goalpost while the other falls off...only to be propelled by two wooden beams right back onto solid ground and into the goalpost as well.
  • Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 Corruptions have more messed up music, Diddy Kong being full of bananas, and hilarious palette errors.
    • DK picks up a barrel, throws it... and warps to Snow Barrel Blast.
    • DK's animations go so fast he can't stop pounding his chest.
    • Cranky Kong's soul gets knocked out of him.
    • DK misses Cranky and his and his stereo bounce back up.
    • In 2, everything turns into Diddy or Dixie.
    • The gate in 3 makes a funny noise when the switch is activated.
  • Yoshi's Island Corruptions start out with the island being razed. It goes downhill from there.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: Dan Deacon's "Drinking Out Of Cups" has been on the auto-play since forever. It includes a passage that chat often interprets as "Norway, get real".
  • Vinny plays The Choicest Voice. Hilarity ensues.
    Vinny's impression: Maaaaario!
    Vinny's impression played back: MaaaAAAAAAAAA-
    • Vinny does an impression of Yoshi by playing an ocarina, which ends up getting him a good score.
    • Vinny's reactions upon having to do an impression of Boo.
      It sounds like a dying cat.
  • The Revnarok, an album of 50 songs dedicated to Rev, performed by Joel, done in the style of Anal Cunt. That's about all that needs to be said.
  • Joel playing Dong Dong Never Die. It needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Super Toad 67.
  • During Hootey's Independance Day Stream of Xenonauts he had to send his Alt Squad out to recover a downed UFO. He moved Buttsmachine in front of the Riot Shielder... and was then instantly sniped by reaction fire. His reaction was priceless.
    • Also during the same stream, he had his shotgunner walk right up to an alien and fire... and somehow miss, with a 98% chance to hit. He proceeded to stop to laugh for a minute or two.
    • Once, he joked that he could recruit civilians by knocking them out and carrying them back to base. He used the stun rod on a nearby civilian, which killed it and left behind nothing but a pool of blood and some organs.
  • Alligator Titty Arcade Madness. Joel plays some arcade games.
    • "...if the... car driver would scream as this is going on, it would be even better, so you know what?" <cue ludicrous speed driving as a headless kamikaze screams> "I think they're having a stroke."
    • The moment the video was named for: Joel plays The First Funky Fighter and encounters female alligators with breasts. He is dumbstruck.
      • "Wha-wha-WHAT? Alligators with ti- WHAT'S GOING ON?"
      • "What do you say Johnny, would you? Johnny would. Johnny would. But Johnny's also a crackhead.
    • Joel also plays Trio the Punch, and, as expected of a game of its type, it confuses him to no end.
      • "Get away from me Sanders, you done too much crack!"
      • Later, he fights a boss that is literally Colonel Sanders. "Oh my god, I was joking about Colonel Sanders before!"
  • The Japonies series, in which Studyguy and friends get together to bet on horse races... in Japan World Cup.
    • "Fuckin' Pee Pee Donuts!"
    • "Oh, that's too lewd! But wait a minute, we're all too lewd!"
  • The Kings Quest V "audio switch" stream. Rev manages to perform a complex audio bug where dialogue is in the wrong place, and hilarity ensues.
    Cedric the Owl: No more for today!
    *Rev dies*
    • The sound of water flowing at the river is replaced by repeated "QUIT" prompts, hence the ticker of the stream, "King's Quit".
    A nice, hot cup of QUIT.
    • It's known Rev has an habit of giving descriptive and unortodox names to save files, but "gandalf's ass in the kitchen" in particular stands out.
    • The rat frees Graham from the ropes... then sings a pirate song.
    • Bam bam! Watch out!
    • The tambourine being identified as a pair of shoes and the pie as three emeralds.
    • Graham's rather... excited reaction to picking up a hairclip.
    • The narrow beach the narrow beach the narrow beach the narrow beach...
  • Even through all the tension and jumpscares, Vinesauce manages to crack some jokes about Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • Vinny is snuck on for the first time while looking at the cameras and subsequently jumpscared. His first reaction? A calm, deadpan "Good game". This deadpan reaction continues for most of the game. He's at most slightly uneasy, but never screams once while playing. Compared to the horrified reaction from most Let's Plays of the game, this is hilarious.
    • Vinny runs into Freddy's glowing eyes and creepy music box tune for the first time:
    Vinny: "IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY!"
    • "I tried to press the button!"
    • He is later caught by Chica, the duck robot. Chat explodes into duck puns. The fact that she is once intercepted by locking the door, causing her to stare down the window, didn't help. Explanation 
    • Vinny repeatedly referring to the game as "Friday Night Pizza" and "Fun Time Pizza Duck".
  • Joel's Bootleg streams have plenty of funny moments. Such as...
    Harry looks like he just disposed of a body and got away with it.
  • NES Corruptions:
  • Airport Simulator 2014:
  • Joel meets the Space Reaper in Shadowgate.
  • The entirety of Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition. Highlights include Mario becoming a black hole, Mario speeding up and jumping super long, the music being replaced with whoops and howls, and the return of the signs.

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